Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Health

Regarding the previous post , thanks to my frens who actually read it and give the support and advice . Appreciate it very much . I know there's actually a lot of great frens that would care for me , worry for me and sometimes i just chose to ignore it . Hmm ...

My stomach has been aching for about a week now and I hope my 2nd time visiting doctor would help to cure fast . Ive got no time to study le .. Wuwuwuwuwu . For this one week, of course there are people who would worry for me and i still being stubborn .. :P Sorry for that ah ... U know lo , me when sick super stubborn 1 .. Ekekekeke ..

But once bitten twice shy le . Now just hope that i can recover fast so that i can be back into this battle !!! I can't lose this time !!! It's a must win war !!!!

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