Monday, July 6, 2009

Monster Hunting

Yesterday the 3 ladies at home decided to go to MidValley for a shop since ah sou had been worrking during the weekends for the past few weeks and she yesterday hardly got a day off. And since dad is out for lunch while bro is busy with his biking . Left the 3 ladies at home. Of course we will not just sit boredly at home. Went to mv after taking our lunch in Kepong. Then, drop by at ah sou's office to get something before reaching mv.

As usual, mv was crowded with humans out of no where. Looked for a carpark space which took us about half an hour before spotting 1. There goes our "walking". Ah sou also helped me to get a foundation. Mum thought that Im gonna spend a lot on cosmetics but end up I only got myself foundation because other than that, ah sou got spare in her drawer. So, money saved ^^

Did not really walked into shops because nothing much to see especially for me >.<>.<

I guess that's what basically we did in mv for the day. Ehehehe.

Ain't they cute ~~~~

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