Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anthony 倪安东

As always, I would follow closely with the singing competition that has been a very high rating tv show ever since their 1st season which produces many talented singers like Yoga and also Aska .

Now, it's the 5th season of the singing competition. All of them are really great and I like all of them so far in the Top 6. There's this few episodes where the contestants have to PK with other talented singers all over the world. Surprisingly, many of them are from Singapore and they really are good.

Anyway, that is not the main point. One of the PK contestant came from USA, Anthony. The first time I see him on the show, I've been attracted by his sexy voice. Even all the judges give him very good comment. I don't know about how others see about him, everyone admitted that his singing skill is not as good as the contestants but he touches everyone's heart with his sincerity in his singing. There are few songs sang by him which I really like it. Let me share with you with some youtube that I can find.

His first ever song sang in One In a Million show.

2md song which I think is still ok ..

3rd song, The Blower's Daughter .. This is my favourite of all ..

And today on tv

Enjoy ^^

Friday, November 13, 2009

Crying Little Clown

So many things happened lately, things that I would never ever expect to happen at least in my life. But it does happened too. It happens so fast that I did not even have the time to catch a breath and digest it. I've been trying not to think about it and have myself busy with things like study, facebooking, watching tv and all. But deep inside within me, I know that I am very concsious about what's happening.

It doesn't seems easy at all. But I still believe in that, I will not show my sadness, my depression on my face. Where ever I go, I'll always remind myself to put a smile on my face. I tell myself, that I should enjoy all the happy moment and not let my grieving spoil the moment. Yes, it does not help me solving the existing problems but I don't know what else I can help to solve the problem.

All I am hoping that everything would end soon. I can't bear to see sad endings with sad faces. With all this happening around me, now I realise that the reality is much cruel than I always thought. But I still do hope that my existence would bring joy and happiness to ppl around me. Am I doing it fine? No, I don't think so but i'll not give up.

I am sorry that I am having such a negative post but I am human too. Clown cries too.