Monday, August 23, 2010


Yes !!!!

Finally I can shout "FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well, although I have 1 more paper to go, still I am very much happy right now for passing this miserable paper...

Imagine sitting the same stupid miserable subject for 5 times ??!! Reading the stupid sylabus / text book for 5 times ??!!

I think I've turn stupid smart by now ....

What paper is that? Business Analysis .. Yeah, I am now a very good business analyst .. Want to hire me??

Anyway, it is really a BIG relieve for me now. At least it proves that I am not that stupid after all and I can do ACCA .. hehehe ...

OK .. That's all for now.. Back to work ..

No more a Monday BLUEs for me today ^_^ *sings dum di di dum*

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Why do a couple would end in a marriage? Is it because of you really think and decided that you meant for each other and therefore getting marry? Is it because you can then LEGALLY giving birth? Is it because that's the trend among the group of friends, so you too want to get married as well?

I started to wonder why one wants to get marry? I used to thought that getting marry meant a lifetime promise for your partner and building your own family, full of happiness. I always thought that's the happy ever ending for all couples. If not, one will not get into marriage, right?

But the fact of the life is that divorce do happen as well.

On the day that I get to know the person I loved most announcing that they are getting into divorce. It hurts my heart so deeply. We all tried what we can do to mend the situation. But it doesn't help.

Shouldn't both husband and wife do all they can not to go into divorce? Thinking that how hard they've come here and now just give up like that? I don't know. Maybe I did know the full story of everything. But every time I look at it, it take a deep cut in my heart.

I just wish I could turn back in time and do whatever I can do. I just want to be happy again. But I know, i'll can never do anything. This is something I have never told anyone in this world so far. I've been keeping in the heart.

I just wish I can have someone that I can talk to and listen to me. =]

Friday, August 13, 2010


It's been to a week now since the last day of my course.

Quite "suffering" for this week in terms of workload and brain still not functioning so well. This week, everyday when I got back home and after bath, I already felt super sleepy at 9.30 / 10 pm. Normally, I still could stand until 12am.

On top of that, knowingly i have so many tasks that I have to do at the same time. I am really not sure if I could handle all these perfectly or even minimally. I wished I could perform my best out of me. But it seems like I am still not satisfied with myself at all. I still could not outstand. It kind of frust. Maybe I am just demanding myself a bit too much but still that's the way should be to improve myself, shouldn't it?

I realise I will not say out a thing unless I am very confident of the facts. I will not give out an opinion unless I know that the opinion is valid. I felt I should be more daring in talking out ideas.

Anyway, I could see my weekends would be gone with activities and finishing up the slides. Huhuhuhu ... Although most likely I will not touch a lot of work, still I wish I could finish up by this weekend so that I can pass it to my Manager to be vetted.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

9th Banking Fundamental Supervision Course

To non-central bankers may not know what does a supervisors do. Is it like an external auditor? Well, it is not. They don't look at financial figures as much as an external auditor does. They focus and ensure that a bank's failure will not affect the financial stability of the nation. This generally applicable everywhere.

Anyway, that is not my main role. I mean, I am an internal auditor. I audit the supervisor while the supervisor supervises the banks out there .. XD

How do I end up in this course when I say that is not my role? Well, as the Sup Sectors uses risk-based framework which is the same concept used at my dept, definitely I will have my take away. Further, to be able to give assurance that the Sup's dept are functioning well, we, as the Internal Auditor also have to understand their business environment, isn't it? So, I definitely has a big take away from this course.

It is a 2 weeks course. At first, I was quite reluctant in attending this course as consciously I still have many pending work to be done and having to get away from the office for 2 weeks. However, the course overall was fun and enjoyable. This course was not only open to the new supervisors but also to other central bankers who is part of the MTCP (Malaysia Technical Cooperation Programme).

So all and all, I learnt new things about how a bank works out there and also I met with a lot of great friends. There are participants from PIDM, LOFSA, SC, central bankers from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Cambodia, Bahrain and also Bhutan.

with the foreign participants at I-City

Plus, this is a residential training, so we actually has rooms at Lanai Kijang, our Bank's training / club centre. At first, I thought I would be travelling to and fro for the training, but when I got the key to my room. I changed my mind. I'll definitely fully utilised the room and facilities for that 2 weeks because after this course, I don't know which course in the future that I'll be able to use this facilities again.

My room !!

The room for ONE !!

a long sofa for u to enjoy ur reading maybe

i love the design of the working space ... i shall take note for my next renovation of my room, if that ever happens in near future and before i discover another new design XD

outside of the room , there's this small garden .. lovely .. 

"The knowledgeable and meaningful course has now ended, but the friendship that we have built is just the beginning." - Fel