Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Holiday

At last !!! Im back to the blogging world !!! Ekekeke .. Let me summarize what happen for a week ago . ^.^ (sorry if it's too summarise for u guys cuz sometimes it's better to keep it to our own n somehow this is for public reader . so if u guys wan know more , feel free to ask me personally , i'll TRY to answer u as i can)

23 December 2007
- went to KL with siuhong, chingyong , peiting n peichin
- went shopping with them from Petaling Street to Sg Wang and Pavilion
- went to TGI Fridays and got 2 free drinks . Ekekeke .. Prefer the strawberry drinks . Nicer .

the drinks and him ^.^

24th December 2007
had dinner with my so poh gang which consist of mei han , wai shin , lai kwan n jayne
- Plan A was suppose to be at 1u
- Walk around at 1u, then saw there is this Barney and Friends in half an hour time
- decided to watch Barney 1st before going to The Curve
- dance and sing along like kids nia . ish ish
- went to the curve . met chingyong n peiting there
- had dinner at Manhanttan Fish Market (the worst dinner i ever had)
- din manage to countdown cuz scare traffic jam, so left early

1st came Barney then BabyBop

Then, BJ the santa *heee*

25th December 2007
- went to pyramid
- walk around
- went to arcade , tot wana get ticket but a lot of people , so decided to book online for the next day
- saw powerpuff gals, mojojojo , dexter and his sis . but cant listen clearly wat they say
- had a walk in the park . saw fire too .. not sure wat is it . but everything is destroyed with the fireman and policeman there
- at night , went to kajang for dad's fren's christmas party . and the world is small enough that i met VernYen there ^.^

26th December 2007
- again to pyramid for movie with adelee and darling
- then we had dinner at TGI Fridays . thanks dar for the wonderful dinner
- suddenly emo . so, went home early

27th December 2007
- stayed at home
- then , dad decided to go for a movie at MidValley
- bought ticket for National Treasure . not bad . funny and adventorous
- also tried on some dress although dun really like it cuz i look FAT ! argh ...
- 24 hours missing him >.<

1st try and the 2nd try . like the red shirt more

then had this not so formal dress. or shouls i call it as a shirt ? then also tried on this pink dress. kinda like it but mama say i look fatter as compare to the black and the red dress.

28th December 2007
decided to go college to ask whether the admin could put me back into full time for the P2 but they say cannot worh . @#$#$%#$^@#$!
- went to Pyramid again . bought some things . LOVE IT !
- had lunch at the korean shop near the Pizza Hut
- we also tried on the fortune machine thing . ekekeke . and was arguing on "dominator" issue
- met lionel and adelee
- arcade again

He DOMINATES her =.=

The Pressie <3

Well , i know is a LITTLE too summarize . Ekekeke .. But i had mentioned most of the points there . ^.^

Year 2008 is just 2 days away. So, what will be your new year resolution ? I have not really think mine but for sure, I must pass all my papers in ACCA, slim down and not the least, enjoy my everyday to the fullest. More happiness and less sadness in all of us . ^.^

Friday, December 21, 2007

What U Think About Me ?

1) A big teddy bear !
2) A new bed !
3) New clothes !
4) Pass all my exam !
5) New high heel !

Teoh Yong We aka Shifu

1) skinny fella
2) playful
3) funny
4) hyperactive
5) nice

Thought me what is a parking ticket machine

Yo !

hmmm .. appreciate him , i guess

Poke him . wukkakakkaa

Skinnier than me =.=

1) Adelee Ho
2) TKJ
3) Honghong
4) Pei Chin
5) Pei Ting
6) Ching Yong
7) Munkey
8) William
9) Sui Yuan
10) Steven

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas ~!

Another christmas greeting from me before i think i'll stop blogging for a moment till the end of this holiday . Guess i'll be busy be then .. Heee .. Anyway, yesterday went to the Midvalley to get the feel of christmas . Well, it is really pack with human . And everywhere in the shopping complex, u can hear the christmas song playing . It's really sooooo xmas feel .

Ah sou even dare me to wear the xmas hat and walk around . So, i say i will and the dinner will be on her then . So i wore . Ekekeke ... Dad parked at The Garden , so we take a walk around there . Then , we were at the Baskin Robin and was looking at all the displays which look very interesting . So , mummy decided to order this Choco Fudge (something like dat) which cost RM39.90 with 20 types of small ice-cream with some fruits where u can deep into the black chocolate with nuts in it. I paid for it ... :D

It is so yummy ~~~~~~~~~ That's how i can define the tastiness of that set of ice-cream . Yummy !

Doesn't it look so yummy ?

Even i couldn't resist it . Auummmmm ~
Then , we headed to Midvalley after thinking The Garden feel abit quite with not much human around. When we walk into it . Wow ! So different feeling . It's really "people mountain people sea". Ekekeke ... Then , we went off taking pictures we all the decorations there . Due to slow upload of pictures and laziness of yean to wait, so there wun be any pics . Hehehehe ...

Then, there was this shop posting up the poster writing sale .. And now only i know what's the true meaning of sale .. Hahahahaha ...

Suddenly All Less Expensive

I therefore once again end here with the wishes of Merry Christmas to all ma reader .. ^.^

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Xmas Greeting

I know it's been quite some time since my last paper is over . But i am so in the lazy mood .. So, do forgive me for the laziness in blogging so often as well . Ekekeke .. I must rest gao gao before a new year new sem with tougher life in ACCA starts . I seriously need a break .

Anyway, what happen after exam until now is nothing much beside that I have bought myself a new laptop, Fujitsu after making all the survey with dad at low yat and having bro to ask around which is the better brand. Kinda like the screen which is so bright and striking I should say as compared to ma old IBM ThinkPad . Anyway, dun ask me to sell the old laptop at a loss to u .. Hahahah .. Cuz it's still usable so will be keeping it for family normal use.

Besides that, I think i am just spending at home with anime that Lionel has copied to me. Finished Death Note and now starting One Piece . But there goes again, my laziness attack me again. So, stop for awhile since i got ma new laptop and was playing with it till now. Oh ya .. I just bought it yesterday night :D

When I went to The Pavilion, it is decorated so nicely with all the xmas decoration and everything is in white. Looks like a white christmas in Pavilion. And my dad asked me a lame joke which sounded this way ...

Dad : What is the name of the Lion of this complex ?
Me : Huh ? Got lion theme some more oh ... Errrrrrr ... LEO !!!!
Dad : No
Me : hmmmmm ... P-A-V-I-lion ... PAVI !!!!!!
Dad : :D
Me : *speechless* rawr .. like that u oso can think -.-!

Carol singing is everywhere even outside the Low Yat, they have one BIG .. i mean real BIG group of Carol singing .. So christmas feel .. Thinking for a moment, xmas is just around the corner. Im not sure how this year im gonna celebrate my xmas. Hmmm ... And it makes me missing my darling more ... >.< Talking about my dardar .. He say he maybe able to come down earlier .. meaning before xmas and it means that i can celebrate with him .. Yay !!! Hope so hope so .. And 1 thing that's still in my mind is that i really hope my mummy could put a trust to me .. Oni dar knows.. So, i'll just keep it to myself n him .

In the Pavilion, there is this newly open shop named Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa. It's located near the Red Box Plus . It attracts me because it's the first time i hears about Fish Therapy . So, for u guys who also is the first time hears about this, i'll provide some info for u guys below. Enjoy ~~~

Fish Therapy

Following are some articles relevant to it ...

Also called Doctor Fish, Garra rufa is a specie of freshwater fish used for the treatment of skin conditions as well as provide therapeutical help. Found in the Northern & Central Middle East, this fish’s unique therapy of nibbling away dead & scaly skin was first discovered in a hot spring near Kangal in Turkey."

"Many people also believe that the Doctor Fish therapy can cure problems like psoriasis, a disease that causes red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. Hot spring spas in Turkey with such fish have been running for more than 100 years and some people with skin problems swear by the treatment. For example, with psoriasis, the fish lick away the plaque which causes red patches and release a small quantity of dithranol, an enzyme which results in skin rejuvenation. Dermatologists think that the fish therapy can provide only a short-term solution to some skin conditions. Dr Chris Foo, consultant dermatologist at Raffles Hospital, said: 'There is currently no 'cure' for psoriasis. Fish treatment may give short-term relief to some patients but not all patients will improve, depending on the severity of their conditions."

Thursday, December 6, 2007

C-O-L-D day

Has been raining since morning i guess . Around 9 something i think cuz im sure at 8 it's still not raining when i was woken up by phone call. Continue sleeping. The longer i sleep the colder it is realising it's raining. Non- stop raining until NOW !!! It's just like winter time. So cooooollllddd .

Now i dun even feel like studying. Just misses my bed so much . :(

Anyway, forcing myself to stick my butt onto the chair n input some info before i start yawning n looking at my bed instead.

Maybe i should take a bath to freshen myself. Yeah .. Cold weather + Cold water = Freeze !! :P

My mind just can't stop thinking whether i tick the no. of Q attempted at the front of the ans sheet >.
Was shopping around at The Pavilion last 2 weeks. Then, there was this fashion show going on. Took a few pics of the models. They really look like a "manikin"(did i spell wrongly?) when they stand still. Some more is ang mo leh. Their features so damn nice. Jealous jealous. And then there was a 2 cute kids in the fashion show. OMG !! They was cute especially the boy. :P

Not so clear though. I will try to post a clearer 1 after exam ya.. :)

Better get going. Take a bath and study study study . Ciaoz :)

~~Yean signing off ~~

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

1 Down 1 To Go

At last, Audit and Assurance has finally past. Stop thinking bout it anymore. And i do really hope i won't be seeing Ms Kiran anymore, i mean not as in seeing her in class teaching me again for resit. I got her bless before walking into the hall.

Well, it was a moderate paper to me, i think except for Q4 and 5 was kinda make me slow in progress. But still manage to crap some into it although not sure did i not out of topic. Hope so not. When the times end, I was checking for my front details. The invigilator was kinda quick and she just sort of "rampas" my paper. =.= Hope i did tick the questions. Roar !!!! Omitabha .. Praying hard now. :D

Oh ya.. Was doing a survey just now. By doing this survey, U got the chance to win tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland. So why not give a try. Anyway, it's free. So, click the following link and start doing the survey ya .. ^.^

Friday, November 23, 2007

Exam Docket

Not sure who's at fault .. The ACCA itself or the Pos Malaysia. All of ma friends has gotten their exam docket the latest also on Wednesday. But today is already Friday and I still have not gotten my docket.

According to ma loupo aka eileen, Ms Margaret went in to their class ytd regarding the exam docket. Eileen says that there's also a lot of ppl who din get their docket. So Ms Margaret ask them to print the duplicate online.

Tkj says a few not that many. Ekekeke ..

Anyway meaning to say Im not the only who have not receive yet. Arhhhhh ..

Docket oh docket where are you ~~~~

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to HongHong and Ah We We !!!!

Yay ! At last the most tiring EDC/EFC of F7 is finally over. Well anyway is not that tiring anyway as 3 days out of 5 days the class end so much more earlier than as expected due to lots of unexpected incidents. Also taking this opportunity wish that Ms Menon will stay healthy always and may her brother in law rest in peace.

Alright .. Let me blog bout the 2 birthday boys who has just passed. So sorry for this late post as u know lo ... Everyday class come back oso half dead...

First and foremost .. I'll post about honghong lo ... (Old to young mah) .. Ekkekeke ... Hmm .. Let me see .. Tan Siu Hong .....
  1. Knew him in year 2006 when we were in the same class in CAT but start to talk when we exchange msn during our LAN study
  2. Getting closer each day after chatting in MSN then to in class
  3. Love ss a lot that i think in a year he could take pictures reaching to 1000 pictures.. Or more ?? Hehehehe
  4. Got influenced by him to take pic
  5. Change from a Mr Specky to a Mr Handsome
  6. A super duper friendly guy
  7. Good in attire .. Very update to date .. ^.^
Well i think it will be a super long list if really wan me to list everything about him .. Ekeke .. To summarise it .. He's a Mr Nice and Friendly Guy .. To all the lengluis out there .. HE IS STILL SINGLE !!!!!!!!

Let me show u some pictures of dear honghong .. ^.^

The models to be .. Isn't he and she(kacy) a good model ? Who wana hire them ? Call me i'll intro them to u !! I wan charge some commision oso oh ..

Some pictures of us .....

Ahahaha .. The picture on the right side .. I know u(honghong) so gonna kill me if u sees it .. But dun care ! I wan post it ! Cuz u look so EVIL ! Ekekekeke

Presenting u TAN SIU HONG ! Dun bin zui lah .. Ady present u to all ma reader d ... *wink*

Next, I wana present my shifu aka Ah We We .. Hehehe .. Also a fun, friendly guy.. And also super active person ...

  1. Knew him also when we exchange msn during LAN class.. He n honghong was fren since secondary ..
  2. Super active guy
  3. Became my shifu dunno since when
  4. Kinda a quiet person if u DUNNO HIM WELL
  5. Joined Ice Hockey ..
  6. A guy that will cheer up ur day
  7. Super slim guy as well ..
As usual .. present u the pictures of ah wewe .. Realising that i did not take much pictures with shifu .. Hmm .. Next time must take more oh ...

Shifu n ChingYong showing off their dunno wat paper's marks
Shifu, me n tkj at redang

Just me and ah wewe
Hmm .. Taken in TGIF last year .. Trying to imitate the photo

Us again .. Love u ah wewe .. Thanks for walking into ma life and cheer up my days. Glad to have u ask ma shifu .. ^.^

Happy Belated Birthday Mr WEWE !!!!!

Once again Happy Belated Birthday to both of them .. U guys had give me lots of sweet memories this 2 years .. Really glad that i know u guys .. ^.^ Stay happy oh !!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Something missing

Somehow there's something missing in me. Maybe dar knows why or maybe nobody but god knows why.

Friday, November 9, 2007



Thursday, November 8, 2007

November Babies Celebration

7th November 2007
It is another memorable day for us(those who went) as this is the 2nd celebration for the 3 November babies (actually is 4 but sadly Joanna couldn't join us). So, the 3 are SiuHong, EiLeen and YongWe. This time we planned to celebrate the birthday in advance in KL as last year we celebrated at TGIF in The Curve.

Woke up at around 8 something, saw TKJ's sms asking whether wana go to Time Square earlier so that we can buy their presents. So, i agreed and get myself prepared but i missed the train when i reach the station. Need to wait the next train after 15 mins. Reached KL Central, met TKJ n the both of us headed straight to Time Square by monorail. Once there, we hunted for EiLeen's present which is the Doraemon. So cute neh .. Wished i had it. Ekekekkee .. After found the doraemon, then SiuHong's present. Can't decide what to get as the bottle doesn't cost much and needed to get something else. So, called PeiTing few times before deciding to get him a necklace. (Sad to say that the necklace actually spoilt when Honghong tried on it.. Gosh .. What a lousy necklace.. Sorry HongHong !!!!!!) When we are almost done, we met up with SiuHong and YongWe lu. After not long, the rest also has reached. They are Adelee, PeiTing, PeiChin, ChingYong, TattHoong, YiLian, WeeVen, EiLeen.

When all has reached, they then decided to go shopping at Sg Wang. So, there we go !! Shopping time !!!!!! I think the most excited the person would be SIUHONG. Ekekekek .. When we are there, 12 of us ended up break into 2 groups and walk around lo. After not long, SuiYuan called and say he reached TimeSquare and don't know how to go to Sg Wang. So, PeiTing and ChingYong went back there to bring SuiYuan and "shun bian" buy for YongWe's present.

We actually walk until around 2pm before having our lunch at The Esquire Kitchen. Celebrate their birthdays there too. The normal laughing and talking while waiting for the foods come. PeiChin only ate abit and keep looking at the main entrance. Ahahaha .. Then SengKee reached, zooooooommmmmm.... PeiChin has lost sight of us and went pak tor d. Ish Ish.... So, without PeiChin n SengKee we celebrated the 3 VIPs birthday.

If u realise ... It is written as HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL... Written by ChinYong .. *no comment*

Happy Birthday !!!!!!! And the usual Cake Smashing Ceremony. Nyek ...

The girls and the gang who never stop bring u laughter no matter where u r .. ^.^
(OMG .. im so fat =.=)

After lunch, they planned to visit the new shopping complex .. The Pavilion. Heard is a high class shopping complex. On our way to there, me, siuhong, eileen, yilian actually tried the "dunno wat 3D spaceship". It's something like the motion master in Genting but not really that "chi gek" la. But damn funny looking at eileen n yilian shouted. Me n siuhong can't stop laughing nia. Both of us end up look at both of them shouting more than watching the screen. =.=! Anyway, really enjoy eileen's scream. :D

Saw the Christmas tree on the way to Pavilion. And hong wanted to take the tree with the LV shop as well .. Ahahaha ..

Hmmm .. Did i mention u yesterday someone wore high heels? Yeah ... Miss Adelee kinda "kee hiau" yesterday. :D She wore high heels to shopping. If u can wear whole day .. I pui fuk lei lah .. But dun think so lu.. When we are at The Pavilion, she was so in pain that she actually ended up taking out the heels and walk with bear foots in The Pavilion. Ahahaha .. That's my Adelee.. *salute*

And now .... I present u a cute and leng zhai that me n adelee met yesterday. He's so damn cute n funny.. Me n adelee actually laugh through out the conversation with him=.= And im not sure how many pictures has Adelee took n how long we asked him to take picture..

Keep on asking him to show face and that is the poses he show without revealing his whole face.. Ish ish ..

At last ! At last !!! He is willing to reveal his face !!! Ekekekeke ... Isn't he's cute. Some more got dimple 1 neh ... Anyway, thanks for the "chococlate milk" oh ...

Last but not least ... Happy Birthday in Advance to SiuHong, YongWe and Eileen.. ^.^