Saturday, April 18, 2009

Change of Feng Shui

My room's "feng shui" has once changed again .. LOL . Well , actually if frens like dear sopos who are more often coming to my room , they should realise that i quite often changing the positions of things in my rooms like my table , my bed .. More of my table , my bed and the small table with the hi-fi on top of it . XD

Mum said that the position of study table that is facing the window is not so bright for studying . So, she said i should change the position but i have to get a smaller table to fit that corner cuz the current table are too wide and would block the walking pathway . So, today after class , went to Ikea to search for a simple and cheap study table . Finally got one . It's white and it cost about RM95 . It's simple definitely . A board with 4 legs ... LOL .. Also got a chair . A yellow chair .. Looks nice .. Loving it ^.^

Came home at around 6 o'clock after go shopping around uptown area and dinner . Busy with my room till about 8 imagining Ikea stuffs that U have to build on ur own as in fixed it together into one complete piece =.=! Glad to say , i manage to done it on my own . And for the re-decoration part of my room , it is of course not a big problem for me cuz as i mentioned , I'm a person who can't stand a room in a messy condition . So , once a while i would tidy up my table , re-arrange things .. Thus , i manage to do tidy up my room as clean as brand new in just an hour .. XD

Also , thanks mummy and ah sou for helping me to carry that big table out to the hall .. ^.^

Now superbly tired . I shall go to bed soon . Tml still got 6 hours class .. T_T

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