Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Celebration

24 December 2006

Well well .. it is christmas eve on this date as every1 know .. Some or i shuld say most of us would have plan where go somewhere to celebrate to countdown .. As for me .. does now know wat to do , so asked soh poh shin whether wana go for a movie .. Then , sms-ed the others who r , han , kwan , kk n wei da .. All of them said OK except for that broken hand wei da .. =.= Sau that he is going for a BBQ at his fren's house .. So , 5 of us .. 4 gals n a guy .. KK decided to join us rather than his primary skul frens in the morning by sms-ing me .. So , there we go .. Me driving fetching shin , kk , han then lastly kwan n head to The Curve .. We went there around 3 something almost 4 n is a heavy traffic jam just around The Curve .. =.= So , asked KK , Han n Kwan to go down n see can get any movie tickets or not .. While me n shin search for parking .. thank god once we get into the carpark , i saw an empty space is just beside the entrance ... Wohoo ~!! XD

At the cineplex , met my ah lui , Adelee .. Miss her neh .. So long din c her d >.<>

Around 11pm , ikano seems to closing , so walk balk to The Curve .. n we decided to go back Kepong for yum cha cuz there seems to have no countdown .. But is really crowded with ppl neh .. So , drive back lu .. But then han n shin need to go back d .. So , left me , KK , n Kwan .. 3 of us went to Spicy n have a small chit-chat till arounf 12.30am .. >.<>

25 Dec 2006

Woke up late as slept around 3am .. Then , do nothing other than watch tv .. Suddenly house phone rang and is Han calling me asking me want to go her house as she's fetching kk to her house to repair her com .. So i just said yes cuz i've got nthg to do .. So sian .. So , went her house see kk repair com .. Did learn something lah .. As im a pc noob =.= Roughly that's how i spent my christmas dis year .. =.= Haih .. Anyway , is not a bad christmas though .. Just that is like no feel of Christmas .. >.<

27 Dec 2006
Movie Marathon ..

As the title mentioned , is the movie marathon .. Watched 2 movies(wised man never dies & Confession of Pain) in a day with just a half an hour break in between =.= Went to 1u with kk , han , kin meng , wei hoong (our daddy) . Kin Meng n Wei Hoong is my secondary school classmate .. So long din c them d lor .. Is like almost a year i think .. Leng zhai d worr .. hahaha .. Really geh .. Oh ya , y i say wei hoong is our daddy ? let me tell a bit here .. Cuz he is our monitor class since form 4 n form 5 .. Plus he is the eldest in the class .. Got daddy sure got mummy de mar .. Our mummy is our assistant monitor lor .. However cant really rmb how the daddy n mummy thingy started .. Hahaha .. But our daddy really take care of us .. Still rmb there's lots of incident where his children did something wrong that either cause the teacher angry or cause us get detention , but daddy will always stand at the front n protect us .. Well .. Dis sentence may not be direct but wei hoong really is such a nice person .. He is a very responsible person who always protect the name of 5S .. XD Miss u daddy ~!!

1 Jan 2007
Happy New Year ..

As i will not be here .. So , im here to wish u all a very happy new year ~! Love u guys ..

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*Snap Snap*
Some photos i ss-ed during at Stiawan n SP trip .. XD

<-- : Me who just trim my hair
--> : oh gosh ~! Daddy is pregnant ~! N mummy seems to got frighten ~! >.<

<-- : the old me
--> : the pig me

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Last Week

Well well .. I think it's been quite some time i din blog lu since last mon night ... Cuz on wed , me n daddy n mummy went back to both side of grandma's house (both side mean dad's side n mum's side of grandma house) .. So , on wed morning around 11am , we depart to dad's side grandma house which is in Stiawan , Perak .. Reach there around evening d as daddy drove although he's not feeling well .. Then , do nothing much la .. Just watch tv , cut hair with mummy in the next day .. Nothing much to do oso .. Bought some CNY clothes XD .. Then , the next day(thurs) evening , straight head to north to Sg Petani , Kedah where mummy punya kampung lu .. Wana rush to there as mummy wana "guo dong" there mah .. So , din stay long at Stiawan lu .. In SP , oso din do much .. tv tv tv n tv .. Ish .. For few days din online d lerr .. Wuwuwu .. Miss my laptop for tat last few days ..

Back to KL on sat evening .. Yeah ~!! Happy cuz i miss my bed n laptop so muchie ~!! Muah .. I love u laptop n beddie .. Reach home oni fast fast run up to my room n on com d lor .. Ekeke .. But not much ppl online cuz most of them went gai gai d lu .. Haih .. But so my lui lui , Adelee .. Ekekeke .. Miss her so much neh .. Go Thailand so long dam dai me alone here .. Ish .. I wan sao sun ah ~!! XD

Roughly dis is wat happen during the time i MIA (missing in action) for the last few days where u guys dun c -Ye@n- has just sign in in msn .. Ekekekeke .. Did ss geh .. but now lazy upload the pics .. So , i'll post it next day together with the post on how i celebrate my xmas lu .. Ekekeke .. Do look forward for my next post oh .. cuz did something crazy on xmas eve which is not really crazy la .. Is nothing better to do .. >.<

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Untitled is the title for day .. Why ? Cuz there's no why .. The feeling i have now is .. undescribeable .. Really dun know how to say la .. But mayb after reading what going on today .. Hope more or less u guys understand lah ..

In the morning , around 9.30am , went to fetch Han n Kwan to my house while waiting Shin who's in the school for her project .. Cari serangga =.= She reach my house at around 10 something .. Then , headed to Wei Da's house to visit him with me driving .. Reach his house 11am .. Called him ..

*conversation in cantonese*
Me : Wat u doing ? Open door la ..
WDa : Harr ?? What ?
Me : Open door ah .. We outside ur house la ..
WDa : HARRRR !!! Aiyo .. I was woked by ur phone la .. I sleeping larr
Me : =.=! I tot we say wan come VISIT u at 11am ..
WDa : Ya meh .. Ok ok .. Wait a while ah .. I just wake up

Ish .. dat fella ah .. Tell him going to visit him at 11am but still sleeping .. Oh ya .. I forgot to mention why visit him hor .. Reason for visiting him is .. Cuz he broke his hand .. Not really his hand lah .. His shoulder part .. The bone broke .. Serious neh .. Went on an operation .. Why become like dat ? His fren who just got license for 5 months drove to Genting at the middle of nite .. Then , went coming down from Genting , his fren speed n not enuf time to break while go thru 2 humps n a turning .. So , end up the car *turn side way*(dun know how to express) n Da scratch his shoulder (geseran) all the way thru lor .. He must thank god that the car does not feel into the hill larr .. >.<

Anyway .. chat a while , then KK came lor .. So , we said bye to Da as he cannot go with us mah .. Must rest cukup cukup de .. The 3 gals of us + a guy went to mamak for lunch before heading to Redbox at The Curve .. Sang from 3pm to 5pm .. Not much interesting part to mention here ..

But .. half way singing .. Received a sms .. was from a best fren of mine .. A fren who i hang out since form 1 till form 4 when both of us are in diff class n are busy with own society .. I was surprised to got her sms cuz it's like been almost a year we din keep in touch d .. n the sms sounded something like dis ..

"Yean jie .. Are u free now ? I got something to tell u .. But promise u wun get angry "

Im curious with the msg .. So , replied saying im free lor .. Waited impatiently but no reply .. So decided to call her .. Then , she say she dun know how to express in words so she ask me to wait for her sms .. So , wait wait wait wait .. At last .. she sms-ed .. And i really got shocked ~!!! I can tell u the feeling is like soooooooooo hard to breath .. I really dunno i shuld tell wat really happen cuz is her privacy mah .. I really dun know i shuld b happy with it or sad .. Anyway , if she's reading my blog i just wana tell her dat .. Im always here no matter what supporting u .. I care for u , gal .. N do pls pls take care ya ..

Anyway , after that , Shin who also know bout it , went to visit her at night .. Just to understand the whole situation lor .. Haih ..

Received the sms at around 6pm and now is like almost 1am .. But why i do keep thinking about it .. Do i feel uneasy or what ? I really don't know .. >.<

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ulu Yam Waterfall ..

Today is Sunday .. Nthg much i can do .. Play game till 4am ytd and woke up at 10am i guess .. Watch animax while eating my breakfast .. Then .. ermm .. walk here n there .. Online but nobody online except saw wewe , honghong then some other frens lu ..Had lunch , online again , slept for half an hour then mummy wake me up ..

Mummy : Wake up lor .. 3.30 d .. Let's go waterfall play ..
Me : *open 1 eye* huh ? waterfall .. yay ~!! *jump out of the bed*

Then , wake up .. Get 1 set of clothes then go gor gor's room ,

Me : Go waterfall lu ...
Bro Gf : Now ah ? Yay ! Go waterfall !! (doesn't sound like age 27 oso =.=)

So , daddy mummy jie jie n me went to ulu yam waterfall lor .. When reached there , is like dat .. Wah lau .. Pack of ppl oni -.- But luckily still got places for us to rest .. So , put down the things .. Then , straight into the water ~!!! Wohooo ~!! The water so cold n nice neh .. So long din play water d lah .. Since like .. Ermmm .. I think since went to sunway lagoon with adelee .. I guess dat's the last time i jump into water ..

From 4pm play till around 6 i guess .. Then had a drink n bread that we brought .. Nice nice .. Then ah , me n mummy wana go change clothes in the toilet .. When we walk in the MOST CLEAN TOILET .. u know wat i meant for the big capital .. the toilet is SO SO SO SO DIRTY ... ~!! Ewwww ... Gross .. So , fast fast change then run ~~ .. Then , go home lu .. Dinner , watch tv then online again =.=

-- Pictures --

Left : See who's playing on the bridge .. >.<
Right : Daddy n Mummy

Waterfall ~~ Cooolllddd ~~

SS Queen is here ~!!

Mummy n Me *peace*

Daddy sick .. Cannot play water .. So must guai guai read book

The notti gal .. My ah sou .. XD

Cold water neh ... Nice~~~

Friday, December 15, 2006

Pictures of Genting XD

Genting Trip (continuation from TKJ's blog)

Wohoo ~!! At last the exam is over .. wohoo ~!! Happy nya .. Anyway , to be short on wat we did right after the last day's exam , yoyo gang went to sunway pyramid for dinner lu .. Nthg much on dat .. Can refer to Siu Hong's blog for the details .. XD

Then , the next day yoyo gang minus eileen n joanna plus wee ven n pei ting went to Genting lu .. Havent recharge fully from the exam ady go Genting .. Hahaha .. So , me n william took ktm to kl central n meet with others lor .. Reach there about 9am but the bus is at 10am .. So , sat at the KLIA waiting area n ss-ing again =.= yoyo gang will never miss out the SS .. Hahaha .. Go where oso must ss 1 .. Then , reach Genting around 12 after riding the cable car .. Check in n had bread as lunch as thinking dowana have heavy lunch cuz wan play mah .. Later vomit how .. Hehehe .. After checking in , tot wana go outdoor .. Mana tau raining =.= So , lepak at the bowling centre for a game lu .. Wohoo .. I win chingyong lerr .. Kakakaka .. CHINGYONG , I WIN U ~!! XD Then go outdoor play lu .. For detail on wat we did in outdoor , u can refer to tkj aka Christine's blog .. She wrote as "Genting - Part 1" .

Do read her blog 1st before continuing reading mine .. Cuz i'll b writing on Part 2 XD

So , after bungkus KFC , we went back to hotel room to eat cuz the KFC is full with human oni =.= After eating , watch tv a while , some went for a bath n some just laying around chat lu .. (for gals part oni.. dunno wat the guys did in their room) .. Anyway , around 12 something , all of us getting ready to CLUBBING !! wohoo ~!! So , called up the guys but no one picked up .. So , the 5 gals went 1st lu .. Waited them at the pub named "Jungle Pub" something like dat lah .. ss again while waiting .. Hahaha .. Then , around 1am oni the guys came .. Y so slow ?? Cuz they wan help chingyong to do the hair .. So nice .. Hahaha .. ( Pics later)

Clubbin clubbin .. Wow .. all of us 1st time neh .. So nice .. 8 of us went in except william who stay outside .. Plus is ladies night .. So is free for the ladies n oni the guys need to pay lu .. Then , tkj n peiting just sat there as they dowan dance .. The rest of us went to dance floor n dance .. Wohoo ~!! Really can make u high .. Adelee ~!! Let's go learn dancing lu .. So jealous la .. See those ppl can dance so pro >.< Then around 3am , the pub close lu .. So every1 go back to room n take bath cuz of the smoke smell .. Then , all of us (gals oni) fell asleep while tingting n wewe go pak tor till later oni came back .. Hahaha .. Cute couple ..

Next day ....
Woke up around 8am cuz itu tkj walk here walk there .. Hahaha .. Plus , being a sandwich between adelee n ting ting .. So , wake up la .. Then me n tkj have mee in cup as both of us hungry d .. Then , had a gals talk .. Muahaha .. Around 10 after weeven woke up , the 4 gals except tingting went for breakfast .. Yerr .. the food like super cold la .. Then , just ta pao some "pao" for the guys lu .. Hehehe .. Then , around 11 something , we check out .. Since we got nothing to do , the guys suggested to have a game of pool .. So , went lu .. Hahaha .. OK .. this time , the guys won ..

After that , we decided to walk on our own rather than walk in a gang since nthg to do marr .. So , the 4 gals went to bough the fruits chocolate fountain .. Wah lau eh .. Guess how much it cost .. rm4 for the fruits n rm4 for the choc =.= i can buy the fruits for rm1 here in kl lor .. Hahah .. Then , after finishing the fruits , there's like plenty of choco left .. So , not to waste , we pour into Adelee's bottle .. Adelee .. Must drink all oh .. Kakaka ..

Around 2 , we meet up n ready to go home .. Took cable car then bus then ktm n there U r .. home sweet home .. It is a fun , crazy , happy , sweet memory .. How can i ever forget .. The fun with yoyo gang .. I love going out with u guys ..


PS : Pictures will b in the next blog .. XD

Saturday, December 2, 2006

me ? ss ? omg !

read the title ? yeah .. me addicted to ss d .. some may not know wat is ss .. well ss mean syok sendiri in malay .. in english .. dun really know how to explain .. shuld i say ss is something u do or speak that has no meaning or just for the sake of satisfying or urself ? dun really know lerr .. sorry .. frens out there .. if u know how to explain .. pls do leave a comment ..

anyway , back to the topic .. me ? ss ? wah lau eh .. a gal who dun like to take pic last time now love camera so much ~! muacks .. i love u camera ~! wakakakaka .. mayb i shuld thnz to honghong my lou gong lor .. if not becuz of him the ss king i oso wun ss so much lor .. hahaha ..
PS . honghong .. do feel proud .. kakaka ..

so .. ladies n gentleman ..

-- Picture of the Day --
*wondering* im wondering where r u~~

yeanyean : shhh .. i wan study lerr .. >.<