Wednesday, December 5, 2007

1 Down 1 To Go

At last, Audit and Assurance has finally past. Stop thinking bout it anymore. And i do really hope i won't be seeing Ms Kiran anymore, i mean not as in seeing her in class teaching me again for resit. I got her bless before walking into the hall.

Well, it was a moderate paper to me, i think except for Q4 and 5 was kinda make me slow in progress. But still manage to crap some into it although not sure did i not out of topic. Hope so not. When the times end, I was checking for my front details. The invigilator was kinda quick and she just sort of "rampas" my paper. =.= Hope i did tick the questions. Roar !!!! Omitabha .. Praying hard now. :D

Oh ya.. Was doing a survey just now. By doing this survey, U got the chance to win tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland. So why not give a try. Anyway, it's free. So, click the following link and start doing the survey ya .. ^.^

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