Monday, June 23, 2008

Journey to Melbourne Part 1

Was actually being stupid for uploading the pictures 1 by 1 .. Wasted most of my time as u know it took how long to upload just 1 pictures when i have loads of pictures to share with u guys .... So ended up , as usual using the slide show .. I believe it would be so much faster ..

Anyway , before i forget ...
There's no souvenior this time for u guys as it really cost a lot to buy things over there using aussie dollars when the exchange rate was 3.17 .. So, mostly we spent the money on foods and tickets for entrance .. The cheapest gift i can buy is the koala bear's clip which i believe most of u got at least 1 at home .. So it's of no use buying that again ...

So sorry guys .. Hope by blogging more in details about my trip rather the usual let-the-picture-do-the-talking post as a souvenior for u guys ..

Alright alright .. I know that's not the main point u guys wana read XD
Here goes my diary of the trip .. Do enjoy ya ....

Departed from KLIA on the 13th June at 9.30pm .. Reach there at about 7.30am(Aus time) (2hours difference)

1st Day
Well brother didn't manage to follow us on the 1st day as he still has work back here in KL, so we left without him and he joined us at the 2nd day ..

After got our car for the trip, X-trail and straight we off to Melbourne city ... Had a rough time getting use to the road sign there especially when we reached the city centre where there is tram on the road as well . Can't remember how many times we stop to ask for further direction .

Finally we got to the hotel to check in first to get a nice bath after sitting in the plane for 7 hours . After bath, went to the city for lunch at the Victoria Market since wana buy some vegies and fruits as the next few days we will be cooking for dinner. After did some marketing, went to the Chinatown for a walk

There is a free city tour tram , so dad decided that we had a ride on it since it feel so cold walking around the shopping complex. It took about 1 hour for the ride and it introduced the city around with the interesting places to go. Then, had dinner at China town before going back to hotel

Did nothing much as we are still feeling tired after getting down from the plane so decided to have early rest before moving on our journey to The Great Ocean Road on the next day ...

2nd Day
Early morning wake up and headed back to airport to fetch brother . Later on, we headed straight to our next destination, Apollo Bay, The Great Ocean Road . Dad took the coastal road so that we are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the seaside and beach.

It is really so beautiful ... It's something like Redang Beach but it's so much more beautiful coupled with the blue blue sky ...

They even have a Surf City where branded name over here like Bilabong, Roxy and etc, those selling surf clothes and so on are located here. The prices ?? Still as expensive ... There are even people surfing when the weather is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold !!! Geez .. They just love winter rather than summer ...

Did nothing much as we spent most of the days travelling from Melbourne to Apollo Bay and stopping by at any lookouts to take pictures if it nice view. Although it just a 2hour journey excluding all those stop by, during winter daytime is shorter than night . So, at about 5 something in the evening, the sky is already getting dark just like 7 something over here in Malaysia .

Reached the cottage that we gonna stay in. The design was quite different where the bedrooms, bathrooms are at downstair while living room, dining room is at the upstair. Not quite sure what is the purpose of doing that way. Had hot soup mee for dinner. XD

3rd Day
Visited the Triplet Falls and Tree Top Walk .

It was mostly a jungle walk i would say. At first we went to the Tree Top Walk where it is the rainforest and had canopy walk which i think is about 200m above . When u looking down, it's quite scary as u r as high as the tall trees.

Then, to see the Falls, still need to walk about half an hour into the jungle .. Rawr .. Leg pain d .. But it is all worthwhile cuz it's so beautiful ... ^.^

Oh ya , also get to see few wild koala bears on our way to the destination for the day. It's wild in the sense that they r not captured and kept in cages or so forth. Btw, i told daddy that next time i won't call people who just sleep and eat whole day as PIGS but KOALA BEARS. That sounds better isn't it .. Hehehe .. Since koala bears are such a sleepy head .. They can just sleep whole day .. Ish .. Lazy bump .

Hmm .. I almost forgot .. We even went to see the Lighthouse. I guess don't need to explain further on what a Lighthouse is, right? Lighthouse is meant to be as guidelines for the ships. According to the volunteer working there, all lighthouse are different in the whole wide world where each lighthouse has their own colours or stripes. The colours of the lighthouse is a mark for the ships to know the place they are in.

4th Day
Destination: The 12 Aporstles

Basically this is the-must-visit place when u drive down to The Great Ocean. It will not complete ur journey if u did not visit here. Although is just seeing limestones that is apart from the land due to winds and waves...

Seeing stones ?? That sounds boring ...

Well, that's how i thought at first.

But once i reached there ... WOW !!! It was such a great scenary... Don't really know how to describe in words.. But is super duper nice view !!!!! The waves there are beautiful too with the help of the strong wind.

Yeah, the wind is so strong that u could almost felt that u r almost being blown away any minute.. Hehehe ...

Hehe .. I'll stop here for now .. Kinda late and sleepy now .. Will continue for Part 2 real soon and it would be much interesting as to me, that's the highlight of the trip. So do stay tune ya .. ^.^

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Im Back !

Just a short post before diving into my lovely and comfy bed telling the whole world .. err .. no ..
telling my beloved readers that i have safely reached home early this morning ..

It was a great journey and i promised that i will post about it real soon .
Hope i can finish before im off again to Penang ...

Off to bed for a good rest ....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

2 weeks holidays

2 weeks ago ..
Omg ... Still got 2 weeks to exam .. When only i can have my holiday arh ......
Help ! Help ! I dun wan take exam d la !!!!!!

Exam finally is over although i am so not satisfied with the Q asked and the performance i did ..
Well what is done is done ..
There's nothing i can sad or regret about it ...
All i can do now is just "PRAY HARD"

and of course "PLAY HARD"

Let me see ... My 2 weeks holiday i guess i am fully utilising it ..
Tml night, me n my family will be flying off to Melbourne , Australia ... Will only be back on 22nd
Sure it will be a wonderful trip to me .. BUT IM SO GONNA MISS HERE !!!!! T.T

On 27th , i will be going to Penang with my dear so pohs lu .... Another nice trip that im so looking forward to it ..

So basically my 2 weeks holiday are really for holidays .. =P

Hope u guys will fully enjoy ur holiday ya .. *wink*

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Really love this song very much .. It made me feel relax ...

Im Yours - Jason Mraz

BYU Vocal Point
An interesting A Cappella .. I believe it will make u laugh for that few minutes . Forget about the exam stress for a moment .. Cheers

Good luck to all my dear friends and myself

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am tired

Oh god ..
Please give me the strength to stay strong till 11th June 6.15pm
Please let my thoughts flow well in the exam although it seems like there's nothing in my mind now..

Study P1 thinking wat i rmb on P3 ..
Study P2 thinking wat i rmb on P1
Study P3 thinking wat i rmb on P2

God .. Isn't this bad ... Aarghhhh

I can feel the tiredness in my body , in my eye ....

Oh god please ...
I seriously need to go into the exam hall confidently and come out with a smile ...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tomorrow is the Day !! Fight !!

Tomorrow is the Day !!! The day where the war between the ACCA examiner and us will begin ...

Good luck to all who will begin their fight tomorrow .. May U, me and all of us here win the war and let us defeat those evil examiners.





... and we will win the war ...