Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Celebration

24 December 2006

Well well .. it is christmas eve on this date as every1 know .. Some or i shuld say most of us would have plan where go somewhere to celebrate to countdown .. As for me .. does now know wat to do , so asked soh poh shin whether wana go for a movie .. Then , sms-ed the others who r , han , kwan , kk n wei da .. All of them said OK except for that broken hand wei da .. =.= Sau that he is going for a BBQ at his fren's house .. So , 5 of us .. 4 gals n a guy .. KK decided to join us rather than his primary skul frens in the morning by sms-ing me .. So , there we go .. Me driving fetching shin , kk , han then lastly kwan n head to The Curve .. We went there around 3 something almost 4 n is a heavy traffic jam just around The Curve .. =.= So , asked KK , Han n Kwan to go down n see can get any movie tickets or not .. While me n shin search for parking .. thank god once we get into the carpark , i saw an empty space is just beside the entrance ... Wohoo ~!! XD

At the cineplex , met my ah lui , Adelee .. Miss her neh .. So long din c her d >.<>

Around 11pm , ikano seems to closing , so walk balk to The Curve .. n we decided to go back Kepong for yum cha cuz there seems to have no countdown .. But is really crowded with ppl neh .. So , drive back lu .. But then han n shin need to go back d .. So , left me , KK , n Kwan .. 3 of us went to Spicy n have a small chit-chat till arounf 12.30am .. >.<>

25 Dec 2006

Woke up late as slept around 3am .. Then , do nothing other than watch tv .. Suddenly house phone rang and is Han calling me asking me want to go her house as she's fetching kk to her house to repair her com .. So i just said yes cuz i've got nthg to do .. So sian .. So , went her house see kk repair com .. Did learn something lah .. As im a pc noob =.= Roughly that's how i spent my christmas dis year .. =.= Haih .. Anyway , is not a bad christmas though .. Just that is like no feel of Christmas .. >.<

27 Dec 2006
Movie Marathon ..

As the title mentioned , is the movie marathon .. Watched 2 movies(wised man never dies & Confession of Pain) in a day with just a half an hour break in between =.= Went to 1u with kk , han , kin meng , wei hoong (our daddy) . Kin Meng n Wei Hoong is my secondary school classmate .. So long din c them d lor .. Is like almost a year i think .. Leng zhai d worr .. hahaha .. Really geh .. Oh ya , y i say wei hoong is our daddy ? let me tell a bit here .. Cuz he is our monitor class since form 4 n form 5 .. Plus he is the eldest in the class .. Got daddy sure got mummy de mar .. Our mummy is our assistant monitor lor .. However cant really rmb how the daddy n mummy thingy started .. Hahaha .. But our daddy really take care of us .. Still rmb there's lots of incident where his children did something wrong that either cause the teacher angry or cause us get detention , but daddy will always stand at the front n protect us .. Well .. Dis sentence may not be direct but wei hoong really is such a nice person .. He is a very responsible person who always protect the name of 5S .. XD Miss u daddy ~!!

1 Jan 2007
Happy New Year ..

As i will not be here .. So , im here to wish u all a very happy new year ~! Love u guys ..

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*Snap Snap*
Some photos i ss-ed during at Stiawan n SP trip .. XD

<-- : Me who just trim my hair
--> : oh gosh ~! Daddy is pregnant ~! N mummy seems to got frighten ~! >.<

<-- : the old me
--> : the pig me

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