Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today is the 5th day that I hibernate.

This is the first time in my life that I see doctor 3 times taking 3 times of MC.

Well, not really the first time though, I experienced this when I was in primary school time. I remembered that time I had the worst fever for almost 2 weeks that the doctor almost gonna suspect me having dengue. Thank god, when doc say if the next time I am still not ok, I have to go for blood test, I slowly recover.

Anyway, this is how I spent my Merry Christmas over the weekend. I spent my day and night with my bed. -_- Now that I feel a little much better, hope tomorrow I am strong enough to get my butt back to work.

And I know I have several posts pending. zzZZzzz ...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Damansara Village

For steamboat lovers, I think it is worth the try to this restaurant.

*didn't manage to capture the outer view of the restaurant because when reach, just too hungry to take out my camera, when want to go back that time, it's raining heavily*

There's a lot of people there especially if it's a weekend. So I advice you to call for booking before you go. It is actually just one street away from Pantai Seafood Restaurant @ Kayu Ara Damansara. Or rather, it is near to Atria's main road.

The steamboat is mainly on seafoods. And the seafoods are so fresh that the prawn are still jumping when they served us.......

i took this pic standing quite far away cuz it is really jumping >_<

clams ! very nice lorh ....

Since there's 4 of us, so we decided to order the set which comes with the above prawnie and clams .

the set

Oh oh ! The sauces are very nice too ..

As for the soup, you can have clear soup or herbal soup. I think the herbal soup taste nice. Worth the try by just adding few bucks to it.

apparently they just pour that into the soup and became herbal soup. LOL .. But it's really NICE, ok !!

When 4 hungry ghosts meet together at a steamboat restaurant,

you basically put everything into the pot .. XD

Besides, their side dishes are nice too ... We tried the fried chicken and the fried wanton. Both are yummy, yummy and yummy !!!! *finger licking*

It's really worth the try. The food are fresh and the price are reasonable. =D

1067, Jalan Jenjarum,
Kg.Sg. Kayu Ara,
off Jalan SS23/10,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7803 1832
 Oh oh .. They also have branches at Imbi ..

Imbi 31
Jalan Utara off Jalan Imbi (opposie Pasar Rakyat)
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2141 1678

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Places in Chengdu - Part 2

continuing from Part 1 ...

So, some other interesting places that you should visit when you are in Chengdu is definitely the Panda Reservation Park.

Some of the shots of the lazy panda >_<

Oh .. and in the park, there's this another type of so-called panda family. But I would it is more of a fox family. What do you think?

and they also have swan lake..

Next, if you are still studying or you have siblings who are studying, the following place maybe you should go to have a pray for good result, which I did. ^_^

It is a VERY big place I would say. Can say it is as big as ermmm ... the Midvalley Megamall ??

They have many many halls of prayer ...

It is believed that if you make your wish and walk around this pagoda 3 rounds, your wish will come true.

Although the buildings/architecture look the same like any normal traditional temple, we actually took about half an hour to look see all the things. Well, not exactly ALL because on the last day before we fly back, we went there again since it's very near to where we stay, surrounding to this, there's more...

View of the Monastery from outside

Noticed this stone at the park behind the templessssss .. Do it look like a person is praying?

Do re mi fa so ~

Another big hall inside of the Monastery.

They have tea garden too ...

Inside of the tea garden. Just pay I think it's about 20RMB per teapot depending on type of tea leaves you choose and you can sit there for the whole day.

Happy old lady enjoying the cooling weather

Beloved granddaughter and grandfather. I just can't stop looking at them how grandpa teaching his granddaughter on her studies. =)

There you go. Some of the main highlights in Chengdu that is worth visiting.

Up next: The Main Highlight of the trip - Jiu Zhai Gou - Part 1

Friday, December 10, 2010

God of Death

Now that I finally finish my exam. Again, I don't feel relieved of stress. I don't feel anything. It is just like any normal day. But I still wish this is my very last time walking into a exam hall. =(

However, since yesterday I found out the news of Alviss, who I think now is the No.1 hot topic almost to everyone who has a facebook, the news of his death has been quite disturbing to me. Apparently, not only me that is feeling this way.

Though I do not know him, but reading at his Last Notes (which now, I think his account has been deleted), reading all the comments especially by his sister, I can actually feel the pain, I can actually imagine the sequence of the countdown to his death. I thought all this only happen in drama or movie, which to be honest, I think movie nowadays don't really promote commit suicide because I've been quite sometimes don't come to this such scenes unless it's in the horror movie which Im totally out of it.

Honestly, I do feel sad for him, I feel sorry for his family and his friends who loved him so much. He's just 22 years old. 

To me, this is life. This morning I was telling my mum about this and again, I always tell my mum, or to anyone, "Death is something you cannot avoid". If the day has come, no matter how careful are you, where you hide, somehow you'll have to face with the God of Death. Having said that, we still has to be careful especially when we are driving or walking outside. "Precaution is still better than Cure". At least you don't die regretfully like him.

My trust on this words became more solid when my cousin brother met an accident few years back where he was riding a motorcycle and when comes to a junction which heard to be quite "spiritually" bad luck, he somehow felt he hit something and his whole body flung out from his motorcycle, flew as high as I don't know how many metres up into the sky (imagine when he say he's was about at the height of those T-shaped traffic light, almost as high as a street light), but he drop to the road, with just a minor injury? Just some scratches here and there, I think he did sprained his leg. But no broken bones? Believe it or not. People say he's lucky. I say, it's not his time to meet God of Death yet.

Anyway, it's been quite a disturbing day + exam day = lousy day overall. I just hope it did not affect my exam mood. At least, I think I answered all the questions. Right or wrong, no idea. Craps... 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stupidity Kills

Can't stop myself from writing this post.

As usual, no one person can stare at the books for hours without doing something else like surfing the net. So, while I was browsing my facebook through my handphone, I saw a note shared by my friend written by this guy named Alviss Kong. It caught my eye because my friend wrote "RIP etc etc", so I clicked on the note and read.

It was in mandarin and he's basically writing his LAST note before he commit suicide. Yeah, you read it correctly, he wants to commit suicide. For what reason? For a rejected love. A usual heart broken note that you might see or you yourself might have thought of writing it. But when I finished reading the note, I read the comments, and he did really committed suicide by jumping off from 14th floor (based on the info I saw in one of the comments) and he passed away today at HUKM this morning.

You can read the note here. He write both in chinese and english. And yeah, he even has the time to take a last picture of himself. =.=!

This post is not to promote his death or to judge his death. But to actually remind ourselves,

Death is NOT a solution to any problem.

For you who are reading this post, whether you are having your toughest time now, please please, NEVER EVER consider of dying.

I agree by dying, you can solve your own shit but have you ever thought, how deep you have hurt all the people who loved and cared for you for the rest of their lives?? This is simply evidenced by the comments from his sister, his friends in the earliest comments of the notes.

Anyway, R.I.P Alviss Kong. I hope his family could accept the fact and move on. My condolences sincerely deep from my heart.

Quick Update

Just a quick update to show that I am still alive.

Currently is 1:37 AM and I have abandoned my lappy for almost 4 days now.
Friday is my exam which is TOMORROW ??!! @.@


But I just can't wait for the exam to end. Cannot stand any longer to see my hair loss each day >_<

I want to graduate ... *pray*

Friday, December 3, 2010

Places in Chengdu - Part 1

Actually, I wanted to drag this post until I finish my exam. FYI, my exam is just next friday !! Stress stress .... But still I feel like updating at least one post to kill my laziness of studying the wait of my readers. =P

Here we go ... (continuing from previous post - Journey to Chengdu)

Although the main highlight of the trip is not Chengdu itself, we still spent 2 days in Chengdu visiting some of the famous places in the town. Personally, I don't really think it is a must-go places, only if you have extra time. Plus, I am NOT a good China historian, so I don't think I am able to introduce the following places good as I am busy in taking pictures rather than listening to the history and I seriously have trouble with the China chinese's slang.

Anyway, less talking more pictures.

On 2nd day after arrival, we were brought to this Ancient City which I think it is already been modernised, so I don't feel attracted.

The main entrance into the city

Typical traditional chinese back garden. An old grandpa is doing his washing.

Own made tofu

This is what they use to make the tofu

A "mobile" shoe polisher. He don't station there as he'll walk around looking for potential business

This tree has aged for more than 100 years old

He's looking serious in selling his food but ....

When the crowds want to take a picture with him, he'll pose it for you. LOL ... even that you did not buy from him.

Then, we went to this place, where the story of the famous scholar, "Zhu Ge Liang" is told.

read as "Wu Hou Chi"

Then, just nearby to "Wu Hou Chi" or rather it is just next to it, a place where a lot of Chengdu people would go during weekends.

"Ming Li"

Inside there, there are many tea houses where you can past time which is the local's favourite activity, local delicacies and even some of the local cultures souveniors you can find here too.


one of my favourite shots. love it?

gigantic chinese brush

And look what interesting thing that I found..

Look like a normal chines joss stick but when you burn it,

you'll see god .. LOL -.-

Anyway, we also visited this temple where the main attraction is this goat ...

Spot what is so special about this goat?

There's a story behind this but yet again, I choose to snap rather than listen. But I do know what is so special about this goat. It is actually a goat look-like but it is actually consist of the 12 chinese zodiac animals. A little bit of history which I manage to find over the internet.

Yuhuang Palace
The old palace was built under the reign of Emperor Daoguang (CE 1820-1850) during the Qing Dynasty (Emperor Daoguang was the sixth Qing Emperor), but the dilapidated building was later pulled down. Rebuilt in 1995, the new palace is a basement structure. The palace is dedicated to Emperor Yuhuang upstairs and to Emperor Sanguan downstairs. Of subordinate rank are dedications to Emperor Ziwei (upstairs) and Emperor Zhenwu (downstairs). On the grounds of the new palace also stand two bronze goats, 90cm long and 60cm high, one of which is the mythical looking single-horned goat-animal referred to above with a mouse's ears, an ox's nose, a tiger's claws, a rabbit's mouth, a dragon's horns, a snake's tail, a horse's face, a goat's beard, a monkey's neck, a chicken's eyes, a dog's belly and a pig's thighs. It is thus intended to symbolize the reincarnation of the twelve zodiac animals.
It was said that this strange bronze creature belonged to the Jingmei Pavilion in Kaifeng in Henan Province during the Song Dynasty. In the ninth year of the reign of Emperor Daoguang, another goat was sent by Zhangkeshi (in Chengdu), who invited Chenwenbin and Gutiren (in Yunnan) to share in the gift to the emperor. - Source from ChinaTravel.com
Thus, this famous bronze goat is located in a famous Taoist temple.

As some of you may know, the symbol for Taoist is the Eight Trigrams (八卦)

Their kungfu steps are mainly based on this shape of the symbol

Student of Taoist learning Tai Chi

hehe .. one of the master Taoist who caught me taking photo of him covers his face

another old master Taoist who are more than willing to pose for me

Nevertheless, we also visited this "Kuan Zhai" Alley which mean Alley of Narrow and Wide because there's 2 alley, 1 narrow and 1 wide. *duh* So, I don't really know what's the real history of it except that it is a westernize bar & pub place.

and I love the Starbucks shop in chinese style.

Apparently, Starbucks Coffee has managed to attract tourists like us because I am not the only one who capture this unique starbucks but I have friends who went to other places in China like Guangzhou also took a picture of the Starbucks. LOL.

I decided to break this post into 2 to avoid photo flood.

Stay tuned !! ^_^