Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm standing on Top of Europe

*sings* I'm on the top of the world ~~ looking down on creation ~~ and the only explanation I can find ~~

So, back in 2011 *omg .. why time flies so fast one .. without knowing it, it's already going to the end of April 2013 .. :O* . Anyway, back in 2011, I got a chance to travel for the first time in Europe. And one of the countries that I step foot on is the actually on the Top of Europe i.e. Jungfraujoch which is in Switzerland.

One of my fav shot :D

So, from Paris (yes, I've not blog about it T______T), we took the Eurorail to a city in Switz called Interlaken. Along the way on the train, the scenary is just awesome.

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So, as we reached Interlaken, we first checked in into our little motel known as Landgasthof Hirschen. I booked it thru The rooms are cosy and comes with free wi-fi as well as breakfast included (at the point when I stayed there).

And the best part is, I've got a room that has a awesome view by just looking out of my room.

Interlaken is a small and quiet town but is just very relaxing that I actually did consider migrating there when I retired in future .. I'm serious !! :P

And yeah, bro and I as usual try to do funny things along the way and when we saw this "flying man" mascot, we decided to do a jumping shot just to imitate it .. I think i'm 90% there ... What say you? Hehehehehehehhehehehe ....

As we reach there on the first day was quite late in the evening already, so we just walk around in the town and had dinner.

On the next day, we decided to walk to the train station which is about maybe 15 - 20 minutes walk instead of taking the bus since the weather is just cooling and is a shame if we did not enjoy the breeze.

Interlaken OST Station

Somehow this just caught my attention to a shot of them ..

From here, you'll get on board to the Jungfraujoch via Grindelwald or Wengen.

ok =.=! Suppose to take the route but somehow bro came out with this idea but end up the clear photo of the route not taken .. Bleahhhhh .... And look at my dry hair T_____T Reason why I hate to go to these 4 seasons countries, somehow is just so dry that make my hair so dry and fugly ...

So, along on the train, the scenary is just toooooooooooooooo pretty that you have to see the photos yourselves to judge.

 Love the dreamy effect on this photo ...

Enjoying the sun and snow at the same time

Then, we stop at Lauterbrunnen station to change train to proceed to Jungfrau.

Just look at the scenary .. Is just awesome kan !!!! Loving it to the max !!!

So, finally reach the top and without us realising it, we are enjoying the snows that we even went for snow boarding :D

Hahahaha .. Somehow I felt like we are the mafia family here :P

I seriously feel like i'm on top of the world lorhhh ... :')

This view is just tooooo speechlesss .. That's all I can say .... :'')

And I'm just so lucky to get a shot of this .. Look at the sky formation ...

My favourite shot of all !!!

And the photo below is taken right before I left Switz to Italy ... 

And oh yah .. to end the post ...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy T__________________T

Have you ever felt so speechless and don't what and how to respond to happy things that you are not expecting?

It's been few days now since I'm feeling that and I'm still in the unbelievable mode


Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's a Doctor Meant to You

I need my mood back to do some travel blog filled with colourful photos ... My mood seems a bit colour-less now, reason why I'm just doing a wordy blog post, yet again .. *sigh* Anyway, is just the mood to be the storyteller with no photos .. Hehehehe ...

There's few things that is happening with me that sometimes I really wished that I could share it out with all my besties but it seems are not the right time yet. Well, of course it's something more to happiness rather than the sadness side. So, nothing to worry about on me for that, assuming that you were getting a little bit of worried just now *syok sendiri*

I was trying to think how can I share this but not making things obvious .. *hermmmm*

Anyway, I'm currently watching this Hong Kong drama called "Great Way to Care II", obviously there's first part to this drama which I have enjoyed so much.

On the side note, I love him in this drama xD

From the poster itself, you can guessed by now it's about doctor. For this drama, it focuses on the doctors that are specialists in treating patients that are mentally-illed. If I'm not wrong, they are called the psychologists. Pls correct me if I'm wrong.

One thing I really like about HK drama especially when it's on professions, I can really learn quite a bit of technical knowledge. Like from this drama especially in Part I, I do really learnt a lot of medical terms and treatments etc. Another doctor story that I loved so much is, The Hippocratic Crush ..

This drama generally talks about a bunch of trainees doing their housemanship before going into their individual specialists, while this main actor in his senior year has chose to specialist in neurosurgery.

On a side note, other than drama on doctor, I do love lawyer stories as well .. :D

Anyway, recently I seems to be keep hearing stories from some of my doctor/ doctor-to-be friends. Every time I hear stories from a doctor friend, how he failed to save a life, I feel the pain too and make me realise that life is really really short and being a doctor is seriously a very noble job as compared to any other professions on this planet. Even from these dramas, you'll get to see the dilemmas they have to face, the challenges they have to face, the stress they have to take.

With this, I also start to realise, my work stress is nothing as compared to these doctors. In every job we do no matter what, we would face with stress, faced with unreasonable demand, supervisors/ colleagues that may not be supportive of you, I guess it's all about how we want to manage our stress, with positive mind. We have the rights to complain but we also shall not let it demoralised us. Instead it should push us to advance further with a positive mind. :) I'm learning this from someone, yes, a doctor friend, someone that has teaches me quite a lot of thing in a very short time. :) 

I do respect all doctors a lot a lot, unless those that had failed to maintained their professionalism. But I'm quite glad so far I have not seen one myself. :)