Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Untitled is the title for day .. Why ? Cuz there's no why .. The feeling i have now is .. undescribeable .. Really dun know how to say la .. But mayb after reading what going on today .. Hope more or less u guys understand lah ..

In the morning , around 9.30am , went to fetch Han n Kwan to my house while waiting Shin who's in the school for her project .. Cari serangga =.= She reach my house at around 10 something .. Then , headed to Wei Da's house to visit him with me driving .. Reach his house 11am .. Called him ..

*conversation in cantonese*
Me : Wat u doing ? Open door la ..
WDa : Harr ?? What ?
Me : Open door ah .. We outside ur house la ..
WDa : HARRRR !!! Aiyo .. I was woked by ur phone la .. I sleeping larr
Me : =.=! I tot we say wan come VISIT u at 11am ..
WDa : Ya meh .. Ok ok .. Wait a while ah .. I just wake up

Ish .. dat fella ah .. Tell him going to visit him at 11am but still sleeping .. Oh ya .. I forgot to mention why visit him hor .. Reason for visiting him is .. Cuz he broke his hand .. Not really his hand lah .. His shoulder part .. The bone broke .. Serious neh .. Went on an operation .. Why become like dat ? His fren who just got license for 5 months drove to Genting at the middle of nite .. Then , went coming down from Genting , his fren speed n not enuf time to break while go thru 2 humps n a turning .. So , end up the car *turn side way*(dun know how to express) n Da scratch his shoulder (geseran) all the way thru lor .. He must thank god that the car does not feel into the hill larr .. >.<

Anyway .. chat a while , then KK came lor .. So , we said bye to Da as he cannot go with us mah .. Must rest cukup cukup de .. The 3 gals of us + a guy went to mamak for lunch before heading to Redbox at The Curve .. Sang from 3pm to 5pm .. Not much interesting part to mention here ..

But .. half way singing .. Received a sms .. was from a best fren of mine .. A fren who i hang out since form 1 till form 4 when both of us are in diff class n are busy with own society .. I was surprised to got her sms cuz it's like been almost a year we din keep in touch d .. n the sms sounded something like dis ..

"Yean jie .. Are u free now ? I got something to tell u .. But promise u wun get angry "

Im curious with the msg .. So , replied saying im free lor .. Waited impatiently but no reply .. So decided to call her .. Then , she say she dun know how to express in words so she ask me to wait for her sms .. So , wait wait wait wait .. At last .. she sms-ed .. And i really got shocked ~!!! I can tell u the feeling is like soooooooooo hard to breath .. I really dunno i shuld tell wat really happen cuz is her privacy mah .. I really dun know i shuld b happy with it or sad .. Anyway , if she's reading my blog i just wana tell her dat .. Im always here no matter what supporting u .. I care for u , gal .. N do pls pls take care ya ..

Anyway , after that , Shin who also know bout it , went to visit her at night .. Just to understand the whole situation lor .. Haih ..

Received the sms at around 6pm and now is like almost 1am .. But why i do keep thinking about it .. Do i feel uneasy or what ? I really don't know .. >.<

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