Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Mummy Day ..

sushi -- tepanyaki

sushi -- sushi

the never ending ss ~

oh my god lah .. im really getting lazy in blogging =.= pai seh lerh to all my fren especially to TING TING . ahaha . cuz i know if i dun update she sure will scold me again . wuwuwuw . kelian de me . ekekek .

anyway , today is the last day of FMC class . 1 more edc/efc to go which i think will be the most tiring 1 , tax . heeee .

well .. 1st of all .. n the most important thing is the wish all mummy "HAPPY MUMMY DAY" . i know is a bit too late . but late better than neva marh . heee ..

so , last sun , me , gor gor n jie jie shared to treat both daddy n mummy to a japanese buffet , Shougun at 1U . before that , gor n jie went to bought flowers for mummy . is a pink rose with a winnie the pooh in the middle . so nice ler . wonder when will be my 1st time to receive such flowers n who will the 1st 1 in my whole life to give me that flowers . will it b from my loved one or my frens or mayb even from m family ? ahaha . still waiting to get the ans . XD
anyway , the dinner was a great dinner . cuz i get to eat as much sushi as i wan . i think i ate almost ate 3 small plates of sushi . yum yum . then the tepanyaki n tempura was very nice too . then arh , the fish n chicken hor .. is not only 1 type of cooking lerh .. there is i think more than 5 ways of cooking =.= wana try all de .. but really too many d larh . ahaha . then there is ice cream oso . woooo . nice nice ~! ahahah . yum yum .

LOVE U MUMMY . Muah ....


Shawn Lim said...

Wow, nice n cute blog you have here.
Keep it up.

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SmallHead said...

Yean if u tired then dun blog 1st lor,dont cry dont cry.come cbox is enuf dy.hahahaha