Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Chin Chin n Ching Yong

Yesterday was kinda last min when i was "yelling" in the msn saying i wanted to watch Wall E .. And there go this nice person who offered to go for a movie with me .. Hehehehe .. So, i pulled along my another two SPs also .. Ekekeke .. So, FINALLY !!!!!! I watched Wall E !!! And he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kiut neh ~~~~~ I know i am outdated for this movie >.<

Anyway , besides as an entertainment to all of us , try to stop and think .. Wonder will our future be something like that ? Maybe not about the going outer space life but the part where everything is automated and humans are just sitting there only ?? End up it's just like that movie , everyone got a BIG BIG tummy .. They don't even know the feeling of walking , touch and don't even realise so many things around them .. Wow .. I felt im lucky for what i am now .. Really .. As compared to the world of robots just like in the movie .

Anyway , today I am a happy happy gal and i shall keep it to myself .. Wukakakaka ... :P

Last but not least ...

Pei Chin aka ChinChin whose birthday just past (31 Dec)


Ching Yong aka YongYongZhai .. whose birthday is (1 Sept)

May u guys had a wonderful birthday and a great journey ahead ya ^.^

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