Saturday, July 18, 2009

Holiday Trips

I think i've been a lazy blogger this year XD pai seh pai seh . I just feel i have nothing to blog about especially after exam . Of course I did enjoyed myself with my friends to a few trips . It's really a nice and relaxing trip together . Those who did not managed to join us like TKJ , i really miss the time we used to spent together , esp with TKJ T_T

TKJ !!! I MISS U !!!!!!

Anyway, a small update on what i have done so far with few group pictures . For more group pictures , i think u guys can go browse it in my facebook . Either me or my friends has uploaded all of the fun filling pictures ^.^

Right after the exam on last day, the next day, we which consist of Tiger, Elaine, VernYen, CheeYuen, Lionel, Adelee, Lalagong and myself went to Cameron Highland by driving 2 cars there. One car was by Tiger who has pretty much used to long journey drive finds no problem while the other car where Adelee borrowed her mum's car. Adelee herself, Lionel and me took turn to drive the car and this mean that this is my very first time driving uphill to Cameron.

We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights in an apartment which I already has forgotten the name by now =P Anyway, this short 3d2n was really fun, exciting and stress releasing. It's like all the stress was gone together with the breeze wind. And it's really been a long time since we laughed so much together in a big group =]

Just us on top of the hill at Boh Tea

A friendship that will never be forgotten . *sobs sobs*

Really feel sad while typing this especially by this time most of us would be having our own working life which hardly would have much fun like we used to have in college life. I really miss the 2nd year of college life. =)

Back from Cameron. I thought that would be the end of my holiday trip with college friends. Then, chingyong said that peiting managed to have a week off and wants to go to Port Dickson. So, of course i considered about it. Then, dad also manage to book the bank negara's bunglow which would save us on the accomodation fees. So, again it's 8 of us but this time with abit change in the member. The 8 of us would be, ma parents, me, lalagong, ting, cyong, adelee and of course jun yao.

We just stayed there for a night as the bunglow is only available for that night and it'll be close for maintenance after that. Even though, it's just 1 short day, but we still manage to enjoyed ourself. ^.^ Yet again, for more pictures, please go to my facebook or ask me if u needed the link.

Yet again, I really miss spending the time with you guys .

And just last sunday, it was my dearie mummy's birthday. Dad decided to bring us to Tamarind Spring in Ampang for dinner. The restaurant was designed to be placed somewhere in jungle. So you have that kind of jungle environment. The environment was really romantic with all the dimmed lights. But it make it hard for me to take clear pictures with my lousy digi cam. T_T

Me and Mummy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monster Hunting

Yesterday the 3 ladies at home decided to go to MidValley for a shop since ah sou had been worrking during the weekends for the past few weeks and she yesterday hardly got a day off. And since dad is out for lunch while bro is busy with his biking . Left the 3 ladies at home. Of course we will not just sit boredly at home. Went to mv after taking our lunch in Kepong. Then, drop by at ah sou's office to get something before reaching mv.

As usual, mv was crowded with humans out of no where. Looked for a carpark space which took us about half an hour before spotting 1. There goes our "walking". Ah sou also helped me to get a foundation. Mum thought that Im gonna spend a lot on cosmetics but end up I only got myself foundation because other than that, ah sou got spare in her drawer. So, money saved ^^

Did not really walked into shops because nothing much to see especially for me >.<>.<

I guess that's what basically we did in mv for the day. Ehehehe.

Ain't they cute ~~~~