Friday, August 29, 2008

Great achievements, worth it ?

It's been about 2 weeks since the result has released and i guess everyone has done with the frustrated feelings . Well .. I know it's a stress thing to mention but we still have to face the fact and overcome with it right ??

Me too has been feeling stress . Well, for my dear readers information, I am getting better from my sickness d . At least now i can eat back my friend foods :P Yum ~~ Still , I will still be conscious with whatever I eat . Hehehe .. Once bitter twice shy luuu ...

I feel like sharing the following with u guys, maybe for more opinions . ^.^

Last 2 Sundays ago, I followed my parents back to my dad's hometown as my dad had his secondary school gathering . Imagining, after 40 years (next year would be their 40 years anniversary gathering) and u gathered back looking at your classmates mostly their hairs has turned white, some even are already grandparents . Kind of a memorable scene to me .

Really wished that I had such gathering every year for my secondary school friends and even college mates ! Hey guys , promise that we will still be meeting at least once after we graduated from ACCA ya . Cuz i guess the only time we or me don't feel stress and enjoy to the fullest is the time spent with this great friends .

Anyway, back to my story, the gathering was for the whole Form 5 of the year 1969, both science and art stream . I really admired most of them as most of them has a wonderful success in their jobs. Like for example, the gathering which is a 3 days 2 night stay in Teluk Batik with various activities and a grand dinner was sponsored by one of the classmate who now is a Datuk.

According to my dad, his house that he have in Kuching worth RM8 MILLION !!! Tsk tsk .. U can see how big is the achievement by just that statement right ?

Another uncle who sat with us for the dinner , he owns a CASTLE somewhere in UK !!! That 1 more teruk . Anyway, he's gonna sell that castle next year as is hard to manage. The castle is run as a hotel . So, dad suggested next gathering would be there ! LOL .. Wonder is the castle haunted not .. :P

They look friendly but somehow I still see them with the rich-man-attitude . U know .The arrogant , the pride they have . Yeah , i totally agree that they deserve for the pride because they worked hard for what they achieved today and giving the best they have to the family . But will their children ever appreciate of what they have ?? I don't really see that inside their children . Of course they are well behaved, well mannered like a royal . But u won't just stop seeing them making lots of complaint .

Of course I am not saying about those uncles / Datuk's children . Of course their children are quite well-educated as far as i see them . ^.^ Hope the wealth will not spoilt them in the future.

Another thing that I don't like is their mentality . The way they look things . They are so so so business minded 1 lorh . There was this dad was having conversations among the adult talking about what courses are the best to study . His son was like just Form 3 . The dad thinks that pilot is not a good things to study .. WTH !!! What is so bad about pilot worh . All he think the best is to study accounting and law .. Zzzzzz .. Business minded right ?? Just want the son to continue his business .

But had he ever think what his son loves ??? Forcing someone to study they don't like . To me , it's a no no to me . The most i'll do it is because of the word "filial" . If not, I will not ever do it !!! Never force me to do something that i don't like especially something that will affect my future ! I decide on my future . Advice can be given of course but end up the decision is still on me ..

Anyway, Im gonna stop here . Don't want to raise anymore conflicts . Later all the wealthy people come and sue me .. WUKAKAKA .. Till now , see ya ^.^

Enjoy the coming Merdeka Day lorh ... I want countdown !! Wuwuwuwuw .. But alone .. Rawr

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