Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Places in Chengdu - Part 2

continuing from Part 1 ...

So, some other interesting places that you should visit when you are in Chengdu is definitely the Panda Reservation Park.

Some of the shots of the lazy panda >_<

Oh .. and in the park, there's this another type of so-called panda family. But I would it is more of a fox family. What do you think?

and they also have swan lake..

Next, if you are still studying or you have siblings who are studying, the following place maybe you should go to have a pray for good result, which I did. ^_^

It is a VERY big place I would say. Can say it is as big as ermmm ... the Midvalley Megamall ??

They have many many halls of prayer ...

It is believed that if you make your wish and walk around this pagoda 3 rounds, your wish will come true.

Although the buildings/architecture look the same like any normal traditional temple, we actually took about half an hour to look see all the things. Well, not exactly ALL because on the last day before we fly back, we went there again since it's very near to where we stay, surrounding to this, there's more...

View of the Monastery from outside

Noticed this stone at the park behind the templessssss .. Do it look like a person is praying?

Do re mi fa so ~

Another big hall inside of the Monastery.

They have tea garden too ...

Inside of the tea garden. Just pay I think it's about 20RMB per teapot depending on type of tea leaves you choose and you can sit there for the whole day.

Happy old lady enjoying the cooling weather

Beloved granddaughter and grandfather. I just can't stop looking at them how grandpa teaching his granddaughter on her studies. =)

There you go. Some of the main highlights in Chengdu that is worth visiting.

Up next: The Main Highlight of the trip - Jiu Zhai Gou - Part 1


wjingyi said...

i like the old lady photo,she's smiling so sweetly though no more teeth..hehe..well captured!!

k@hy3@n said...

hehe ... tengkiu ~!
just my luck and coincidence to capture her happy face =D