Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas ~!

Another christmas greeting from me before i think i'll stop blogging for a moment till the end of this holiday . Guess i'll be busy be then .. Heee .. Anyway, yesterday went to the Midvalley to get the feel of christmas . Well, it is really pack with human . And everywhere in the shopping complex, u can hear the christmas song playing . It's really sooooo xmas feel .

Ah sou even dare me to wear the xmas hat and walk around . So, i say i will and the dinner will be on her then . So i wore . Ekekeke ... Dad parked at The Garden , so we take a walk around there . Then , we were at the Baskin Robin and was looking at all the displays which look very interesting . So , mummy decided to order this Choco Fudge (something like dat) which cost RM39.90 with 20 types of small ice-cream with some fruits where u can deep into the black chocolate with nuts in it. I paid for it ... :D

It is so yummy ~~~~~~~~~ That's how i can define the tastiness of that set of ice-cream . Yummy !

Doesn't it look so yummy ?

Even i couldn't resist it . Auummmmm ~
Then , we headed to Midvalley after thinking The Garden feel abit quite with not much human around. When we walk into it . Wow ! So different feeling . It's really "people mountain people sea". Ekekeke ... Then , we went off taking pictures we all the decorations there . Due to slow upload of pictures and laziness of yean to wait, so there wun be any pics . Hehehehe ...

Then, there was this shop posting up the poster writing sale .. And now only i know what's the true meaning of sale .. Hahahahaha ...

Suddenly All Less Expensive

I therefore once again end here with the wishes of Merry Christmas to all ma reader .. ^.^

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