Sunday, August 22, 2010


Why do a couple would end in a marriage? Is it because of you really think and decided that you meant for each other and therefore getting marry? Is it because you can then LEGALLY giving birth? Is it because that's the trend among the group of friends, so you too want to get married as well?

I started to wonder why one wants to get marry? I used to thought that getting marry meant a lifetime promise for your partner and building your own family, full of happiness. I always thought that's the happy ever ending for all couples. If not, one will not get into marriage, right?

But the fact of the life is that divorce do happen as well.

On the day that I get to know the person I loved most announcing that they are getting into divorce. It hurts my heart so deeply. We all tried what we can do to mend the situation. But it doesn't help.

Shouldn't both husband and wife do all they can not to go into divorce? Thinking that how hard they've come here and now just give up like that? I don't know. Maybe I did know the full story of everything. But every time I look at it, it take a deep cut in my heart.

I just wish I could turn back in time and do whatever I can do. I just want to be happy again. But I know, i'll can never do anything. This is something I have never told anyone in this world so far. I've been keeping in the heart.

I just wish I can have someone that I can talk to and listen to me. =]

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