Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hok Chew's Food

Traditional food like Baba Nyonya's, Hokkien's, Cantonese are well known anywhere. However, Hok Chew's food are not as famous as mentioned. Not many people know what are some of Hok Chew's famous food. But you all should've heard about Hok Chew's Fish Ball.. That's one famous food... Fish ball where there's minced meat inside the fishball.

So, here, let me introduce some of the Hok Chew's food that I always loved to eat everytime I go back to grandma house at Ayer Tawar, Perak.

红枣棉线 (Hong Zao Mian Xian)

Type of Pork Dish (can't rmb what it is called)

Hok Chew Mee (quite similar to Loh Mee) but I think it taste much better

Hok Chew Fish Ball

There's actually more than this but I failed to take the picture of the dishes as you know me ... I can't resist to eat than taking photos when I see foods .. XD

Manage to find a picture of this .. No.1 food of hok chew .. "Kok Loh" (till now I still can't get the right pronouciation of it) .. XD

Anyway, the above is cooked with 鱼漂 ... It's spicy & sour type of a dish ... 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Because of Them, We Are Who We Are Today

Without them, we will not be who we are today. Our ancestors. Thus, we shall always remember our own family history and to be told to our children. Because without our ancestors, we will never exist today. So, remember them and be proud of ourselves.

That is why, us chinese will have this special day on our lunar calender i.e. Qing Ming (清明) to have the families visiting their ancestor's tomb, have a spring cleaning, have some offerings to "them".

Great-grandparent's tomb

Neighbours of greatgranparents who also paying their respect to their family's ancestors.

Granfather's tomb

Types of Tomb