Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy =)

Tonight had a great night AGAIN with my fellow college mates . It was fun . It was stress-free . Just exactly what I wanted to have everyday . =)

I love all of them ...

Last but not least,
Happy Birthday, my dear Adelee Ho.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I was suppose to be on the bed and sleep but I just couldn't .. Every time I try to get some sleep (just these few days - pre-exam symptoms), my head would be so clear of the subject .. =.=! At the same time , I am so worried and scared. The same Q keep popping out of my head, I know my subject well, why couldn't I still get thru... It's really a big dilemma for me..

It's a nightmare for me .....

I hate when this come .. Because it means I'll be so damn emo .. When can I actually get over with this? People say (or I'm the one always said), life is like a roller coaster, but why does my roller coaster is at the bottom and never goes up?

Crying doesn't help but I still do that. Emo doesn't help but I still do that...

I am really lacking of confidence.. I really feel like just give up with it and move on with my life since that now I've already got a good job, I could say. But it feels so incomplete in my life..

You know, a normal person who go through with the graduation "fever". It's the graduation that completes part of your life, that tells you that you are moving into the next stage of life. Don't you agree? That's the 1 I am now feel incomplete of.


Monday, June 14, 2010



I wonder ..
Where is the light ..
That I've been searching for ...


Thursday, June 10, 2010

For You, Mummy

A sand art specially dedicated to all MUMs .. *loves*

Kwan and Han's Birthday Celebration

On May 21st 2010,
It's hers ....

and hers ....

belated birthday celebrationssss .......

It's never too late to have a celebration. Celebration are just an excuse for gathering... Isn't it??

Anyway, hanging out with them, it's always the best moment of my life... The laughters, the craziness... I'll never stop loving them ..

We decided to have our dinner at a Korean BBQ's restaurant somewhere in Kepong.. I found it's nice..

The appearance not so nice but when you eat it, it turn out to be the best dish of all .. Yum ~

And the usual camwhoring session before and after food ...

On our way back to our car, we saw this ....

MINE !!!

After dinner, which then joined by TLL and Jayne, we headed to Desa Park City.. We thought of looking for some place to chill out and have a chit chat.. But in the end, we just walked and laughed like nobody business at the park then back to WaiShin's house since it's drizzling.

And guess what we found out ...

We are just trying to replay a "drama" we saw when we passed by the car park =P

So, we got back to WaiShin's house .. Did nothing except drinking and monkey-ing....