Sunday, December 16, 2007

Xmas Greeting

I know it's been quite some time since my last paper is over . But i am so in the lazy mood .. So, do forgive me for the laziness in blogging so often as well . Ekekeke .. I must rest gao gao before a new year new sem with tougher life in ACCA starts . I seriously need a break .

Anyway, what happen after exam until now is nothing much beside that I have bought myself a new laptop, Fujitsu after making all the survey with dad at low yat and having bro to ask around which is the better brand. Kinda like the screen which is so bright and striking I should say as compared to ma old IBM ThinkPad . Anyway, dun ask me to sell the old laptop at a loss to u .. Hahahah .. Cuz it's still usable so will be keeping it for family normal use.

Besides that, I think i am just spending at home with anime that Lionel has copied to me. Finished Death Note and now starting One Piece . But there goes again, my laziness attack me again. So, stop for awhile since i got ma new laptop and was playing with it till now. Oh ya .. I just bought it yesterday night :D

When I went to The Pavilion, it is decorated so nicely with all the xmas decoration and everything is in white. Looks like a white christmas in Pavilion. And my dad asked me a lame joke which sounded this way ...

Dad : What is the name of the Lion of this complex ?
Me : Huh ? Got lion theme some more oh ... Errrrrrr ... LEO !!!!
Dad : No
Me : hmmmmm ... P-A-V-I-lion ... PAVI !!!!!!
Dad : :D
Me : *speechless* rawr .. like that u oso can think -.-!

Carol singing is everywhere even outside the Low Yat, they have one BIG .. i mean real BIG group of Carol singing .. So christmas feel .. Thinking for a moment, xmas is just around the corner. Im not sure how this year im gonna celebrate my xmas. Hmmm ... And it makes me missing my darling more ... >.< Talking about my dardar .. He say he maybe able to come down earlier .. meaning before xmas and it means that i can celebrate with him .. Yay !!! Hope so hope so .. And 1 thing that's still in my mind is that i really hope my mummy could put a trust to me .. Oni dar knows.. So, i'll just keep it to myself n him .

In the Pavilion, there is this newly open shop named Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa. It's located near the Red Box Plus . It attracts me because it's the first time i hears about Fish Therapy . So, for u guys who also is the first time hears about this, i'll provide some info for u guys below. Enjoy ~~~

Fish Therapy

Following are some articles relevant to it ...

Also called Doctor Fish, Garra rufa is a specie of freshwater fish used for the treatment of skin conditions as well as provide therapeutical help. Found in the Northern & Central Middle East, this fish’s unique therapy of nibbling away dead & scaly skin was first discovered in a hot spring near Kangal in Turkey."

"Many people also believe that the Doctor Fish therapy can cure problems like psoriasis, a disease that causes red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. Hot spring spas in Turkey with such fish have been running for more than 100 years and some people with skin problems swear by the treatment. For example, with psoriasis, the fish lick away the plaque which causes red patches and release a small quantity of dithranol, an enzyme which results in skin rejuvenation. Dermatologists think that the fish therapy can provide only a short-term solution to some skin conditions. Dr Chris Foo, consultant dermatologist at Raffles Hospital, said: 'There is currently no 'cure' for psoriasis. Fish treatment may give short-term relief to some patients but not all patients will improve, depending on the severity of their conditions."

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