Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Holiday

At last !!! Im back to the blogging world !!! Ekekeke .. Let me summarize what happen for a week ago . ^.^ (sorry if it's too summarise for u guys cuz sometimes it's better to keep it to our own n somehow this is for public reader . so if u guys wan know more , feel free to ask me personally , i'll TRY to answer u as i can)

23 December 2007
- went to KL with siuhong, chingyong , peiting n peichin
- went shopping with them from Petaling Street to Sg Wang and Pavilion
- went to TGI Fridays and got 2 free drinks . Ekekeke .. Prefer the strawberry drinks . Nicer .

the drinks and him ^.^

24th December 2007
had dinner with my so poh gang which consist of mei han , wai shin , lai kwan n jayne
- Plan A was suppose to be at 1u
- Walk around at 1u, then saw there is this Barney and Friends in half an hour time
- decided to watch Barney 1st before going to The Curve
- dance and sing along like kids nia . ish ish
- went to the curve . met chingyong n peiting there
- had dinner at Manhanttan Fish Market (the worst dinner i ever had)
- din manage to countdown cuz scare traffic jam, so left early

1st came Barney then BabyBop

Then, BJ the santa *heee*

25th December 2007
- went to pyramid
- walk around
- went to arcade , tot wana get ticket but a lot of people , so decided to book online for the next day
- saw powerpuff gals, mojojojo , dexter and his sis . but cant listen clearly wat they say
- had a walk in the park . saw fire too .. not sure wat is it . but everything is destroyed with the fireman and policeman there
- at night , went to kajang for dad's fren's christmas party . and the world is small enough that i met VernYen there ^.^

26th December 2007
- again to pyramid for movie with adelee and darling
- then we had dinner at TGI Fridays . thanks dar for the wonderful dinner
- suddenly emo . so, went home early

27th December 2007
- stayed at home
- then , dad decided to go for a movie at MidValley
- bought ticket for National Treasure . not bad . funny and adventorous
- also tried on some dress although dun really like it cuz i look FAT ! argh ...
- 24 hours missing him >.<

1st try and the 2nd try . like the red shirt more

then had this not so formal dress. or shouls i call it as a shirt ? then also tried on this pink dress. kinda like it but mama say i look fatter as compare to the black and the red dress.

28th December 2007
decided to go college to ask whether the admin could put me back into full time for the P2 but they say cannot worh . @#$#$%#$^@#$!
- went to Pyramid again . bought some things . LOVE IT !
- had lunch at the korean shop near the Pizza Hut
- we also tried on the fortune machine thing . ekekeke . and was arguing on "dominator" issue
- met lionel and adelee
- arcade again

He DOMINATES her =.=

The Pressie <3

Well , i know is a LITTLE too summarize . Ekekeke .. But i had mentioned most of the points there . ^.^

Year 2008 is just 2 days away. So, what will be your new year resolution ? I have not really think mine but for sure, I must pass all my papers in ACCA, slim down and not the least, enjoy my everyday to the fullest. More happiness and less sadness in all of us . ^.^

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