Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

It's like just yesterday that I typed my 2009 New Year Resolution.

Time flies and it's another challenging year for me. Many things has happen all year round. From failing again and again in my exam to stepping into the world of working life. From tasting the bitternes to sweetness and again bitterness in my heart, although I really hated the bitter part a lot but it is something I would never forget. Because it's the bitter part that allows me to grow mature in seeing things differently. That's my 2009 which I don't really want to elaborate any further. I am now just looking forward into 2010. I really do hope it is going to be a good year for me. I really hope.

Everyone would have blog about their 2010 New Year Resolution. So, what's my New Year Resolution?

I seriously don't know what I hope for in 2010 except for 1 thing.. Which I'll keep it to myself for now. =)

And honestly, I really not looking forward today but next year. I am really praying really hard and hoping real hard that my wish will come true soon enough. There's a little sign but still it is blur. Aarrghh.. Now I really wish time can be forwarded faster.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prayer is Heard

Yours sincerely is back from her fun and exciting holiday trip. ^_^

Will definitely blog about it once I finish transfering 800++ of pictures into my computer and getting the program of photo resizer from Mr. TanHongHong. XD

Anyway, I am feeling more than happy right now because my prayer is heard. And this mean that I am one step closer to my dream. I just hope everything would go on smoothly till the end. =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Xmas

In few hours more, I'll be off to airport and flying off to HK le ... I hereby wish all my readers,

Merry Christmas ~!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice Festival aka Dong Zhi

First and foremost, Happy Dong Zhi (due to chinese language is not supported by this com, english / han yu pin yin will only be used ) aka Happy Winter Solstice Festive to all my friends. This is a festival that is among us in the Chinese community and as a kid, when our mum tell us that it is "dong zhi", the first and only thing that we would think of is "tang yuan" i.e balls of glutinious rice.

Sorry that I do not have my own "tang yuan" picture as the blogger is lazy do not have her own "tang yuan" taken YET cuz today only is the day and I am in the office ma... XD

Anyway, have anyone of us think the meaning behind this festival? But I suppose by today, a lot of bloggers would have taken the initiative to do some research on this and would have blog about it maybe even years ago. So, this is my turn to blog about it hoping to be able to share the knowledge of our Chinese culture and also for my own learning purpose, so that in the future I can proudly tell the younger generation about this festival and not just about eating "tang yuan".

So, if you have read about it, maybe you can just ignore the following post. ^_^

I've tried searching the net entering the key word "winter solctice" and the following is that I've got and I hope that the information is solid and true.

From the wikipedia (CLICK HERE for more detailed information)

The Dōngzhì Festival or Winter Solstice Festival (Chinese: 冬至; Pinyin: dōng zhì; "The Extreme of Winter") is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Chinese and other East Asians during the Dongzhi solar term on or around December 22 when sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest.

The origins of this festival can be traced back to the Yin and Yang philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos. After this celebration, there will be days with longer daylight hours and therefore an increase in positive energy flowing in. The philosophical significance of this is symbolized by the I Ching hexagram fù (復, "Returning"). Traditionally, the Dongzhi Festival is also a time for the family to get together. One activity that occurs during these get togethers (especially in the southern parts of China and in Chinese communities overseas) is the making and eating of Tangyuan (湯圓, Cantonese jyutping: tong1 jyun2; Mandarin Pinyin: Tāng Yuán) or balls of glutinuous rice, which symbolize reunion. Tangyuan are made of glutinuous rice flour and sometimes brightly coloured. Each family member receives at least one large Tang Yuan in addition to several small ones. The flour balls may be plain or stuffed. They are cooked in a sweet soup or savoury broth with both the ball and the soup/broth served in one bowl. It is also often served with a mildly alcoholic unfiltered rice wine containing whole grains of glutinous rice (and often also Sweet Osmanthus flowers), called jiuniang.

As far as I can find from other sources, the history of this winter solctice festival is as above. Another website that I found is much summarized as compared to Wikipedia. CLICK HERE.

Thus, after getting to know about the history which has been a tradition festival since the Han Dynasty, I hope when all of us enjoying the "tang yuan", we could eat it with gratitude and appreciation feeling and the best if we could enjoy it together with our family members.

Last but not least, for me, "dong zhi" would also be an indication to me that Christmas is coming and current year is coming to an end... =)

So, Happy Holidays !!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Holiday

Weeee .. 2 more working days and I'll be off to HK for holiday. Quite excited yet will still miss the celebration here in KL with my friends. Some have been complaining already that I MIA for such a long long time. Hehehehe .. Don't be mad at me. Was busy with my exam ma.. And I am sure most of you would have known me by now that I am a person who rather just stay at home the whole day and not going out. Say me lazy, say me passive or whatever.

Love me for who I am .

Anyway, that's not the reason I blog this !!! Hahahaha ...

Hmmm .. My purpose of blogging this post is now all gone .. RAWRrrr

Hmmmmmmmmmm ....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

You Inspire Me

I am born to be a lucky girl, I would never deny on that. I will get whatever I want. I get to travel to overseas since I am a young young girl. People would admire me and some I suppose would even be jealous of me. I am a girl who never face failure in my life till I step into this ACCA. For the first time in my life, I tasted how failure is like. It really feels terrible. I really hated a lot.

People would always say that I will never understand their life when I have my princess life. I never blame them for saying so because I admit that I have so much better life than a lot of people here. All I can say is that I am really lucky to be born into this family with such a loving parents and a loving brother who will always be there for me.

I too admit that I can never understand friends who would have to face lots and lots of problems in their family. However, I do admire them because I might not been able to be so strong like them facing all these things. I admire people who came from small town, because they have a childhood that I can never have as a city kid.

But I'll never just admire them. I'll learn from them. They are my inspiration towards a better life of mine.

Being able to see people around me how they have to go through all their tough life, I really am feel grateful. And it's these people who inspired me to think positively in everything and teaching me that I should never think from my view only when there's any problem. I should also learn to stand in other's shoes and see things from their perspective. Then only I will understand why they make certain decisions, how they actually feel in certain things.

 I am self-centered person who always wanting people to notice me, I suppose that is one of the characteristic of Leo. I always think I am already good enough in everything because I never fail. But since secondary school days, after many things that happened to myself, I took a step back and be the quiet one. With that, I realised I actually still have so many weaknesses.

I got no idea why am I writing this post. I just feeling writing it because I get to know someone. Someone who is also a Leo, who never talk things out especially on their true feelings but reading that someone's post how that someone actually felt deep down inside the heart and how that someone work so hard for the betterment of the future.

The famous saying of "Never Judge a Book by It's Cover" is valid for sure. =)

And each and everyone of you inspire me. I thank you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Songs

Jingle bell ~
Jingle bell ~
Jingle all the way ~~~~

Christmas is just around the corner and I believe everyone is excited for this season holiday like any other previous years. As a KL-ians, one thing that a lot of us would do would go visiting all the big shopping complex and look at the christmas decoration. Well, that's one thing that I have not yet done this year. Hope I can have the chance to look at the decoration and taking some nice pictures this weekend, although I've seen the decoration in Pyramid as well as MidValley.

Another thing that one would know that Christmas is here is all the lively Christmas songs. When you talk about Christmas, Christmas song would definitely be one of the thing that would pop in your head, just like when you talks about Chinese New Year.

So, what's your favourite Christmas song?

For me, that is one Christmas song that I would always hum along myself every time when I think of Christmas. And would definitely listen to it, by Britney Spears - My Only Wish This Year.

Don't ask me why I'm so in love with that song, but I just love the song. Hahahaha ... Maybe that's really my wish for Christmas every year.. And another Christmas song that I like is by Mariah Carey, All I Want For Christmas is You ..

Ok, fine ..... I know I am desperate for the YOU to appear... Hahahaha .. But what's wrong about wishing on that wor .... =]

So, what's you favourite christmas song? =)

And happy shopping since it's year-end sales as well XD

Thursday, December 17, 2009

World of Working

I suddenly have the urge of blogging this, hoping to get some view from you guys.

Let me throw you a question, a question which I might get the normal, common answer.
Why do you want to work?

Let me guess some of the common answers that I would get. Forgetting the main factor of all i.e. $$ because I believe that's what everyone work for.
    1. Life continues, and working is the next stage of our life
    2. To support our family
    3. Experience that you would never get in study life
    4. Self satisfaction
      Above is some of the answers that is quite common to all of us and I have no doubt on it. For me personally, the thinking that I have now would rather towards number 1 and 3. I am hoping that I can move towards self satisfaction ignoring the money factor.

      I came to ponder something relating to reason of working when a lot of people came telling me this. People came asking me where do I work (the usual question), so I have nothing to hide and telling them straight I work in BNM. As a Malaysian and of course as a people who are already working, 99.999999% of the people would give me the i-am-so-jealous-of-you look and to make that look worst by telling them I am the scholar.

      A lot of people and yet again 99.999999999% of them would tell me that I should be glad of getting in here and should not ever think of changing my job. And this is because everyone is looking from the perspective of $$$. Well yeah, it is a good job, i never deny on it. I do learn things, I do have wonderful colleagues, I have a nice boss who is more than willing to guide whenever I needed to. It offers the best ever salary and benefits that one could get outside which such a flexible working hours. I don't blame others for so envying me.

      But, deep down inside me, I just feel that this is not the place for me. I just don't feel it.

      A lot of people said that I am such a lucky girl, being able to move so smoothly from teenage life into this working life without much obstacles. And also maybe this is the reason why I felt I shouldn't be here. I feel like going out there ALONE, learning how to be independent

      I do of course appreciate all the things that my parents had did for me. But I feel like it is the time for me to go out to this world alone. I don't want always to be the protected one. I don't want others to say I am like a princess who never know how tough is the life out there. I know if ever I am going to step out from here, I migh regret it, but this is the only way I'll get to grow facing with all sorts of difficulties. But at the same time, I would consider of taking care of my parents.

      Free But Not Free Yet

      Why the above statement?

      I am free from my nightmare exam, but right the next day i.e. NOW, back to office thinking what should I do. Should have brought my novel to read, but at the same time worried if I read my novel at such an open space where my big boss would walk pass through my table anytime and without me realising it. I know that he's not the person who would penalise people for doing other things except work, maybe. Hahaha .. Maybe he noted it down, this fella is not doing her work.

      But seriously, I got no work to do ma. Sssshhhhhh ... Not in the mood to work now. I am in the holiday mood already.. So, my purpose of coming back to office today is to loiter around. XD Although everyone seems quite busy with their work and I do not know what to surf in the internet .. Oh not, maybe I should try go searching things to do in Hong Kong. Alright, that reminds me that I do have things to do.... Ngek ....

      Anyway, during the exam period, I realised I have a lot of things to write and to share. So, maybe I'll just go one by one each day, ok? At least I won't go bored dead in the office for next week Monday and Tuesday. Then I'll be off for holiday.. Yipeee !!!!!!

      Tata For Now.... Need to arrange my working papers properly 1st .. XD

      Sunday, December 13, 2009

      Break Down

      I can't remember when was the last time I break down and cried for studies.

      I am really feeling tired for the sleepless nights with the scariest nightmare i.e. the result day.

      When can this nightmare actually ends?

      Saturday, December 12, 2009

      It's Not Our Last Goodbye

      I believe that they have safely settled down in Singapore by now.
      And I believe that this is not our last goodbye.
      I believe we will meet up again soon.

      I really miss all the fun we used to have together.
      The laughter, the gossips.
      Where have "they" gone?
      Why does time has to wash it away,
      Wanting us to move on.

      But this is the only way,
      For us to grow up and have a better view of the world.

      There's no second person like you guys.
      And I truly going to miss you guys here.

      Take care my friend,
      Sher Huey and Pei Ting.

      Sunday, November 22, 2009

      Anthony 倪安东

      As always, I would follow closely with the singing competition that has been a very high rating tv show ever since their 1st season which produces many talented singers like Yoga and also Aska .

      Now, it's the 5th season of the singing competition. All of them are really great and I like all of them so far in the Top 6. There's this few episodes where the contestants have to PK with other talented singers all over the world. Surprisingly, many of them are from Singapore and they really are good.

      Anyway, that is not the main point. One of the PK contestant came from USA, Anthony. The first time I see him on the show, I've been attracted by his sexy voice. Even all the judges give him very good comment. I don't know about how others see about him, everyone admitted that his singing skill is not as good as the contestants but he touches everyone's heart with his sincerity in his singing. There are few songs sang by him which I really like it. Let me share with you with some youtube that I can find.

      His first ever song sang in One In a Million show.

      2md song which I think is still ok ..

      3rd song, The Blower's Daughter .. This is my favourite of all ..

      And today on tv

      Enjoy ^^

      Friday, November 13, 2009

      Crying Little Clown

      So many things happened lately, things that I would never ever expect to happen at least in my life. But it does happened too. It happens so fast that I did not even have the time to catch a breath and digest it. I've been trying not to think about it and have myself busy with things like study, facebooking, watching tv and all. But deep inside within me, I know that I am very concsious about what's happening.

      It doesn't seems easy at all. But I still believe in that, I will not show my sadness, my depression on my face. Where ever I go, I'll always remind myself to put a smile on my face. I tell myself, that I should enjoy all the happy moment and not let my grieving spoil the moment. Yes, it does not help me solving the existing problems but I don't know what else I can help to solve the problem.

      All I am hoping that everything would end soon. I can't bear to see sad endings with sad faces. With all this happening around me, now I realise that the reality is much cruel than I always thought. But I still do hope that my existence would bring joy and happiness to ppl around me. Am I doing it fine? No, I don't think so but i'll not give up.

      I am sorry that I am having such a negative post but I am human too. Clown cries too.

      Thursday, October 22, 2009

      Drama: One Litre of Tears

      Ivan introduced me this japanese drama entitled, "One Litre of Tears". While watching this show, I admit that I do really tears a lot almost every episode. It's a short drama with only 11 episodes.

      What is it all about?

      It's a true story based on the diary written by a 15 years old japanese girl. She was suppose to enjoy her life as a 1st year high school girl but she was told by doctor that she is having this disease. A disease that is incurable. I couldn't name the disease in english as the drama is in Japanese, obviously and the subtitles are in Chinese.

      This disease affects the cerebellum of the brain which gradually deteriorates to the point where the patient cannot walk, speak, write, or even eat. In the end, he/she will only be sitting on the bed and pointing out words using a board where there is this "kanji" vowels to show what he/she wants to say it out. They seen to be like handicapped but their mind is still healthy. Just that they couldn't express it out.

      After watching this show, I really couldn't believe that there would such kind of disease. It is really saddening. I mean having to undergo each step from not being able to walk to not being able to talk slowly, i mean this sickness will not happen in 1 days time, but it'll slowly goes bad like in years.

      This story is all about Arya (the main character/the writer of the diary), how she face her everyday life after knowing that she got this sickness, how strong and optimistic she is. Besides, how strong and supportive is her mum and her family is really touches my heart.

      I would not elaborate further in case some of you wants to watch it. I watched it using the pps. The title would be One Litre of Tears / 一公升的眼泪 . To those who doesn't know japanese plus not good in chinese, maybe watching through pps is not that good option. Im not sure whether there is other website that they do provide english subtitle. If any of you guys know, pls sure with me and others ya . =)

      Wednesday, September 30, 2009

      Blogging from Office

      Flipping through my P3 notes, looking left, looking right .. *ouch* My neck hurts since yesterday. Not sure is it because I did not sleep well or is due to my mild headache that I have since yesterday as well. And now is even more aching. Wuwuwuwuwuwuwu...

      Anyway, I am slowly into the work audit by starting off with the audit planning. Although the culture here is to work alone, but Im glad that I have a great manager who is guiding me well and even explain on how it works. At least, I wouldn't start off my work in a midst like my colleagues used to. So, I guess everything is going smoothly so far and I hope it'll be smooth throughout my first every audit. =)

      Monday, September 21, 2009


      First of all, I should wish all September babies, a Happy Birthday, whether is belated or in advance. Im sorry to those who I left out to wish you guys.

      In twinkling of an eye, I've already work in BNM for 3 weeks and next week would be coming to a month of my working life. My workload is still not that heavy yet. Just more of assisting my manager and colleagues in their work. Like a small warm up before I really get to handle my own portfolio. There's still a lot of things for me to learn . Like the operations, the system , the SOP etc .

      Nevertheless, I am really grateful to all my new colleagues that I've known in the office especially one of the colleague, LengLeng. I gues we both now can say is the best buddy in the office since our age are considered the youngs one, so we have more in commons. =) She's my lunch partner as well as my tutor who really tells me a lot of things about work. I am really grateful to have her and for now, I am really very dependent on her. Other colleagues are also being nice and friendly to me too. Can't wait to have the chance to work with them together as team. It just seems fun. Still it takes time to get close with them ba.

      Lastly, wishing all Malays, Selamat Hari Raya and non-malays, a happy holiday =D This week oni have to work for 3 days + boss is not around + all malays are on leave . So, it's our world. *wink*

      Atttention to all SYUC mates !!!!
      We are having a BIG potluck lantern gathering this coming 1oth October. For further information, please do contact PeiTing or visit Facebook's event. If possible, do respond to the Facebook's events as we will be updating regarding to this gathering there. =) Hope to see all of you there ya .. Muahhh !!!

      Wednesday, September 2, 2009

      My First 2 Days

      Today is my 2nd day at work. So far so good I would say. Coincidentally that my manager that I am assigned was having the training, so boss asked me to just join in. So, on the first day right after briefing at HR and doing my "woof woof-tag", took a shuttle bus to my office as it is not located in HQ, but hopefully we will be moving to the new building soon enough next year, and right away joined the training session.

      I was still worrying about having lunch alone, but I was glad that the colleagues and managers there all are very friendly, but of course I do still need time to get close with them. And of course Im glad that I met a colleague who is just about my age that I can "stick" to her. =D and having someone to have lunch together. I guess it all went well on the first day.

      Second day, I find it interesting, although I don't understand alot of things as I am not familiar with the workings, but thanks to audit paper that i loathed so much, I guess I find myself quite comfortable during the training. At least, I do understand those jargons and roughly could still catch up how things are done around here.

      Basically, the training ended today. So, I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow. Guess I'll just bring my P3 there to do some reading instead of sitting there doing nothing. =) And of course trying hard to mingle around with everyone in the office and I hope i does giving a good impression to everyone although I might still a bit quiet as a newbie. Still not that active yet. Ehehehe.

      Thursday, August 27, 2009

      3 Main Things

      Although I felt I have not been moving forward and still standing at the same spot like I do half a year ago, I guess Im finally make a move forward. I am finally moving into the new stage of life ie the working life. We live in this world for 2 main thing. To learn and to apply what we've learnt (which may not be so relevant to be applied actually). Isn't it ?

      Study and Work.
      To learn and to apply.

      That's what all of us been doing it but it may differ to each individual on the "how".

      But of course, we humans, as always, knows how to colour our life so that is not bored and dull. And how we colour our life?? We mainly include LOVE into our life. It doesn't matter love on who or on what.

      Haha. Think about it. That's the 3 main things that everyone of us needs to have and is searching for.


      And as i said, each of us has different way of achieving it and has different point of view of that 3 main things. Do you agree with me? =)

      Sunday, August 23, 2009

      Life is like a Maze

      My dear sopo han wrote this in her msn ..

      "Sometimes obstacles makes us become stronger"

      In a way, I do agree that obstacles that block our straight road do help to make us become stronger because with those obstacles, we actually think of another way, a longer way, or it may even the toughest way just to reach our destination where we could have reach our destination easily without these obstacles. We can only become stronger if we are determined enough and never give up.

      But sometimes, it may result in the opposite way. It's just like you being left in a big maze finding the path way out. Some might be so lucky that every turn they took, it eventually lead them to the exit. Some might have to try a hundred times before they get the correct way.

      I guess Im the one who has to try a hundred times before I actually get my way out. All this while, whatever I do, I can say that I've done it smoothly. No obstacles. Now finally, I've faced my biggest obstacles ever. I've faced with an dead end cubicles. Now, I have to find my way out again from the cubicle and walk again. I've found myself few times in this dead end. There is also many a times I wanted to give up and let me be left alone there.

      But I know, I shouldn't give up. There are lots of things waiting for me at the end there. If I don't move on, I'll never know what is waiting for me there. I have to move on. I have to stand up and re-plan the route that Im going to take and walk again. Whether Im gonna success this time or it's another failure, at least I know I've tried a new way at my best.

      And also i know that Im not the only who's lost in the maze. There are many other people who are lost too, just like me. Let us not give up, ok? =)

      "2 years is the promise"

      Wednesday, August 19, 2009

      Not Sailing Smooth

      Im back from Singapore last night. I really enjoyed the trip a lot because I have not see myself laugh so much for a long time especially in this year. And of course I am glad to meet up with PeiChin. Getting more lenglui liao o *wink* I'll upload the pictures in the near future ba.

      And as most of you know, last Monday was the result day. I was expecting to at least pass 1 paper. But no, I have no such luck. I almost want to break down and cry but I knew I can't because I have a convo going on. I felt blank for a moment so i decided to give Mogu a call and talk. Im glad to have the talk that I feel much better after that. Thanks Mogu.

      I already feel lost in which direction should I go. With the situation given now, I am more lost. I had a plan, I wants to go Singapore and work and take my study slowly as I move on there. But would my parents agree to it? I really don't know. I don't even know whether I have the courage to confront to them especially mum.

      Some would think that I already have a job here, why want to go Sg some more? Of course there's plenty of reason behind it which I shall remain silence on it. All I can say is that, I want to take the chance to go out and explore the world and learn to be independent while Im still young. All Im worry about is will my parents agree to me?? I really hope they would. I really don't want to stay here in KL for my whole life. XD

      Thursday, August 13, 2009

      Collegemates Gathering

      Currently im AGAIN back to BNM's banglow at PD online doing nothing =.= Not really anxious of this trip as this time the main focus would be mum's student. Im more looking forward to this coming Sunday to Singapore. Of course im excited of the convocation on Monday, besides I can't wait to meet up with PeiChin since January this year where we had a farewell gathering for her. =D

      Just a short update of last week's gathering with my dear collegemate. It was kinda "ad-hoc" gathering invited by PeiTing few days before that. She asked whether Im free for a dinner. Of course i said yes and I too offered to ask around other friends. The lazy me did not sms to others but just made a small announcement in MSN and also in FB. But gladly to say that 20 of us manage to join the dinner which this time is at Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall.

      One good thing about having a gathering with collegemates, we hardly have a gathering which is less than 20 people. Our gathering would normally be the biggest group in the restaurant and of course the noisest of all. XD

      It had been quite sometimes since we last met in May for Sharee and TKJ's birthday. Of course there's a lot of things to catch up among us. Lots of story to tell especially from those who are working for almost 8 months now. Time really is flying. Imagine last year this time we are still a Uni student, but just 1 year passed, most of us already or going to be in the working world where things are really different. Missed you guys a lot. Hope our next gathering won't need to wait for another few months again. ^^

      Saturday, August 1, 2009

      Ponder of Life

      Life has not been really meaningful to me since I finish my exam and after Im back from my trips. All i do after that was mainly staying at home, online, watch some dramas, novel and help daddy sometimes. It's been a routine now. Some friends who has been working very hard would have admire the lifestyle Im having now but try doing it everyday for a month. You'll be shouting to go back to work as well i believe.

      Anyway, next wednesday, finally, I would be going for the Bank Negara's interview. Quite nervous although it's not the first time Im having my interview there but still it's the first ever job interview. Just hope that all goes well and I could the department I want.

      Time flies. Without realising, today is already into the month of August. Next week I would be attending the interview and 2 weeks after next, I'll be in Sg celebrating my convocation and at the same time hopefully that I can celebrate my ACCA result and not mourning it. *praying hard* If everthing goes smoothly, I should be working after that. It would be a new life to me and I can see a lot of new excitements coming up which would eventually again become a routine, hopefully not.

      Thinking about that, the exciting moment of life which is during the college time since to be far away from me now but it's actually just 2 years back. Studying ACCA is good in a way you graduate young but on the other hand, you'll not get to enjoy the college/university life as much as the other degree students do. That's the pros and cons of studying ACCA right after your SPM.

      For a degree student, at the age of 21, they would have enjoy their life to the fullest. But to us, as what I can see on me and my other friends, either they are rather busy with working life or to some of us now who is rather worrying for getting a job then planning for the 21st. I don't know about others but to me who I've just celebrated my 21st not long ago, to me, 21st is just another birthday. Nothing big to brag about. Really. It's like there's no special excitement in me about my 21st. Sounds abit saddening here huh.. LOL.. Anyway, hope that just happened on me and not my other friends ^.^

      People say 21st is just once in a lifetime but thinking about that, all other age since 1 year old to even 100 years old, every year is also once in a lifetime too. So, why 21st?? LOL .. Maybe 21st for us is a big deal because it mean that we are finally adult and we are legal to go into a casino in Malaysia ?? That's my point of view. =D

      Woah.. Looks like been ages since I write such a long essay. Those of you who are reading it. Thank you for patience. Ekekeke ... Cheers..

      Saturday, July 18, 2009

      Holiday Trips

      I think i've been a lazy blogger this year XD pai seh pai seh . I just feel i have nothing to blog about especially after exam . Of course I did enjoyed myself with my friends to a few trips . It's really a nice and relaxing trip together . Those who did not managed to join us like TKJ , i really miss the time we used to spent together , esp with TKJ T_T

      TKJ !!! I MISS U !!!!!!

      Anyway, a small update on what i have done so far with few group pictures . For more group pictures , i think u guys can go browse it in my facebook . Either me or my friends has uploaded all of the fun filling pictures ^.^

      Right after the exam on last day, the next day, we which consist of Tiger, Elaine, VernYen, CheeYuen, Lionel, Adelee, Lalagong and myself went to Cameron Highland by driving 2 cars there. One car was by Tiger who has pretty much used to long journey drive finds no problem while the other car where Adelee borrowed her mum's car. Adelee herself, Lionel and me took turn to drive the car and this mean that this is my very first time driving uphill to Cameron.

      We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights in an apartment which I already has forgotten the name by now =P Anyway, this short 3d2n was really fun, exciting and stress releasing. It's like all the stress was gone together with the breeze wind. And it's really been a long time since we laughed so much together in a big group =]

      Just us on top of the hill at Boh Tea

      A friendship that will never be forgotten . *sobs sobs*

      Really feel sad while typing this especially by this time most of us would be having our own working life which hardly would have much fun like we used to have in college life. I really miss the 2nd year of college life. =)

      Back from Cameron. I thought that would be the end of my holiday trip with college friends. Then, chingyong said that peiting managed to have a week off and wants to go to Port Dickson. So, of course i considered about it. Then, dad also manage to book the bank negara's bunglow which would save us on the accomodation fees. So, again it's 8 of us but this time with abit change in the member. The 8 of us would be, ma parents, me, lalagong, ting, cyong, adelee and of course jun yao.

      We just stayed there for a night as the bunglow is only available for that night and it'll be close for maintenance after that. Even though, it's just 1 short day, but we still manage to enjoyed ourself. ^.^ Yet again, for more pictures, please go to my facebook or ask me if u needed the link.

      Yet again, I really miss spending the time with you guys .

      And just last sunday, it was my dearie mummy's birthday. Dad decided to bring us to Tamarind Spring in Ampang for dinner. The restaurant was designed to be placed somewhere in jungle. So you have that kind of jungle environment. The environment was really romantic with all the dimmed lights. But it make it hard for me to take clear pictures with my lousy digi cam. T_T

      Me and Mummy

      Monday, July 6, 2009

      Monster Hunting

      Yesterday the 3 ladies at home decided to go to MidValley for a shop since ah sou had been worrking during the weekends for the past few weeks and she yesterday hardly got a day off. And since dad is out for lunch while bro is busy with his biking . Left the 3 ladies at home. Of course we will not just sit boredly at home. Went to mv after taking our lunch in Kepong. Then, drop by at ah sou's office to get something before reaching mv.

      As usual, mv was crowded with humans out of no where. Looked for a carpark space which took us about half an hour before spotting 1. There goes our "walking". Ah sou also helped me to get a foundation. Mum thought that Im gonna spend a lot on cosmetics but end up I only got myself foundation because other than that, ah sou got spare in her drawer. So, money saved ^^

      Did not really walked into shops because nothing much to see especially for me >.<>.<

      I guess that's what basically we did in mv for the day. Ehehehe.

      Ain't they cute ~~~~

      Friday, June 26, 2009

      Forever our King of Pop

      Today as usual I woke up , went out for lunch with family . Was listening the radio and humming along with the songs I know .. Suddenly I heard that the DJ was saying that our dear Mike has passed away this morning in Los Angelas . I was shocked and of course along with some sorrow in my heart .

      The King of Pop , Micheal Jackson , one that could make almost everybody in this world go crazy over his songs . And im very sure that every single of us knew who is him . How could one don't know him , right ? Songs like Billy Jean , Black or White , Bad etc etc , everyone know the song . I think most of his songs we all knew . May not know the lyrics but Im sure all can hum along with his songs .

      And of course with his famous "moonwalk" , which make him so unique from the other pop singer . ^^

      U'll always be in our heart no matter how recent scandals about U . We will still not forget your prime time , your great song like Earth Song who always touches our heart . Rest in peace , Mike ! U r definitely the King of Pop . Forever will be .

      Monday, June 15, 2009


      Finally , the exam is over last wednesday . Right after that , went up to Cameron Highlands on the next day . It was really a fun and relaxing trip for me . It's like all the stress has been blown away by the cooling wind . ^.^ I shall talk about that more in details soon . Not really in the blogging mood now XD More of a lazy mood right now .

      So, do stay tune for more updates ya but not so fast i guess .. ekekeke

      Friday, June 5, 2009







      Thursday, May 28, 2009





      Happy "Dumpling" Day to all o ^.^

      and and

      Happy studying for the coming exam .. AZA AZA ~!!!

      Monday, May 18, 2009

      Stepping Back into Life of Primary School

      Around 12am yesterday night or this morning rather =P , sim teng msn-ed me saying that she'll be free this week before her new sems starts , so asking me whether do i want to go back to our primary school since we had been talking about it long time ago and we couldn't fix a proper time for both of us . Then , i was scrolling at my msn list and i saw Ho Lim also online and thus suggested to try to ask other "old" friends as well . We though of visiting on Friday since we want to asked others but Ho Lim will not be around , and so we decided to go immediately the next day ie today .

      For such an unknown , unfamous , secluded and small school , we managed to get 6 of us , it's something incredible already . I still remember the number of students in my class when i was Standard 6 was only about 25 of us . And the most for each standards there's only 3 classes . So you can imagine how small is the school now . Till date , it's still a small school . But it was quite a big school during my brother's time before that SK Taman Kepong was built up right beside our secondary school which kinda steal the fame of SK Kepong Baru . HMPH ...

      Anyway , of course there's a benefit of being able to study in a small school like that . The best thing is , you get to know everyone in the school and you'll also get to more attention from the teachers which indirectly you get to interact with teachers more . It's something great because us and our teachers , we are more than just a student and teacher role , but we are more like friends talking everything under the sun . Plus , teachers will remember us better even if left the school for a very long time just like what happened today .

      The 6 of us . From left : Chee Hoe ( the naughty 1) , Patrick ( the bookworm ie Tokoh Murid) , Ho Lim ( the fat 1 XD) , Me ( no comment ) , Sim Teng ( Siti Nurhaliza look a like ) , Wan Yi (the runner )

      PS : the comments in the brackets are some of the things that makes our teachers remember us

      Of course the first thing that we did once we step into the school is to search for our dearly teachers . Finally we spotted En Kholi , our beloved KH teacher eating at the canteen . So , we decided to wait till they finished their foods while we look around the surrounding . The canteen still looks the same to us .

      Finally , En Kholi walked out and we walk over . He was surprise to see us and of course the usual Q&A session . "Study mana" , "Course apa" etc etc .. XD After talking awhile , then Pn Tham, our class teacher and also my Guru Pengawas came out . She was stunned for awhile seeing us and starts to guess our name . LOL . And there goes our sweet memories talking back about the old days . The most surprising was Mr. Stanley our english teacher , he could remember most of our names .. We were stunned and of course happy with that . ^^

      From right : Chee Hoe , Patrick , Mr Stanley , Ustazah , Pn Tham , En Kholi , Ho Lim , Wan Yi , Me and last but not least Sim Teng

      These are some the teachers who are still teaching there while many of the teachers have transfered . Oh .. There's another teacher , Mr Amir who used to handle Kelas Pemulihan ie a special class for weaker students . But he was busy with the Teacher's Day thing so couldn't join us for the photo taking .

      Since the teachers is busy with their activities , so we left them and went exploring our little childhood memories .. I should have taken more pictures of my school but instead I've used that time remembering all the stuff we used to do in certain places and corners with friends and forgetting to take some photos . ^.^

      Ho Lim who spotted his favourite play space XD

      Before we left and headed to elsewhere for lunch , we had a memorable picture in our small little classroom .. The feelings was even better after i edited into black and white ...

      Said bye to the teachers and also promised to Pn Tham that will gather more of us for the next visit well , maybe next year at least because next year would be 10 years !!! Time flies ~~

      Since all of us are sweating , thanks to the hot weather , and hunger for water , so decided to go to Food and Tea , a hongkong style restaurant inside the Metro Prima , Kepong . Chee Hoe couldn't join us after that as he has something else to do . So left the 5 of us went for the lunch .

      Like Sim Teng said , it's the ever 1st time that few of us actually sat down and eat together . I think since we step into the secondary school life , we have our own gang of friends and we hardly keep in touch except during the secondary school time where we meet in the school of course XD But that's 1 sad thing that we shouldn't have done .

      I could say i've known them since Standard 1 . So, our friendship is near to 15 years of friendship . I doubt it's hard to have such valuable friendship nowadays . And i will always appreciate this group of friends of course not forgetting new friends that also bring a lot of memories to me in secondary school life as well as college life . More to come and I definitely will value each and everyone of them =)

      Us @ Food n Tea , Metro Prima

      Last but not least , not forgetting my lovely small school ^.^


      Tuesday, May 12, 2009

      Happy Birthday , SoPo Kwan

      Hanging out with them will definitely cheer up my day , no matter what mood am i having on that time . Cuz they will bring laughter and more laughters when we are together .

      With the reason of celebrating so po kwan's birthday , we thus manage to find a time for 5 of us to hang out together and had a good laugh again ^.^

      Decided to have our dinner at Solaris , Mt Kiara at a restaurant called "Olive & Pegaga". It was an Italiannese restaurant . If u guys know about Solaris , i suppose the 1st thing that pop in our mind is the "luxury" price of the foods . Yeah .. it is super super expensive . However, this shop having a promotion where oni about RM20 (including tax) you will have a soup , a main dish which u can choose from a quite a few choices of pasta or rice and a dessert . It is really worth it as normally if u just order a pasta , it already cost u RM20++ . And it's delicious , the most important thing ..

      Sadly that shin can't join us for dinner . So only 4 of us enjoyed the yummy dinner . We thought of calling shin using 3G , however , that place is not under the 3G coverage . So sad . Can't show shin how delicious it was XD But of course we took loads of pictures (which cannot be shown to public).

      Reflection of us from the shining escalator

      After that , we decided to go to other place for yum cha since shin said that she can join us . So, fetched shin and wei da suggested a place , Camp Forest , somewhere near Desa Jaya , Kepong . The environment there was nice and romantic but it's full of mosquito .. T_T Continuing our never-ending laughters and craziness and ends with a cake blowing , cake smashing , and eating the yummilicious chocolate cake ^^

      Happy Birthday , SoPo Kwan ^.^

      Saturday, April 18, 2009

      Change of Feng Shui

      My room's "feng shui" has once changed again .. LOL . Well , actually if frens like dear sopos who are more often coming to my room , they should realise that i quite often changing the positions of things in my rooms like my table , my bed .. More of my table , my bed and the small table with the hi-fi on top of it . XD

      Mum said that the position of study table that is facing the window is not so bright for studying . So, she said i should change the position but i have to get a smaller table to fit that corner cuz the current table are too wide and would block the walking pathway . So, today after class , went to Ikea to search for a simple and cheap study table . Finally got one . It's white and it cost about RM95 . It's simple definitely . A board with 4 legs ... LOL .. Also got a chair . A yellow chair .. Looks nice .. Loving it ^.^

      Came home at around 6 o'clock after go shopping around uptown area and dinner . Busy with my room till about 8 imagining Ikea stuffs that U have to build on ur own as in fixed it together into one complete piece =.=! Glad to say , i manage to done it on my own . And for the re-decoration part of my room , it is of course not a big problem for me cuz as i mentioned , I'm a person who can't stand a room in a messy condition . So , once a while i would tidy up my table , re-arrange things .. Thus , i manage to do tidy up my room as clean as brand new in just an hour .. XD

      Also , thanks mummy and ah sou for helping me to carry that big table out to the hall .. ^.^

      Now superbly tired . I shall go to bed soon . Tml still got 6 hours class .. T_T

      Friday, April 17, 2009

      Healthy Lifestyle

      How healthy is my lifestyle now ?? Nah .. is not healthy at all XD Staying up till late hours then wake up quite late also =P But of course the latest i wake up would be 11am .. But i everyday trying hard to wake up at 7am but everytime end up when i see the clock , it's already 10am .. =.=!

      Oh oh .. Recently i also started going for a jog or a walk at the desa park city behind my house . The park there at the evenings , it's crowded with people jogging and walking and also not forgetting all the cute doggies . Some doggies are even dressed up .. So cute .. It's really a nice place to hang out during the evening only if there is NO rain .. There are peoples who plays kite , plays the helicopter , riding bicycle .. All sorts of activites ...

      Parents with their young one running at the park .. I think nowadays you hardly can see places like this anymore especially in KL ... So , I really think that desa park has really brought a very good family day for everyone .. U could even picnic there . The environment there is still consider very fresh with all the greens around ..

      Because of that , I'm quite determined to go there for a walk nowadays beside helping myself to lose my fats .. Ekekeke ... Although now still not so frequent cuz the weather are so unpredictable and as i mentioned , I can't wake up at 7am .. T_T If not i definitely would go for a morning walk .. RAWRrrrrrr ...

      Thursday, April 16, 2009

      Susan Boyle

      Thank u very much ADELEE HO for sharing this amazing video ... She's great , she's wonderful , she's a gift from heaven .. Im not talking about Adelee =P Im talking Susan Boyle .. So , guys , MUST WATCH , ok ?? ^.^

      Susan Boyle from Britian's Got Talent - click here

      And see that Simon .. So thick face .. At the beginning so look down on ppl , then at the end there , quickly twist his words .. LOL

      Tuesday, April 14, 2009

      Happy Together

      Last weekend had 6 hours of class on both saturday and sunday . Although 6 hours sounds like a long hour class , but i think to us as an ACCA , it's still fine as compared to 9 hours class . I still remember the time I took F7 under Ms Menon , that was like even worst . More than 12 hours in college ?? LOL ... Anyway , after attending F7 and P2 , i think we are trained to sit in a super stress condition class for super long hours ... ahahaha .. isn't it true ?? Anyway , i do miss those times in the class with my classmates .

      Oh Oh .. Back to my last weekend class .. Sunday had class from 10am to 5pm . And co-incidently , those taking P6 also had classes . So , i think we kinda had a "big" reunion there in the morning as well as during the lunch break .. Really miss the time where we used to had lunch break in a big group together . Even last sem we also hardly had big group already since all are diversified into different optionals ... So , i guess it's really a good "reunion" especially for me cuz there's few of them like ChingYong , Joshua , JunYao that i have not seen them since last semester or since last CNY ..

      Slowly , im getting lost touch with a lot of collegemates especially those are working , of course only knowing that they are BUSY with their work nowadays . So, friends who do have blog , do update update a bit so that i can know how r u guys going on , ok ?? XD especially TKJ .. ekekeke .. how busy oso must update blog ... But still not too bad la , cuz still got chat abit in msn with some of them ... Hope after the peak period they are more free to hangout lo ... ^.^

      Thursday, April 2, 2009

      Bored and Dull

      It's been quite sometimes since the last update .. Basically , there's nothing interesting for me to update publicly as my life currently are so bored and dull ... My classes are only on tuesday night and friday afternoon and sometimes on the weekend but not much . For the rest of the time , i spent 95% of the time at home , in my room with my computer and of course with all the paperssssss .... And facing the window which directly showing the opposite house's room which has no lengzhai for me to peep on ...

      No outings for me , as most friends are either busy with work or studies . Maybe sometimes hang out with SPs gang over the weekend ..

      Although , this may really sounds boring but during this few months of being like this , I do ponder over my life and make some planning which maybe equal to no planning .. HAHAHAHA . Anyway , i of course do have some planning for my future but I shall keep it to myself now . =)

      All i hope now is that to clear my remaining 2 papers that is seriously killing me and getting me crazy . Then , maybe after that I would have more updates and back to my more interesting life XD So, guys, beside me putting 200% effort for the coming exam , will U please wish me luck and say a little prayer for me ?? Thank u thank u ... =D

      took this picture when I went back to Stiawan for "qing ming" . the little boy is so cute and he caught me taking his photo , then he even wanted to play with us .. LOL ..

      Sunday, March 8, 2009

      Time Flies

      Time really is flying like a bird .. NO NO .. Time flies like the bullet train .. A day is like a seconds to me nowadays . Doing not much things and 1 days has gone .. And without realising it , now is already going through middle of March .. Another about 2 months , i'll be AGAIN resiting my 2 papers ..

      Anyway , currently im attending classes for both papers at Kasturi . Times are quite flexible and im still consider quite free .. But looking at the calender , i guess i shall buck up myself and do more intense study .. RAWRRRRR ...

      Oh oh .. for the last few days , been helping a friend to do his assignment .. He's doing about Wal-Mart and that reminds me P3 lecturer's ..

      "Everyday , Low Prices" XD

      and and ..


      Wednesday, February 25, 2009

      Love is in the Air

      Finally , I have the mood and the time to blog .. Ekekeke .. Those who took ACCAs knows how is the feeling .. It is definitely not as easy as others thought .. It's really like just 1 step difference , just because of 1 step , you are either in hell or in heaven .. That kind of feeling , is really really TERRIBLE ... Anyway , I do feel much better now and will work harder and not giving up ^.^

      Let's talk about some happy things .. On 14th February , it is a romantic and loveable day for all couples . As for singles , some maybe in their worst mood ever and some maybe just like me .. Will not be left out from such happy and romantic occasions . XD

      So, this is the 3rd year of V day that i am celebrating with my dear SPs . Last 2 years , we just came out and yum cha only . But this year , we decided to celebrate like a "real" couple .. HAHAHA .. So, all 4 of us agreed to wear black (it meant single.. LOL) and went to The Curve . The most romantic place I should say compare to places like 1U etc ..

      Love Trees are everywhere

      We went to Kopitiam for a drink cuz it's a bit too early for dinner , chat around , gossip around .. Then , tot wana go Cineleisure there to take photo sticker , but the nice 1 are expensive .. So , we just used our camera to take and left and have a walk luu ...

      Then , after walking then tried looking restaurants for dinner , and undecided , so we went to Royale Bintang Hotel to have a sit XD Definitely they have a nice comfy sofas there .. I suppose it's 5 stars hotel . So , even the lobby , the toilets are niceeeee ...

      Someone shy shy worh

      Lenglui Hannie

      After thinking and thinking and most restaurants are packed with couples , we decided to go The Manhanttan Fish Market for dinner lorh ... U KNOW WAT U KNOW WAT U KNOW WAT (omg , i just miss Mr Marcus' classes with the marcus-slang) ... We orderd a set of Valentine's set which comes in 2 dishes from starter to appertizer .. Their starter was suppose to be mushroom soup . Then hor , the main dish come liao , but the soup still havent come . We kept on asking and asking then they say mushroom soup finish liao , corn soup can or not . So , i was like , can lorh . no other choice pun ... Waited and waited ...

      MAIN DISH OSO FINISH LIAO !! OUR ICE CREAM OSO COME AND FINISHING LIAO !! THE CORN SOUP OSO HAVEN'T COME ...... Oso quite fedup with the corn soup liao ...

      Anyway , honghongtan is coming , so we ate slowly while waiting for that STUPID CORN SOUP . When the soup finally come , 4 of us give up drinking it . Cuz too full liao and the soup is VERY CORN XD

      My partner for the day , darling shinshin

      They are the partners for the day .. Kwan and Hannie

      Our "lucky" number

      The main dish .. Oh , don't ask me what's it called .. I forgot :P

      Do u know to peel of prawn's skin u need a professional like the Dr. Surgeon Hannie ?

      Our dessert

      Then only our starter ...

      Everything is in the order of which serves first =.=

      After dinner with honghongtan joined us later , we walked around and SS lu .. HEHEHE .. So the activities after dinner is just photo taking XD

      I know .. Kinda weird pose

      Yeah .. Our sign showing that we are here .. Honghongtan replaced the job of weida XD


      Just me by u

      Although i though V day would be another normal day for me with the bunch of siao po around but I am really very glad that lalagong aka honghongtan made it just for me .. I know .. ^.^ Want to say thousand thank you to you for the lovely gift and rose . This would be my 1st time of my life receiving rose .. I definitely will not forget about it .. Thank you lalagong for giving me such a lovely memory

      the famous "lalagong & lalapo" XD

      Our pointy boots and shoe

      lalaRAWR n us

      MUAH !! THANK U , lalagong ...