Friday, August 13, 2010


It's been to a week now since the last day of my course.

Quite "suffering" for this week in terms of workload and brain still not functioning so well. This week, everyday when I got back home and after bath, I already felt super sleepy at 9.30 / 10 pm. Normally, I still could stand until 12am.

On top of that, knowingly i have so many tasks that I have to do at the same time. I am really not sure if I could handle all these perfectly or even minimally. I wished I could perform my best out of me. But it seems like I am still not satisfied with myself at all. I still could not outstand. It kind of frust. Maybe I am just demanding myself a bit too much but still that's the way should be to improve myself, shouldn't it?

I realise I will not say out a thing unless I am very confident of the facts. I will not give out an opinion unless I know that the opinion is valid. I felt I should be more daring in talking out ideas.

Anyway, I could see my weekends would be gone with activities and finishing up the slides. Huhuhuhu ... Although most likely I will not touch a lot of work, still I wish I could finish up by this weekend so that I can pass it to my Manager to be vetted.


wjingyi said... background paper..watever u call tht la..
seems like both of us are so stress with work :(

k@hy3@n said...

hahaa .. just playing around with the blogger design template ...

yea wor .. super stress man ....