Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Chin Chin n Ching Yong

Yesterday was kinda last min when i was "yelling" in the msn saying i wanted to watch Wall E .. And there go this nice person who offered to go for a movie with me .. Hehehehe .. So, i pulled along my another two SPs also .. Ekekeke .. So, FINALLY !!!!!! I watched Wall E !!! And he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kiut neh ~~~~~ I know i am outdated for this movie >.<

Anyway , besides as an entertainment to all of us , try to stop and think .. Wonder will our future be something like that ? Maybe not about the going outer space life but the part where everything is automated and humans are just sitting there only ?? End up it's just like that movie , everyone got a BIG BIG tummy .. They don't even know the feeling of walking , touch and don't even realise so many things around them .. Wow .. I felt im lucky for what i am now .. Really .. As compared to the world of robots just like in the movie .

Anyway , today I am a happy happy gal and i shall keep it to myself .. Wukakakaka ... :P

Last but not least ...

Pei Chin aka ChinChin whose birthday just past (31 Dec)


Ching Yong aka YongYongZhai .. whose birthday is (1 Sept)

May u guys had a wonderful birthday and a great journey ahead ya ^.^

Friday, August 29, 2008

Great achievements, worth it ?

It's been about 2 weeks since the result has released and i guess everyone has done with the frustrated feelings . Well .. I know it's a stress thing to mention but we still have to face the fact and overcome with it right ??

Me too has been feeling stress . Well, for my dear readers information, I am getting better from my sickness d . At least now i can eat back my friend foods :P Yum ~~ Still , I will still be conscious with whatever I eat . Hehehe .. Once bitter twice shy luuu ...

I feel like sharing the following with u guys, maybe for more opinions . ^.^

Last 2 Sundays ago, I followed my parents back to my dad's hometown as my dad had his secondary school gathering . Imagining, after 40 years (next year would be their 40 years anniversary gathering) and u gathered back looking at your classmates mostly their hairs has turned white, some even are already grandparents . Kind of a memorable scene to me .

Really wished that I had such gathering every year for my secondary school friends and even college mates ! Hey guys , promise that we will still be meeting at least once after we graduated from ACCA ya . Cuz i guess the only time we or me don't feel stress and enjoy to the fullest is the time spent with this great friends .

Anyway, back to my story, the gathering was for the whole Form 5 of the year 1969, both science and art stream . I really admired most of them as most of them has a wonderful success in their jobs. Like for example, the gathering which is a 3 days 2 night stay in Teluk Batik with various activities and a grand dinner was sponsored by one of the classmate who now is a Datuk.

According to my dad, his house that he have in Kuching worth RM8 MILLION !!! Tsk tsk .. U can see how big is the achievement by just that statement right ?

Another uncle who sat with us for the dinner , he owns a CASTLE somewhere in UK !!! That 1 more teruk . Anyway, he's gonna sell that castle next year as is hard to manage. The castle is run as a hotel . So, dad suggested next gathering would be there ! LOL .. Wonder is the castle haunted not .. :P

They look friendly but somehow I still see them with the rich-man-attitude . U know .The arrogant , the pride they have . Yeah , i totally agree that they deserve for the pride because they worked hard for what they achieved today and giving the best they have to the family . But will their children ever appreciate of what they have ?? I don't really see that inside their children . Of course they are well behaved, well mannered like a royal . But u won't just stop seeing them making lots of complaint .

Of course I am not saying about those uncles / Datuk's children . Of course their children are quite well-educated as far as i see them . ^.^ Hope the wealth will not spoilt them in the future.

Another thing that I don't like is their mentality . The way they look things . They are so so so business minded 1 lorh . There was this dad was having conversations among the adult talking about what courses are the best to study . His son was like just Form 3 . The dad thinks that pilot is not a good things to study .. WTH !!! What is so bad about pilot worh . All he think the best is to study accounting and law .. Zzzzzz .. Business minded right ?? Just want the son to continue his business .

But had he ever think what his son loves ??? Forcing someone to study they don't like . To me , it's a no no to me . The most i'll do it is because of the word "filial" . If not, I will not ever do it !!! Never force me to do something that i don't like especially something that will affect my future ! I decide on my future . Advice can be given of course but end up the decision is still on me ..

Anyway, Im gonna stop here . Don't want to raise anymore conflicts . Later all the wealthy people come and sue me .. WUKAKAKA .. Till now , see ya ^.^

Enjoy the coming Merdeka Day lorh ... I want countdown !! Wuwuwuwuw .. But alone .. Rawr

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Health

Regarding the previous post , thanks to my frens who actually read it and give the support and advice . Appreciate it very much . I know there's actually a lot of great frens that would care for me , worry for me and sometimes i just chose to ignore it . Hmm ...

My stomach has been aching for about a week now and I hope my 2nd time visiting doctor would help to cure fast . Ive got no time to study le .. Wuwuwuwuwu . For this one week, of course there are people who would worry for me and i still being stubborn .. :P Sorry for that ah ... U know lo , me when sick super stubborn 1 .. Ekekekeke ..

But once bitten twice shy le . Now just hope that i can recover fast so that i can be back into this battle !!! I can't lose this time !!! It's a must win war !!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Emo Post

WARNING : This is an emo post . So, just skip away if u r not interested . Not meant for reading anyway .....

I was confidently tell myself that I will take 4 papers . Even though, i am taking the toughest optional paper .

Why want to graduate so fast in 3 years ??????
This was the Q shooted to me ..
Do u really think i want to .. I have struggled in within myself whether should I drop the Finance paper and focus on my other 3 papers .
But i answered , "I have scholarship to think about"
And again, I was being said back, "U so good, U got scholarship"

YES ! I know having a scholarship is a good and proud thing but do u guys know the stress im facing ??
I mean it'll be alright, if the provider aka BNM doesn't demand to withdraw my scholarship and give me a chance ..
But WHAT IF they would do so ??!! Do u know how much i need to pay back ???
RM60,600 !!!!!!! It's a huge money , do u know that !!! Where the hell i find that such huge amount of money !!

U have to perform well in ur studies and consistently as a scholarship holder ...
And do U know i am expected to work right after my December 2008 exam ??!!!

It's really hurting when people look at the way that u r lucky to have scholarship and u can graduate in 3 years ... Of course i don't mind if i can perform well in my studies .

Nobody want to take the stress of taking all 4 papers in one go !!! I believe nobody wants !! Me and other people who made the same decision as me, they have their own reasons and so as me ..

If i do not consider about the scholarship, i think i would have drop my optional papers ...

Alright , really enough for this studies thing ...

Another thing i want to shout about is ...
Why do people want to look at me as how is my family background is ?????
I was born into this lucky family , everyone do too ...
But can U guys don't look at me , I am who i am today because of my family ?????????
I know i am lucky because my family provides everything and whatever i wanted .

The money i spent is theirs not mine . Do u know is not a good feeling spending their money ? At least for me , i felt that . I really wished people would look at me because of who i am not because i am from a lucky or rich or whatever u guys wana call family .... Of course i won't deny i have such a happy and lucky family .. It's my parents hard work for having such a stable family .
But somehow people look at me the way as if i am just nobody without my family, which is the way i felt it ...

People just tend to look at me or expect me to be something like my dad or mum . Do u know that is how stressful it is ???? It means that U have to be as good as them . If not , everyone would start talking about U . Why must people compare us to our parents ?? Our parents has their own hard work with their own achievement . I will have mine too but let me perform with what i can and not keep expecting I am as good as them . I can tell U i am not . But i am trying hard and learning from them . I want to be praised because I achieved with my own bare hand and not because of my parents and that's y i can do so too ......

I am also a human being . Please don't look at me or expect me for whatever my family or parents has done in the past . Just evaluate me alone ..

I not sure for those of u who are reading get the meaning what i wanted to say .. Anyway, this post is really not meant for reading . So, just forget about what u read ....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Satisfied ? No ?

Some are satisfied with what they get for their results . Some are not . But so far , most of us had give in to the fact of our results . Whether u r satisfied with it or not , life still moves on . Why not us just cried for a while , be upset , cursing ourselves but not too long . Face it and let us move on .

Well , although ive been telling everyone i am fine . I accept the fact but of course i cried over it when lying on the bed thinking is the reality or i am still in my dream . How hard ive been hoping it is just a dream and i'll wake up with a good result .

Anyway, like Mr Marcus said , "Never say Die" ... Yeah !!! We will not die in front of this wicked and evil examiner !!!! We will fight to our last breath and we will still be fighting . One day , we will be the champion !!!!

Failure is the mother of success .. I always believe in this .

Thus, i will DEFINITELY be back with a sharper and stronger weapon !!!! U evil examiner !! U won't get to defeat me the 2nd time !!!!!! RAWR !!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


In a very very sick and weak condition, drag myself to class with abit of dizziness came back home
Check result ..
Your sincerely failed 2 papers out of 3 .. I don't know i should be thankful or not , as there is no more going thru the IAS which has lots of new changes this sem ..
Anyway, i really got no mood to be sad over it . Really is too sick to do or think anything else

But ...
how many papers should i take now ??

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cough cough .. Sniff Sniff

Have been sick since last Monday .. It all started with a sign of having sorethroat .. Followed be cough then flu ... and also my stomach has been aching for few days .. Aarrggghhh ..

Am i having constipation ? Nope , cannot be ..
Mayb stomach got "angin" .. Hmm

Aargghhh ... Dunno dunno
Very sam fu now ..
Stomach pain until head oso very pain now .. T.T

Lionel said it's a sign .. A sign of what leh ?? Haih ...

Anyway ,
Good Luck to all the ACCAians .. Do hope to hear a good news from all of U ya .. Including me !!!


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Oh well .. the trip is cancelled for some reasons .. Hope I can have the plan back into the action again real soon with more members =(

The plan is a failure ~~~~~ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
(ya ya ... HAHA . laugh at me .. Grrrrrrr )




Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stress OverTaking Me

is it stress is overtaking me again ???
gosh .....
this is bad .. i hate when there's stress .

once decision is made and said out , there should be no regret in ourselves

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Destress Trip

Here goes my plan which is just a suggestion from me . Options will be given and guys do vote if u r interested and we will choose whichever option that has the most votes, is that fair enough ?

Other suggestions are definitely welcome

Suggested trip : Sungai Klah Hot Spring, Sungkai, Perak
Suggested dates (this is where votes are needed)
  1. 9 August 2008 ( this coming saturday)
  2. 10 August 2008 ( this coming sunday)
  3. 11 August 2008 (coming monday )
  4. 16 August 2008 (next saturday)
  5. 17 August 2008 (next sunday)
  6. 18 August 2008 (results day)
If i did not rmb wrongly what I discussed with honghong and tkj , we suggested to go on the Sunday and stay 1 night , Monday only come back . If u guys want to stay overnight . If not , it will be morning go, late evening come back lo ..

Plus, yours sincerely (ME) are unlikely to make it on the 16 to 18 August .. Still we will see the majority votes alright ?

Duration : Either 2 days 1 night or 1 day ..

So, if anyone of U are interested , just drop your comment here lo .. ^.^

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Sher Huey

Happy birthday to U ~
Happy birthday to U ~
Happy birthday to Sher Huey ~~~~
Happy birthday to U .... ^.^


Last saturday, the birthday girl invited all of us to her house for her birthday party . It was an awesome birthday party .. And as i would now loved to say , it is also another great gathering for all of us . This time round, I could say it is a more complete gathering with most of us .. Still there are some who still can't make it like Kacy, Yilian, WeeVen ..

Don't really want to go into the details about the party cuz im kinda lazy to write :P

Anyway, we had nice foods and tasty durian cake as her birthday cake ..
PS : PEI TING !!!! Your birthday cake this time -->> DURIAN CAKE !!!!

The birthday girl

Birthday girl and ME !

The girls

The boys and Stranger Ho's Bb T !

Nevertheless , 4 of my best friends who never give up on me during this 3 years

Got this cute little thingy , i don't really know wat to call .. but it is sooooooooooooo kiut ~~~
With this "thingy" , i guess i would not be bored when i study ..
Why ?
Scroll down ba ....

The original look

Fat Look

Thin look

Ooooo .. I can squeeze it , punch it .. XD
And also will sayang it la ..
It is suppose to be purple .. but i got no idea why when i took it using flash , it turn out blue
My new companion when i study XD

Muah !!!


Friday, August 1, 2008


"All Clown Can Act" ...

Hmmmmmmm ...

Time flies and today is already Friday !!! Gosh ... In no time, I will be shouting, frustrating, jumping around, refresh my Gmail again and again ... Wah lau ... Dun wana think about it :( Really ..

Just now in the class, me, kacy and tkj was really thinking to go somewhere before our disaster day .. Kacy suggested to go the Hot Spring ..

Anyone interested ? Just a suggestion . Not so sure whether the plan will go on . But i am definitely to plan to go somewhere, a one day trip before the day !!!!

Really need to release stress =(