Thursday, December 6, 2007

C-O-L-D day

Has been raining since morning i guess . Around 9 something i think cuz im sure at 8 it's still not raining when i was woken up by phone call. Continue sleeping. The longer i sleep the colder it is realising it's raining. Non- stop raining until NOW !!! It's just like winter time. So cooooollllddd .

Now i dun even feel like studying. Just misses my bed so much . :(

Anyway, forcing myself to stick my butt onto the chair n input some info before i start yawning n looking at my bed instead.

Maybe i should take a bath to freshen myself. Yeah .. Cold weather + Cold water = Freeze !! :P

My mind just can't stop thinking whether i tick the no. of Q attempted at the front of the ans sheet >.
Was shopping around at The Pavilion last 2 weeks. Then, there was this fashion show going on. Took a few pics of the models. They really look like a "manikin"(did i spell wrongly?) when they stand still. Some more is ang mo leh. Their features so damn nice. Jealous jealous. And then there was a 2 cute kids in the fashion show. OMG !! They was cute especially the boy. :P

Not so clear though. I will try to post a clearer 1 after exam ya.. :)

Better get going. Take a bath and study study study . Ciaoz :)

~~Yean signing off ~~

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