Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tray Cafe

This is a cafe that I think it worth a post on its own !!

After being introduced by my buaybee to this cafe for their yummilicious cake, it's been in our list for lunch place during working days. Normally we would go on Friday as obviously we have longer lunch hour and sometime if we have any special occasion like birthday celebration or just craving for it's cake.

It's none other than them :D

Usually I would just take photos of its yummy food and post in Instagram. So now just thought of do a compilation of all the foods and cakes that I've tried so far. 


Everyday they would have they lunch specials and cake of the day. Not going to be long-winded here, just enjoy the photos ~

For the mains/ lunch specials:

Salad with added cheese (Vegetarian) 

 Pasta with salmon. Tried this few times and still as yummilicious

 Mushroom quiche .. Look at the size of it .. Tell me where else you can get this huge quiche in town and don't cost you a bomb ... They also have chicken quiche ..

 Chicken dish with rice (forgot what's the name) but I still can remember how tasty it is lah ..

 Baked cheese pasta !!!

 Chicken lasagna !!!

 Roasted chicken pasta !!! 

LOL .. My introduction of the food seems to be failed .. 

Vegetarian burger !! This is really nice .. Must try la ...

Minestrone Soup and Coq Au Vin & Mushroom Mash Potato. Can I say I'm in love with their mash potato

Morrocon chicken & tabbouleh, lamb casserole & mash potato, creamy smoked salmon pasta penne. Sedap!!! 

And for the most tempting order, CAKES!!!

 Mother's Day Chocolate Cake (Top), Tiramisu (Bottom)

Nutella  Chocolate cake!!

 Something fruity cake xD

 Chocolate cake with peanut butter .. Trust me you will love it !!

Apple crumble (Left) and Chocolate Tart (Right)

The emoticon just shows how yummy it is ..

Of course they have more than this !! I just tried to digged back my photos archive and I'm pretty sure  I've missed out a lot more of photos than this cz went to many times .. Ahahahahaha ...

For those who have not been there yet, please go and try !! Especially their cakes la .. And if you want to know what's their lunch special for the day can always just like them in FB or follow them in Instagram :D