Friday, November 13, 2009

Crying Little Clown

So many things happened lately, things that I would never ever expect to happen at least in my life. But it does happened too. It happens so fast that I did not even have the time to catch a breath and digest it. I've been trying not to think about it and have myself busy with things like study, facebooking, watching tv and all. But deep inside within me, I know that I am very concsious about what's happening.

It doesn't seems easy at all. But I still believe in that, I will not show my sadness, my depression on my face. Where ever I go, I'll always remind myself to put a smile on my face. I tell myself, that I should enjoy all the happy moment and not let my grieving spoil the moment. Yes, it does not help me solving the existing problems but I don't know what else I can help to solve the problem.

All I am hoping that everything would end soon. I can't bear to see sad endings with sad faces. With all this happening around me, now I realise that the reality is much cruel than I always thought. But I still do hope that my existence would bring joy and happiness to ppl around me. Am I doing it fine? No, I don't think so but i'll not give up.

I am sorry that I am having such a negative post but I am human too. Clown cries too.


-p.c- said...

Gambate!!!! Don't give up on yourself. Whatever it may be, you still have us by your side :)


k@hy3@n said...

thanks chin ^^

Tan Kheng Soon said...

talking so long nvr get to the main point..what is that?