Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good Luck in Exam

ahaha . today im so blur . blur until i clicked "pick new" in the template settings -.- when i realise that .. all my html has gone including all the spams that u guys spammed in ma tagboard . heeee .. so , re do . too bad cant found the skin i was using . n saw this . i kinda like it . simple n nice . so , i chose this . n did some editing n it actually took me almost whole afternoon just to get the "comment" thing done =.=

oh my god lah .. dis month , 2 weeks has passed n there is about 2 weeks or i shuld say less than that to my finals . geez . n i have not done much studying . even chingyong a day oso got study at least 2 hours lerh . wuwuwuwu . im feeling guilty now . geez . i really gonna put more enough . N dis time I REALLY MEAN IT . *hope it does . heeee .*

so .. to ma dear readers .. for about 1 month , u will rarely see me update my blog .. (although previously ive been RARELY updating . wakakakak) .

Last but not least .
Yean is here wishing all her frens who is taking ACCA exam dis june or any1 who is sitting for any exams dis 2 months ...


do hope for me 2 ya . ^^

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fei Zhai n Soh Poh Han Birthday

1st n for most .. i wana say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to FAT SI LAI aka STEVEN as well as my lovely soh poh aka MEI HAN . hehehe . well well . how we celebrate wyn yan's birthday ? as usual lor , went to karaoke . n this time they decided to change place . to NEWAY at 1U . i still think let the pictures tell how we felt , how happy we r , how gila we e .. ekekeke . cuz is really FUN FUN FUN lu .. ehehehe . if some of u all still wan some words / story .. just link it to Pei Ting aka POPO TING to read story lu . hehehehe . i'll prefer pics . so .. here u r , some randomly pick pics cuz is really too much pics d .

1 : ting n sui yuan .. sing like them ~
2 : fuiyo . see how pei li sing .. so got "ji sai" (in canton)
3 : yean sing , chin smile , ting bz choosing song nia =.=


ching yong : oi ! let us in ! "help help"
1 : hong - sing la sing la , yean - i dun wan ~~
2 : yean - ok la .. i sing la :D , hong - ceh . now oni wan sing . blek .
3 : yean - dun angry la . i cheng u eat ice cream , hong - ok ok .
1 : yean + adelee - woooooo . got wat ?
2 : ting - i oso wan see ~! wat wat ?
1 : yean with the cute poser , ching yong
2 : chinchin n yean ..
1: hong*yean*we
2: dis is my shi fu , we
hong : since they still bz posing . i ss 1st . muahahaha .
1 : the gurls - chin , ting , adelee , yean
2 : the boys - sendiri tengok got who . wukakaka
1 : the happy family + future accountans whom have never ending fun
2 : those who went Neway . *peace* ^.^v
1 : the boys . yes u r !
2 : the gurls with the bday boy .

Friday, May 18, 2007





Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Mummy Day ..

sushi -- tepanyaki

sushi -- sushi

the never ending ss ~

oh my god lah .. im really getting lazy in blogging =.= pai seh lerh to all my fren especially to TING TING . ahaha . cuz i know if i dun update she sure will scold me again . wuwuwuw . kelian de me . ekekek .

anyway , today is the last day of FMC class . 1 more edc/efc to go which i think will be the most tiring 1 , tax . heeee .

well .. 1st of all .. n the most important thing is the wish all mummy "HAPPY MUMMY DAY" . i know is a bit too late . but late better than neva marh . heee ..

so , last sun , me , gor gor n jie jie shared to treat both daddy n mummy to a japanese buffet , Shougun at 1U . before that , gor n jie went to bought flowers for mummy . is a pink rose with a winnie the pooh in the middle . so nice ler . wonder when will be my 1st time to receive such flowers n who will the 1st 1 in my whole life to give me that flowers . will it b from my loved one or my frens or mayb even from m family ? ahaha . still waiting to get the ans . XD
anyway , the dinner was a great dinner . cuz i get to eat as much sushi as i wan . i think i ate almost ate 3 small plates of sushi . yum yum . then the tepanyaki n tempura was very nice too . then arh , the fish n chicken hor .. is not only 1 type of cooking lerh .. there is i think more than 5 ways of cooking =.= wana try all de .. but really too many d larh . ahaha . then there is ice cream oso . woooo . nice nice ~! ahahah . yum yum .

LOVE U MUMMY . Muah ....

Friday, May 11, 2007

3rd in Bowling

at last 2 out 4 papers of edc/efc class r over which r IS n law . well .. althoug the classes were boring but at least it help me on my studies . like ms kiran always say , "if u pay attention in the class , half of the work is done" . to me , mayb is less than half but at least it really help me to reduce my revision times . well , 3 days were law edc/efc . as usual lah .. in law , can pay attention a while then zzzzzzz ... so , tkj n me decided to skip class on wed after break de . then , on tues after class , elaine were asking who wana represent ACCA for bowling comp as this week is the sports carnival . so , me n tkj play lu ...

so , on wed .. during lunch break , me , tkj , adelee n tt skip class lu . we went to pyramid for lunch .met up we we followed by bongbong aka choon onn . then watch "Spiderman 3" . well , the show not bad but due to the cold-ness . itu tkj arh , tak bleh duduk diam d . akakaka . make me oso cannot duduk diam keep buat bising . wakakaka .. sorry ah bongbong ~! for disturbing u watching the show . wakakaka . XD

after the movie , we straight went to the bowling centre n had 1 game as practice . wah lau . so long din play , really sudah merosot larh my marks . wuuuuuuu .. so pai seh . after that , the comp start lorh . i think there is 8 team including us . ACCA were represent by me , tkj , yilian , bongbong , wewe n isaac . all so pro larh . ahaha . we need to play for 3 games lu . then ah , itu bongbong ah .. ppl so motivated with getting high marks in 2nd game he pulak merosot . then when 3rd game all sudah kinda tired + tkj sudah emo with her broken fingernail *ekekeke* , itu bongbong pulak keep on strike n oso got a turkey . ish ish . but he oso very pro lu . thanks to him n we got 3rd overall . wohoo ~! got medal got medal . ahahah . it was a nice game . thanks . hope to join again next year . ehehe .

pass law by 50 =.= anyway , got to work real hard for the final . no more fooling around . GO GO YEANYEAN ~!!!


Monday, May 7, 2007

100th post

tsk tsk tsk ... ppl long long time ago ady reach the 100th post n now oni i reach 100th post . this shows how lazy am i in blogging . wakakakaka . pai seh lah . i blog oni when i feel want to marh . anyway , nothing to special to blog on this 100th post larh . just the normal post saying im still fine n good . wakakakaka .

just woke up from my "nap" . wakakaka . so blur now . la la la . when i open my eyes , the 1st thing i thought of is u . aih aih . when r u coming back ler . i keep on looking at my phone n my com hoping to get a msg from u saying that u r back . la la la .

i wished that this feeling is not for real .

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

a family retreat to lucky valley , pahang

well well . at last im home . been away from home since sat . fri was the last day of our Mock exam . kind a bad Mock exam ive gone thru . din study much . argh . really got to work hard from now . weeks before to final . gambateh for that ~!!!!

then , early morning on sat , my family n i get ready to a place called Lucky Valley which situated near Mudazam Syah , Pahang . at first , all i know it was a jungle place where there is some amazing things known as Energy . i tot it's gonna be boring trip except for the jungle trekking part . so , woke up lazily n into the car n continue sleep . ekekeke . reached there around 12pm , had lunch before going into the jungle >.<

basically the activites there is meditation whole day . meditate during day , medidate during afternoon , medidate during night . but there were some part which is really interesting .

1st : the bone cracking i would call . haha . if u guys watch those chinese drama or movies where chinese love goes to those traditional treatment if ever u sprain ur neck especially , they will sort of turned ur neck n u heard those cracking sound . it is so scary but i tried . n is so relaxing after doing it . wakaka . i'll upload some videos on it .

2nd : the "energy ball" or "orgone energy" . is a type of energy which u cant see with ur naked eye . but then , here in Lucky Valley , u still can see it with ur naked eye but u can see it when u took some pics . is really amazing . u wun get to see these energy in other places in Malaysia .

well , i guess i'll let the pictures do the talking bah . guess tat's the oni way i can tell wat i felt n wat i experienced . anyway , dis is a place which i think is the heaven where all my emo-ness is taken away . i felt peaceful staying there . i dun feel going away from there . dis is wat i really felt when leaving tat peaceful place . i wish i could go there again . is really a gift from heaven . i love there . it also has gave me a new life . it teached me a lot of things .