Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random Rambling

Harlow everybody !!!!

I always tell myself that I shouldn't let my blog die but somehow I felt like I just let it slowly die here .. Hahahaha ...

Looking at my last post it was in the month of February and for goodness sake, it's already March !!!!

So, gonna set a goal .. To have at least 5 post in a month !! But I'm sorta out of ideas on what to write other than my travel .. Last time I can rant a lot of things but probably is just when you grew older, you tend to keep more to yourself than just blabbering everything out to the whole world like you are never got scared being sued .. Kekekek ..

Plus, I've now another little diary that more or less jotting down all my happiness, anger, rants, unsatisfaction ..  Mostly on my thoughts on many many things in this world .. So, don't really like repeating myself again here on the same thing .. So, that's why it's all down to only post entry that has photos .. Events, Travel, Food ...

Gonna go edit my photos for Krabi so that I've things to blog about !! Hahahaha ..

Damn boring life I'm having .. *sighs*