Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Celebration

24 December 2006

Well well .. it is christmas eve on this date as every1 know .. Some or i shuld say most of us would have plan where go somewhere to celebrate to countdown .. As for me .. does now know wat to do , so asked soh poh shin whether wana go for a movie .. Then , sms-ed the others who r , han , kwan , kk n wei da .. All of them said OK except for that broken hand wei da .. =.= Sau that he is going for a BBQ at his fren's house .. So , 5 of us .. 4 gals n a guy .. KK decided to join us rather than his primary skul frens in the morning by sms-ing me .. So , there we go .. Me driving fetching shin , kk , han then lastly kwan n head to The Curve .. We went there around 3 something almost 4 n is a heavy traffic jam just around The Curve .. =.= So , asked KK , Han n Kwan to go down n see can get any movie tickets or not .. While me n shin search for parking .. thank god once we get into the carpark , i saw an empty space is just beside the entrance ... Wohoo ~!! XD

At the cineplex , met my ah lui , Adelee .. Miss her neh .. So long din c her d >.<>

Around 11pm , ikano seems to closing , so walk balk to The Curve .. n we decided to go back Kepong for yum cha cuz there seems to have no countdown .. But is really crowded with ppl neh .. So , drive back lu .. But then han n shin need to go back d .. So , left me , KK , n Kwan .. 3 of us went to Spicy n have a small chit-chat till arounf 12.30am .. >.<>

25 Dec 2006

Woke up late as slept around 3am .. Then , do nothing other than watch tv .. Suddenly house phone rang and is Han calling me asking me want to go her house as she's fetching kk to her house to repair her com .. So i just said yes cuz i've got nthg to do .. So sian .. So , went her house see kk repair com .. Did learn something lah .. As im a pc noob =.= Roughly that's how i spent my christmas dis year .. =.= Haih .. Anyway , is not a bad christmas though .. Just that is like no feel of Christmas .. >.<

27 Dec 2006
Movie Marathon ..

As the title mentioned , is the movie marathon .. Watched 2 movies(wised man never dies & Confession of Pain) in a day with just a half an hour break in between =.= Went to 1u with kk , han , kin meng , wei hoong (our daddy) . Kin Meng n Wei Hoong is my secondary school classmate .. So long din c them d lor .. Is like almost a year i think .. Leng zhai d worr .. hahaha .. Really geh .. Oh ya , y i say wei hoong is our daddy ? let me tell a bit here .. Cuz he is our monitor class since form 4 n form 5 .. Plus he is the eldest in the class .. Got daddy sure got mummy de mar .. Our mummy is our assistant monitor lor .. However cant really rmb how the daddy n mummy thingy started .. Hahaha .. But our daddy really take care of us .. Still rmb there's lots of incident where his children did something wrong that either cause the teacher angry or cause us get detention , but daddy will always stand at the front n protect us .. Well .. Dis sentence may not be direct but wei hoong really is such a nice person .. He is a very responsible person who always protect the name of 5S .. XD Miss u daddy ~!!

1 Jan 2007
Happy New Year ..

As i will not be here .. So , im here to wish u all a very happy new year ~! Love u guys ..

Get free graphics at!

*Snap Snap*
Some photos i ss-ed during at Stiawan n SP trip .. XD

<-- : Me who just trim my hair
--> : oh gosh ~! Daddy is pregnant ~! N mummy seems to got frighten ~! >.<

<-- : the old me
--> : the pig me

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Last Week

Well well .. I think it's been quite some time i din blog lu since last mon night ... Cuz on wed , me n daddy n mummy went back to both side of grandma's house (both side mean dad's side n mum's side of grandma house) .. So , on wed morning around 11am , we depart to dad's side grandma house which is in Stiawan , Perak .. Reach there around evening d as daddy drove although he's not feeling well .. Then , do nothing much la .. Just watch tv , cut hair with mummy in the next day .. Nothing much to do oso .. Bought some CNY clothes XD .. Then , the next day(thurs) evening , straight head to north to Sg Petani , Kedah where mummy punya kampung lu .. Wana rush to there as mummy wana "guo dong" there mah .. So , din stay long at Stiawan lu .. In SP , oso din do much .. tv tv tv n tv .. Ish .. For few days din online d lerr .. Wuwuwu .. Miss my laptop for tat last few days ..

Back to KL on sat evening .. Yeah ~!! Happy cuz i miss my bed n laptop so muchie ~!! Muah .. I love u laptop n beddie .. Reach home oni fast fast run up to my room n on com d lor .. Ekeke .. But not much ppl online cuz most of them went gai gai d lu .. Haih .. But so my lui lui , Adelee .. Ekekeke .. Miss her so much neh .. Go Thailand so long dam dai me alone here .. Ish .. I wan sao sun ah ~!! XD

Roughly dis is wat happen during the time i MIA (missing in action) for the last few days where u guys dun c -Ye@n- has just sign in in msn .. Ekekekeke .. Did ss geh .. but now lazy upload the pics .. So , i'll post it next day together with the post on how i celebrate my xmas lu .. Ekekeke .. Do look forward for my next post oh .. cuz did something crazy on xmas eve which is not really crazy la .. Is nothing better to do .. >.<

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Untitled is the title for day .. Why ? Cuz there's no why .. The feeling i have now is .. undescribeable .. Really dun know how to say la .. But mayb after reading what going on today .. Hope more or less u guys understand lah ..

In the morning , around 9.30am , went to fetch Han n Kwan to my house while waiting Shin who's in the school for her project .. Cari serangga =.= She reach my house at around 10 something .. Then , headed to Wei Da's house to visit him with me driving .. Reach his house 11am .. Called him ..

*conversation in cantonese*
Me : Wat u doing ? Open door la ..
WDa : Harr ?? What ?
Me : Open door ah .. We outside ur house la ..
WDa : HARRRR !!! Aiyo .. I was woked by ur phone la .. I sleeping larr
Me : =.=! I tot we say wan come VISIT u at 11am ..
WDa : Ya meh .. Ok ok .. Wait a while ah .. I just wake up

Ish .. dat fella ah .. Tell him going to visit him at 11am but still sleeping .. Oh ya .. I forgot to mention why visit him hor .. Reason for visiting him is .. Cuz he broke his hand .. Not really his hand lah .. His shoulder part .. The bone broke .. Serious neh .. Went on an operation .. Why become like dat ? His fren who just got license for 5 months drove to Genting at the middle of nite .. Then , went coming down from Genting , his fren speed n not enuf time to break while go thru 2 humps n a turning .. So , end up the car *turn side way*(dun know how to express) n Da scratch his shoulder (geseran) all the way thru lor .. He must thank god that the car does not feel into the hill larr .. >.<

Anyway .. chat a while , then KK came lor .. So , we said bye to Da as he cannot go with us mah .. Must rest cukup cukup de .. The 3 gals of us + a guy went to mamak for lunch before heading to Redbox at The Curve .. Sang from 3pm to 5pm .. Not much interesting part to mention here ..

But .. half way singing .. Received a sms .. was from a best fren of mine .. A fren who i hang out since form 1 till form 4 when both of us are in diff class n are busy with own society .. I was surprised to got her sms cuz it's like been almost a year we din keep in touch d .. n the sms sounded something like dis ..

"Yean jie .. Are u free now ? I got something to tell u .. But promise u wun get angry "

Im curious with the msg .. So , replied saying im free lor .. Waited impatiently but no reply .. So decided to call her .. Then , she say she dun know how to express in words so she ask me to wait for her sms .. So , wait wait wait wait .. At last .. she sms-ed .. And i really got shocked ~!!! I can tell u the feeling is like soooooooooo hard to breath .. I really dunno i shuld tell wat really happen cuz is her privacy mah .. I really dun know i shuld b happy with it or sad .. Anyway , if she's reading my blog i just wana tell her dat .. Im always here no matter what supporting u .. I care for u , gal .. N do pls pls take care ya ..

Anyway , after that , Shin who also know bout it , went to visit her at night .. Just to understand the whole situation lor .. Haih ..

Received the sms at around 6pm and now is like almost 1am .. But why i do keep thinking about it .. Do i feel uneasy or what ? I really don't know .. >.<

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ulu Yam Waterfall ..

Today is Sunday .. Nthg much i can do .. Play game till 4am ytd and woke up at 10am i guess .. Watch animax while eating my breakfast .. Then .. ermm .. walk here n there .. Online but nobody online except saw wewe , honghong then some other frens lu ..Had lunch , online again , slept for half an hour then mummy wake me up ..

Mummy : Wake up lor .. 3.30 d .. Let's go waterfall play ..
Me : *open 1 eye* huh ? waterfall .. yay ~!! *jump out of the bed*

Then , wake up .. Get 1 set of clothes then go gor gor's room ,

Me : Go waterfall lu ...
Bro Gf : Now ah ? Yay ! Go waterfall !! (doesn't sound like age 27 oso =.=)

So , daddy mummy jie jie n me went to ulu yam waterfall lor .. When reached there , is like dat .. Wah lau .. Pack of ppl oni -.- But luckily still got places for us to rest .. So , put down the things .. Then , straight into the water ~!!! Wohooo ~!! The water so cold n nice neh .. So long din play water d lah .. Since like .. Ermmm .. I think since went to sunway lagoon with adelee .. I guess dat's the last time i jump into water ..

From 4pm play till around 6 i guess .. Then had a drink n bread that we brought .. Nice nice .. Then ah , me n mummy wana go change clothes in the toilet .. When we walk in the MOST CLEAN TOILET .. u know wat i meant for the big capital .. the toilet is SO SO SO SO DIRTY ... ~!! Ewwww ... Gross .. So , fast fast change then run ~~ .. Then , go home lu .. Dinner , watch tv then online again =.=

-- Pictures --

Left : See who's playing on the bridge .. >.<
Right : Daddy n Mummy

Waterfall ~~ Cooolllddd ~~

SS Queen is here ~!!

Mummy n Me *peace*

Daddy sick .. Cannot play water .. So must guai guai read book

The notti gal .. My ah sou .. XD

Cold water neh ... Nice~~~

Friday, December 15, 2006

Pictures of Genting XD

Genting Trip (continuation from TKJ's blog)

Wohoo ~!! At last the exam is over .. wohoo ~!! Happy nya .. Anyway , to be short on wat we did right after the last day's exam , yoyo gang went to sunway pyramid for dinner lu .. Nthg much on dat .. Can refer to Siu Hong's blog for the details .. XD

Then , the next day yoyo gang minus eileen n joanna plus wee ven n pei ting went to Genting lu .. Havent recharge fully from the exam ady go Genting .. Hahaha .. So , me n william took ktm to kl central n meet with others lor .. Reach there about 9am but the bus is at 10am .. So , sat at the KLIA waiting area n ss-ing again =.= yoyo gang will never miss out the SS .. Hahaha .. Go where oso must ss 1 .. Then , reach Genting around 12 after riding the cable car .. Check in n had bread as lunch as thinking dowana have heavy lunch cuz wan play mah .. Later vomit how .. Hehehe .. After checking in , tot wana go outdoor .. Mana tau raining =.= So , lepak at the bowling centre for a game lu .. Wohoo .. I win chingyong lerr .. Kakakaka .. CHINGYONG , I WIN U ~!! XD Then go outdoor play lu .. For detail on wat we did in outdoor , u can refer to tkj aka Christine's blog .. She wrote as "Genting - Part 1" .

Do read her blog 1st before continuing reading mine .. Cuz i'll b writing on Part 2 XD

So , after bungkus KFC , we went back to hotel room to eat cuz the KFC is full with human oni =.= After eating , watch tv a while , some went for a bath n some just laying around chat lu .. (for gals part oni.. dunno wat the guys did in their room) .. Anyway , around 12 something , all of us getting ready to CLUBBING !! wohoo ~!! So , called up the guys but no one picked up .. So , the 5 gals went 1st lu .. Waited them at the pub named "Jungle Pub" something like dat lah .. ss again while waiting .. Hahaha .. Then , around 1am oni the guys came .. Y so slow ?? Cuz they wan help chingyong to do the hair .. So nice .. Hahaha .. ( Pics later)

Clubbin clubbin .. Wow .. all of us 1st time neh .. So nice .. 8 of us went in except william who stay outside .. Plus is ladies night .. So is free for the ladies n oni the guys need to pay lu .. Then , tkj n peiting just sat there as they dowan dance .. The rest of us went to dance floor n dance .. Wohoo ~!! Really can make u high .. Adelee ~!! Let's go learn dancing lu .. So jealous la .. See those ppl can dance so pro >.< Then around 3am , the pub close lu .. So every1 go back to room n take bath cuz of the smoke smell .. Then , all of us (gals oni) fell asleep while tingting n wewe go pak tor till later oni came back .. Hahaha .. Cute couple ..

Next day ....
Woke up around 8am cuz itu tkj walk here walk there .. Hahaha .. Plus , being a sandwich between adelee n ting ting .. So , wake up la .. Then me n tkj have mee in cup as both of us hungry d .. Then , had a gals talk .. Muahaha .. Around 10 after weeven woke up , the 4 gals except tingting went for breakfast .. Yerr .. the food like super cold la .. Then , just ta pao some "pao" for the guys lu .. Hehehe .. Then , around 11 something , we check out .. Since we got nothing to do , the guys suggested to have a game of pool .. So , went lu .. Hahaha .. OK .. this time , the guys won ..

After that , we decided to walk on our own rather than walk in a gang since nthg to do marr .. So , the 4 gals went to bough the fruits chocolate fountain .. Wah lau eh .. Guess how much it cost .. rm4 for the fruits n rm4 for the choc =.= i can buy the fruits for rm1 here in kl lor .. Hahah .. Then , after finishing the fruits , there's like plenty of choco left .. So , not to waste , we pour into Adelee's bottle .. Adelee .. Must drink all oh .. Kakaka ..

Around 2 , we meet up n ready to go home .. Took cable car then bus then ktm n there U r .. home sweet home .. It is a fun , crazy , happy , sweet memory .. How can i ever forget .. The fun with yoyo gang .. I love going out with u guys ..


PS : Pictures will b in the next blog .. XD

Saturday, December 2, 2006

me ? ss ? omg !

read the title ? yeah .. me addicted to ss d .. some may not know wat is ss .. well ss mean syok sendiri in malay .. in english .. dun really know how to explain .. shuld i say ss is something u do or speak that has no meaning or just for the sake of satisfying or urself ? dun really know lerr .. sorry .. frens out there .. if u know how to explain .. pls do leave a comment ..

anyway , back to the topic .. me ? ss ? wah lau eh .. a gal who dun like to take pic last time now love camera so much ~! muacks .. i love u camera ~! wakakakaka .. mayb i shuld thnz to honghong my lou gong lor .. if not becuz of him the ss king i oso wun ss so much lor .. hahaha ..
PS . honghong .. do feel proud .. kakaka ..

so .. ladies n gentleman ..

-- Picture of the Day --
*wondering* im wondering where r u~~

yeanyean : shhh .. i wan study lerr .. >.<

Thursday, November 30, 2006

lazy me

omg omg omg ! im so lazy . worst than ever i guess . wuwuwu . cant bilif im getting lazy each day . how la ni . today is thurs n exam is just few days away . wah lau eh. i guess is time for me to burn midnight oil d . ish ish. realising havent study the theories . wuwuwuwu . haih . no mood lerr .. macam mana ni .

holiday mood > study mood
who can help me to solve this problem by having the ans as study mood > holiday mood ?

anyway , today is my dear dear eileen's birhtday . wah . at last 18 liao lor . but be more 38 as usual k . dun be so motherly la . haih . hahaha . jk jk . anyway ,


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Going Crazy

i got a sense that im going crazy soon.. been a bit crazy 2day .. sorry to some of u who has to bear for my craziness 2day.. sorry ya.. is it becuz im too stress ? stress till i myself dun realise ? i dunno .. just a sudden feeling lost in myself.. or i just get moody after seeing most ppl in my msn list having their nick about love.. but something sad about love.. it seems dat every1 is sad on love.. wat the heck is this happening to us ? arrggh... it's making me moody as well.. moody or stress ? i oso dunno.. im going crazy soon... haih... can some1 help me ???

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Swollen Eye

omg !! my eye is getting worst each day .. n today ! at last it's swollen .. wuwu.. b4 dis is just pain at my right eye but today is significantly is swollen . so , ask dad to bring me to see doc n doc gave some medicine to apply on it . but it seems no effect lerr .. after movie , my right eye obviously look smaller than b4 going into the cinema .. means is worst !! omg !

oh .. did i mention i went for a movie .. ooppss .. not being a good gal stay at home to study .. hehe.. went to watch "Casino Royale" with family at Cathay Cineplex AGAIN .. hahaha .. the movie is quite funny .. the Bond is this movie looks kinda stupid in the beginning n funny 2 .. n ya , before the movie starts , there is this audition for Project Superstar for guys . many guy contestant were there . but none of them attract me .. ish ish .. mean no leng zhai lor if upclose . haih.. sad case la.. where have all the leng zhai gone ah ..

n now sitting in front of my com thinking whether shuld i study anot .. seeing adelee so hardworking make me feel bad if i dun study lerr .. but my right eye bothering me . make me look things oso blur blur 1 .. wuwuwu .. red eye red eye go away la u . make me no mood to study d . k la .. i think i better do few Q on p7 on budgeting .. gambateh yean ~! get world prize ~! yesh yesh ~!

can u see my swollen eye on the right eye ?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bday Celebration

18 November 2006 .. Another memorial day for this year .. How can i ever forget this day .. Why ? Mayb after reading it , some may say it just a normal activity that every1 does n it is not really that special in one's diary .. But i bilif that to all yoyogang member + Sher Huey + TT excluding Joanna (who went back to malacca) this date is a very very special n memorial day ..

Dat day is a bday celebration for the 4 Nov babies (honghong , wewe , joanna , eileen ) . As i mention above , Joanna did not join us as she went back to Malacca . Dat day the 10 of us + adelee's mummy n small sis went to the curve for movie n dinner .

So , at 12pm , William reached my house and we start the journey to The Curve by by fetching Shery Huey at Sierramas n honghong . Reach The Curve almost 1pm d . Then met up with the others at the Borders lor . After that had a light lunch at mamak , then shopping !! Haha .. Not really la.. Is d guy who shops . The gals went to cathay cineplex to redeem the ticket movei of Happy Feet .. Nice movie neh !! Go watch go watch .. Love gloria n the 5 mexican penguin .. Hahaha.. So funny la ..

Then , guys n gals walk in separate ways . So , the 5 gals of us went to bough a CREAMY MOCHA CAKE n kept in TGIF 1st . Then walk to Ikano , pet centre as we had nothing to do . Walk back to The Curve n met the guys half way .. The 4 of them was holding 1 bag each from Giordano .. Wah Lau.. They really shopping maniac la .. Worst than a gal .. Then , we gals oso beh tahan so tot of wana get a bag too.. But ended up oni me n sher huey bough a handbag ..

Then , had dinner at TGIF lor .. Hahaha .. The fun time is here .. Hahaha .. Dowan write so much bout it.. I'll show pic better .. More info can view chingyong's blog .. Hahaha .. Then , play until 9 something .. All too full d so decided to go home lorr ..

What a tiring day but really fun ... I LOVE YOYO GANG .. muacks

Pictures Says A Thousand Words

Sunday, November 12, 2006


change my blog skin again lu ~~
realise these days im back to the old me ~~
crazy of snoopy ~~
haha ~~
even my hp theme oso snoopy neh ~~
ish ish ~~
snoopy snoopy ~~
i love u ~~
muaks ~!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sungai Wang

we had no class for the past mon .. so , me , honghong, wewe, tkj , adelee, kacy popo, yillian decided to go sungai wang .. honghong , kacy , yillian go there leh is to shop shop n shop .. we we is go mark all the shops then bring his family to buy all the shirts he targeted .. me , tkj n adelee go there for no reason .. just wana waste time there rather than staying at home lo.. so .. following r wat happen from the time i reach kl central..

11am : reached kl central n meet up with tkj n adelee .. both of them reach there arounf 10.30 d i think.. lepaking around there .. haha .. then , about 10 mins later , wewe n honghong reach by lrt lu.. so , we headed to the monorail .. nothing much happen at the beginning..

11.45am : reached imbi station then walk to sungai wang .. save 5ocents by stopping 1 station earlier.. hahah .. reach there, tot popo reach d.. mana tau she go eat korean food =.= so 5 of us walk around n look at the clothes lor .. n had bread too at the Kings as some of us r hungry .. after that , start shopping lu ~! honghong n wewe is so engross in shopping while the 3 gals just follow them n look c look c lor.. hehehe.. honghong manage to buy a long sleeve shirt after trying for SOOOOO many shirts n jeans but ended up buying 1 shirt nia .. hahaha.. gek sei the sales promoter la..

2something : me n tkj start to get bored looking at the guys shopping for clothes =.= so , we decided to go to times square for movie .. tot honghong wan continue shopping with popo they all.. mana tau he oso follow us lu.. so 5 of us again walk to times square .. n here come the interesting part of all : -

- reach times square n tot of take lift to the floor where the cinema is.. mana tau go in the lift but dunno which floor is the cinema n search for it.. when we found it is at 3rd florr.. the lift has ady gone to arounf 13 or 11 floor =.= ish ish.. so we has to go all the way back down to 3rd floor ..

- reach cinema n bought ticket for "The Covenant" at 3.20pm.. we we said dat we had enuf time for lunch.. so , every1 agree n bought the ticket n headed to another lift to go to the sushi king .. and again .. we reached at the wrong floor =.= as we had get out from the lift oni realising we r at the wrong place .. so had to wait for another lift .. waited for about 5 to 10 mins .. wuwuwu.. time wasted ..

- reach sushi king .. order food to eat.. waited .. when the food came , i looked at tkj's watch , n said "OMG ! is 3.20 ?!? Our show not at 3.20 meh " then every1 start to realise dat... hahaha.. so , all of us ate in a rush except for adelee as her food has not even come after waiting for more than 15 mins.. wat a bad customer service they have.. no customer but still do things so slow.. so, ask them to ta pao adelee's order so dat she can eat in the cinema ..

3.20pm : in the cinema.. was late for the front part a bit.. anyway, still can catch up the story .. adelee was sitting beside me with her food.. yerr ~! the smell of the food.. although im so full but the smell makes me wana eat as did not enjoy my meal nicely .. haih..

5something : finish watching d .. then headed back to low yat plaza as honghong wana cut his hair.. so go there lo.. he cut his hair n 4 of us sat down there looking around .. hehe

6pm : walk to imbi monorail station as all of us wan go home d .. bought the ticket .. walk up the stairs n OMG !! the monorail is full with ppl .. i cant even see the floor d la =.= so , at first tot fo wana get out from there n walk a while at time square 1st .. but the ticketing counter ppl say if once we go out .. when we come in again , we need to pay again =.= haih.. so decided to wait lo.. line up.. then drank yakult which brought out from the sushi king 1 .. haha.. another interesting part : -
- tkj ... she horr .. hahaha.. dowan say la.. later she beng me .. haha.. oni 5 of us know it.. wakakakaka.. if other wana tell out, FEEL FREE TO SAY OUT AT THE COMMENT ... hahaha ..

almost 7 : reached kl central n decided to have a drink 1st b4 going home cuz confirm the train will be cram with ppl at that time .. so went to kfc n had a drink ..

7.30pm : every1 went back with how they came .. honghong n wewe took lrt while the 3 of us took ktm ..

It was a tiring day but it was a fun fun fun day .. I might miss out some interesting part.. So , tkj ,adelee n honghong.. if u guys know anymore interesting things , feel free to write out at the comments n share with all our frens .. XD


haih.. failed my 1st paper , p8 !! but luckily is still not a bad fail la.. must gambate for the final exam d .. gambate yeanyean !! n gambate all who is taking exam !!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Tiring Week

haiyo.. dis whole week can make me kong out la.. wuwuwuwu... y ah ? cuz horr.. sat to tues mock.. although i slept more study less compared to last PT2 n dat the reason y i did badly n mock.. praying dat can pass all lah.. althoug is just break even point oso dun mind.. wuwuwu.. no confidence in all paper la.. my target no more d la.. sure cannot reach 1.. haih

then, tues to fri (today) having p6 EDC/EFC class from 9 to 4pm n tml 9 to 12.. haiyo.. it is so tiring compared to normal class la .. yerr ~~ tired tired.. wan on9 oso no enerydy to on9 la.. wuwuwu.. how to kau zhai worr ! wuwuwu.. hahaha.. nvm.. sleep gao gao 1st to let my panda eye gone 1st.. then oni continue kau zhai.. ekekeke.. haiyo.. now wan sleep d although is just 10pm.. wuwuwu...

my panda eye !! wuwuwuwu.. ugly ugly !

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Feeling Happy

well well.. as i mention in previous post.. at nite when out to celebrate soh poh's bday lor.. b4 dat went to fetch jayne to my house at around 6 something.. then we waited shin the soh poh to fetch us lorr.. mana tau she stuck in the traffic jam at the ikano there for about 3 hours.. her mum almost late to airport.. so by the time she reach my house is ady almost 9 =.= which im ady half dead cuz wait her to makan mah.. aiyoyo.. then go fetch kwan then go 1u lorr.. reach 1u is like ady almost 10 something.. all shops oso close d lah.. so, ended up eat burger king.. then go watch movie entitled "nothing is impossible". a stupid show la.. is basically just about "cai mui"(in cantonese) .. but very funny.. althoug 4 of us r sleepy but still can laugh so loud.. haha.. the movie ended around 1 something lor.. so send jayne home n go back to shin house at subang.. then 38 a while b4 going to sleep. then dis morning i was like a pig oni =.= until another so po came then wake up lor.. haha.. go back at around 3 something.. continue sleep lagi ! omg !

forget bout that.. haha.. anyway, when i wake up .. im so so so so happy ! y ah? cuz got some very big surprise.. wat surprise ah ? make it suspense 1st lah.. hehe.. la la la ~

Friday, October 20, 2006

End of Lecturers

well well.. this week definitely had been a busy busy week for G1 of CAT student.. haha.. y ah ? cuz hor.. last sat, had P6 from 8 to 12 then P8 from 1 to 5 .. =.= is a great torture lerr.. then P8 class leh , itu ms kiran finish teaching then say mon tutorial .. omg ! siao meh.. do 6 Q in 1 day.. so, sunday spend ALMOST whole day doing lor.. haih.. do for the sake of do.. but mon she oso din check de.. mayb she dowan gek herself so much d.. haha.. then, mon nite still nid to finish up her tutorial.. who knows.. tues she oso din check .. ish ! suan le ba.. at least i do learn something la.. i think so.. hehe.. then tues still cannot sleep early worr.. cuz have to finish up P9 homework pulak.. mana tau.. ms rozi oso din check punya .. ish ish.. waste my precious time oni .. wuwuwu..

summary of my sleeping time :
- sat -- slept at 4am due to chatting with ah we we n jie jie.. =.=
- sun -- slept at 3am ++ due to p8 tutorial
- mon -- slept at 3am++ oso due to p8 tutorial
- tues -- slept at 12am due to p9 hwk.. (tak bleh tahan dah) half dead d.. wuwuwu

roughly dis wat happen dis week lor.. the main highlight.. XD thurs n today.. nthg much happen la.. as usual lor.. oh ya.. thurs leh, ms shanta let us go early lorr. she so gud . then now my com showing 5.56pm.. a while more gonna take bath n fetch my fren, jayne to my house n wait for tat soh poh cuz later v all going out to celebrate the soh poh's bday which is tml then go ur house stay overnite lorr.. hehe.. so tonite wun b on9 XD

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday 2 Ah Gor~

Yay ! Today is my abang kandung munya bday.. Hehehe.. Although he rather drove all the way to JB to celebrate with my ah sou than celebrate with me n parents.. Anyway, still get to wish him at 12am thru on9.. =.=! Hehehe.. Hahaha.. Although my bro is old enuf d.. But sometimes can be so so so childish oso.. ish.. And 1 more thing im so proud of him is.. He is so damn good in drawing lar ! Ermm.. Let me see who i can compare to.. Oh ya.. My bro's drawing can say as good as LJ.. Very creative.. Ish ish.. 2 bad his drawing that he drew cant show to u guys as mum has thrown the paper away i think.. Hahah.. He drew it when he so boring,, >.<>

My Ah Gor ~~ *took during dad's bday*

Trying to take my pics ah >.<

Dis is wat he wrote b4 going to JB.. Childish punya Ah Gor

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Love Perharps ?

Love Perharps.. Saw this msg at EiLeen aka my lou po msn nick days ago.. From this 2 words, it remind me of a true story of a fren of mine.. Here it goes..

There was this guy who studied in the same school as me, same age but different class.. His name is Jun Xian (if not mistaken). I don't really know him but do say "Hi" sometimes.. He is a lively guy who is active in sports. As far as i know, he is actively in the cycling sport. That's roughly what I know about him.

It was after SPM and is just few days before New Year of year 2006. Every1 should be at the celebration mood. Then, suddenly a sms was received by another fren of mine.. It roughly says, "Jun Xian has passed away". It was quite a long sms with the time he pass away. I was shocked and with the first though, "is it frens is playing around on him". So, i asked a few frens.. Then, they just reply me.. Yes, is not a joke. Although i dont really know him but no matter how he is still some1 i know and of course I will b sad lor..

So, at nite, me n few of my frens went to his funeral nearby house.. Most of the classmates were there. So, pay a respect to him and sat down with frens and get to know roughly wat happened.. From few ppl's version.. roughly the story is like dat...

He had a fight with his gf.. So, he is sad and angry.. So, in the morning, he went for a jog with a fren, then afternoon went to gym.. At night, he cycled from Kepong to 1u with some frens. On the way to 1u, it seems that he fell down n knock his head.. He fainted.. By the time, he was sent to hospital.. He had his last breath.. Even his grandma, mum are not in time to see him for the last time.. Most of them say that he mayb over stress / over work out.. This story is true or not.. Nobody knows but God. But what every1 of us know, he does had a fight with his gf.

So, is it worth it to hurt urself just because u had a fight with ur loved 1? To me, i dun think is worth it.. In the end, u will be the 1 that hurt most. Anyway, Jun Xian will always remain in our memory.. Even most of the teachers that know him has attented his funeral.

*In Memory of My Friend*

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Mooncake Festival--Scholarship Ceremony

6th October -- Friday

dat day was mooncake festival.. so yo yo gang + shi mu's gang + lionel + vern yen + sharrie had bbq at usj11's park.. so, after class went to sp to get all the stuff needed.. but b4 dat v teman ah we we to wait for his dear dear.. so, adelee wana go derma darah worr.. so i teman her lorr.. but the nurse say i not enuf blood to donate worr.. wuwuwu.. so, just look at adelee derma darah lor.. she so happy neh.. haha.. must go derma 75 times d.. then, went to orange house for lunch lor.. then oni headed to giant, sp.. itu si lai aka wynyan ah.. ish ish.. buat bising aja la. but then treat us ice cream but then nobody get to eat except sharie jie jie.. ish ish.. haha.. so, after buying all the stuff went to adelee's house to prepare lor.. but me, honghong, n tkj go yongyong's hse as we went out again to buy the arang lor.. yongyong aka daddy treat us food ler.. he so good.. haha.. then at nite headed to usj11 lor.. play play play whole nite.. wohoo ! so fun lar ! wish to have it again.. ekeke..

PS : more detailed story, do browse to siu hong, ching yong, adelee or sharie's blog.. XD

7th October -- Saturday

Went to college not for Moral Studies anymore but for the scholarship presentation ceremony.. wah.. all my classmates wear till so formal n so nice ler.. hehe.. n hor.. 1st time c my lou po wear skirt ler.. she so cute la ! love her so much.. XD nothing much to say lor.. just go up take the cert, then all of us take pic.. haih.. non-stop taking pic munya v all.. hahaha..

after taking the free lunch at the cafeteria, went to Midvalley with adelee lorr.. cuz say wana go find susu san mah.. so, went there n watch Rob-B-Hood.. ahaha.. is my 2nd time to watch neh.. ekekek.. so nice n so touching lar.. then bear chai sms adelee say he at the bowling centre.. so go there find him lor.. talk a while then went to find susu san.. ish.. dunno he working or play com de.. ish ish.. after that, we went n eat then headed home lorr.. so tired my leg so sour la. walk so long with the high heel.. ish ish.. XD

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sad? Disappointed?

wat feeling am i having now ? sad ? disappointed ? i really dunno.. haih.. wish i can fell asleep now.. everything just doesnt seem rite or am i just thinking too much.. really hope i can b with my frens for a longer period of time.. at least when with them, i know i wun b dis sad.. i know will b as happy as any1 else when with my beloved frens.. but anyway, dun worry guys, im ok as per normal.. just dis few days i was thinking on something and is making me realising something n leading me to this kind of feeling.. haih.. la la la~~ ;p

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Few Days Blog

27 September
Happy Birthday 'n' Happy Retirement Day To My Dear Daddy..

Well well.. this date would be the memorable date maybe not for me but for my daddy cuz it is his birthday as well as his retirement day.. From the day, he will be at home resting.. Haha.. As well as be my full time driver.. XD Jk jk.. Anyway.. Dunno what to write about that day.. Roughly wat v had is had dinner at Mondesto (if not mistaken) at Hartamas together with 2 frens of dad.. Chat chat chat until 10 something oni reach home.. Then, sing song lor as a tradition.. But din eat la cuz every1 too full d.. XD

Daddy with a small tiramisu cake from the restaurant.. XD

The fruit cake that i bough for daddy..

The surprise me n muumy planned.. The flower was sent to daddy's office on his last day of working.. Kena scold pulak.. Make him so surprise >.<


28 Sept to 30 Sept

Nothing much happen dis few days.. Just as usual lorr.. Got homework for p9 n tutorial for p8.. ish ish.. My sunday is ruined by tutorial again larr.. Yerr~~ I hate P8 !!

Today will b the last day of our moral studies with exam of 80 mcq.. Din know im so good at shooting.. But still got a lot shoot wrongly la.. Ish ish.. Then later going to 1u with family to watch Rob-B-Hood .. XD la la la~~

Horr ! What chingyong has done to Adelee !! Ho ho ta ta yoh !

Adelee enjoying her tau fu fa~~

Friday, September 22, 2006

When 4 Soh Poh Get Together

woh.. so long din go out with my 3 soh poh's fren d.. hahaha.. so, after class at 11om, straight away went home n have lunch with mummy.. then, nap a while waiting for the soh poh, wai shin to come to my house from skul.. then went and fetch 2nd soh poh, kwan at aman puri.. then the 3rd soh poh, han say is on the way "flying" from college (oso in sunway college) to my house.. so, shin drove slowly back to my house.. but then when we reach my house.. she is not there yet.. >.< so shin say wan go pump petrol 1st.. so, ok lor.. pump petrol.. then, oni the soh poh han reach.. after pumping, go back to my house for the 3rd time to fetch han for lunch.. by the time is ady 2 something.. so went to medan putra for lunch.. had my 2nd lunch.. hahaha..

while having lunch, i just shouted that i wan go ceong k !! then the other 3 soh pohs just answered me this -->> "OK! Let's Go !" so, v went to red box at the curve.. but b4 dat, v go to han's house to put her car then go to shin's house to change clothes as she is wearing skul uniform n bau busuk.. then traffic jam some more on the way to shin house.. ish.. so reach the curve almost 5 d.. >.<

so sing sing sing sing n sing.. sing until 8pm ! sing non stop for 3 hours ! fuiyo.. 1st time whole the mic throughout.. hahaha.. still wana sing somemore de.. but then gor gor call me ask me wat time come back as mummy ady hungry.. !!! aicks >.< so , nid to ask that soh poh shin to fetch me back. haha.. ty shin oh ! muaks !

really enjoy the time with this 3 soh pohs.. haha.. memang still so sam pat.. ish.. haha.. esp when in the car.. the most sam pat time.. >.<>.< memang sam pat la !! ish ish..


haih.. just finish doing p9 not long ago.. while doing p9, sms with some1 lorr.. haha.. not really any secret person la.. just sms-ing my ex lah.. then chat with him on the phone.. wah.. so long din hear his voice.. suddenly cannot recall back how he sound like d.. >.< haha.. he still sound so cute.. haha.. well.. im happy that although it has been quite sometimes since v brake.. but v still can chat so happily like a normal couple.. quite miss the days v had together.. the sadness n the happiness..

yesterday was browsing thru all my testimonials in friendster.. from the 1st testimonial i get.. then, all the memory between my frens, secondary skul frens n even college frens just appear in my mind realising how wonderful n sweet time i actually had been thru with my frens.. really miss all the time that had already pass..

memories.. all this sweet memory, bitter memory, will always b inside my mind.. cuz it has teach me how to be more mature..

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Wondering is this the fate when meeting person.. If is the 1st time knowing such kind of person, i still can accept it.. But it's not the 1st time.. Ive met such person let me see, in total 4 different ppl? Haih.. I wonder what do they think.. I really dunno.. Dowana tok much on this.. But im really disappointed n sad cuz this shuld not b the way.. No.. It shuld not..

Friday, September 15, 2006

PT2 Has Over.. >.<

Well well.. At last, pt2 has pass.. Wow! First time in my life i took test so easily.. By how? By studying last minute for all 4 papers =.= Just start studying for the papers the day before the test.. I really can use the idiom of "Burning the MIDNIGHT oil" but in stead i "burn" the laptop beside me.. Hahaha.. Haih.. Wonder can pass this PT anot la.. Sien.. Watever.. Im so tired ! Everyday just sleep the most for 2 hours.. Wuwuwuwu... N ytd is the best.. Until this morning i oni slept for about.. let me see.. 15 mins? Oh Gosh ! Thnx to P7 which i dunno wat to study and yet i dun even wat i wrote in my test >.<>

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Feeling blue

Feeling blue~~

Haih... Y is it this few days feeling so blue.. Although i love blue very much but not on my mood marr.. Slept 2 hours oni today.. Mean i slept at almost 6am in the morning... Wat did i did? Did something.. Nothing larr.. Sms with some1 lor.. Haih.. Y does all this thing has to happen on me when i tot everything has back to normal.. Why does he has to tell me this when i have learn to say u r just my fren.. Y y y!!! U made me cry the whole night.. When u tell me u had this suspect sickness with the symptoms u have, u made me worried.. I tot i have learn to care u as a fren.. But no.. Ytd was a very touched conversation... He shed the tears with me.. No matter what, i will pray that u r ok n not facing with any sickness.. Im really worried.. Seriously, i dunno wat im typing in here.. I just write out wat's in my mind..

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

In Memory of Steve Irwin

In Memory of Steve Irwin

Well well~~ Is a surprising yet is a very sad news to hear.. The famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin has passed away today.. No, shuld say ytd cuz now is ady 12.08 am.. His show is really great to see where u can c how he care for all kinds of animals and how he manage the Australia Zoo with his team.. He's a great caring person! Gonna miss his show.. May U Rest In Peace..

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Sing To Ur Heart

Sing To Ur Heart~~

Last fri went to sing k with the group of sot sot gang... Hahaha... Is really sot lah.. Let me start from the beginning of wat v did...

8am : Went to 1U for gym.. exercise exercise.. But b4 dat, went to hong hong's house to fetch him lu.. Then went to park car at the 4th floor where the entrance to CF is.. Wah! Tot nobody at 9am but the carpark is like full with cars n definitely is people who r going for CF cuz 1U oso havent open.. Wah lau eh.. All these people no need work 1 ah.. Haha.. So, exercise for about an hour then go pom pom.. Then, received a msg from mum saying that my organ teacher waited for me at my house.. !!! Omg! I forgot i got organ class replacement! Haih.. Since im oso out d, so called my teacher to say sorry lu...

10.30am : Went to fetch we we.. N go to tkj's house to fetch her.. Then again, heading to my lou po's house.. Made a big round cuz the road sign all sudah patah.. Must b eileen's job.. Haih.. At last saw her house with adelee's n chingyong's car parking inside.. Wah!! My lou po's house so big lerr... Her room oso big big! Yer... Jealousnya... Got bed.. I oni sleep on the floor leh... Kelian punya me.. By the time reach her house is ady 11.30...

11.45am : In eileen's room, "practise" for our presentation while i busy finish up the slides.. Hahah... But i dun think dat is a practice la.. Cuz all just read fast fast punya.. Aicks... >.<

12.34pm : Heading to SP's redbox.. Find carpark.. Keep on turning turning turning until 6th floor.. Eh.. No no.. 7th floor oni got place.. Haiyo... Bad memory i have.. haha.. Luckily hong hong got take picture of where v park.. If not, sure lost..

1pm++ : Reach redbox, wyn yan, tatt hong, william n sher huey is there d.. So, yo yo gang exclude chinyong reach there lo n start to choose song.. Where is chingyong? Chingyong n wee ven went to Kim Gary to celebrate Chee Yuen's bday which r the same day oso together with Lionel the kodomo, Sharee jie jie oso there at Kim Gary.. Not long after that they oso come to join us lor.. Haha.. At first every1 still like in the moody mode.. Then dunno since when, i think since we we sing the FIR song n the Lionel start to get high, the atmosphere start to change.. Every1 in the room start to get hot.. Hahaha.. Until forcing TKJ to dance the "Ai Ni" n "Wu Niang" n "Woosa Woosa" n "Tuo Diao" song.. Haha.. Then the Sengetsenget Wyn Yan start to play the "toot toot train" jumping up n down on the sofa as well.. Haiyo.. V all like go clubbing more la.. Wonder there is any hidden cam anot.. If ppl c ah.. Ppl sure think this fellas all so siao 1.. The closing ceremony is by kena cake by the hong hong n wyn yan.. Haiyo.. All of us oso got the OILY cake cream except adelee n wee ven.. Cis.. Im so innocent la.. Wuwuwuwu..

6pm : Every1 say goodbye then head back to home lo.. Drop we we, hong hong at KJ while Joanna at Taman Megah.. Then speed home cuz got a stage show to attend with mum.. Reach home.. Got a fierce look from mum for reach home late lorr... So, rush rush rush... Haha.. But still manage to reach there b4 start la..

That's wat happen on Chingyong's bday.. Can say dat day is the happiest day i ever had so far this year.. I wun forgot how crazy v are dat day... Hahaha.. So, people out there, dun think dat accountants r very SQUARE.. We can go crazy sometimes.. Hahaha...


When u get high, u'll just sit not on the sofa but above the sofa..

Kodomo Lionel n Kodomo Chingyong

The birthday boy.. So song singing larr..

Yay!! The sot sot gang... Where is lionel ah.. Hmm.. Photographer mah.. But nvm.. Got his 2 finger as proof he is there 2..

Happy Burfday to Cyndi!!!

Wah!! TKJ sing until so yeng neh... ^^,

Sing to ur heart~~~~

The Ultraman Family~~From left : Ah Pa, Ah Ma n Ah Lui

The 5 great male singers!! Pls vote them!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006



Today is Saturday.. Duh! Anyway, morning is still as usual, attend the Moral Studies but dun listen to what is happening in front.. But still will c cuz today is the 2nd day of presentation.. So, there is 1 group present a small sketch.. Quite funny larr.. In the sense the way the slang they used.. Roughly that is all about in the morning.. Oh ya, when reach college in the morning, me n tkj was like walk from Audi 7 but is being used then walk back to G floor from 2nd floor to the office to ask where is the classroom. Then, the admin says is at Audi 2, so v walk there.. Then, there is a lecturer saying that audi is Islamic Studies.. Oh shut! So, both of us walk to Monash Block, heading to LT5 where we used last week.. Most of them are there 2.. So, we waited n waited then came Ms Regina saying "Who give u all the permission to b in here? The class is in Audi 2." Oh well, walk back to Audi 2.. Aarrgghhh... What a bad management.. No coordination.. Make me n tkj walk so much..

Kk... Then, in the afternoon, mama bring me to a shop without any name to have a facial wash.. Cuz 1 of the auntie say is very good.. Ok lorr.. Went there at Bandar Sri Damansara.. Then, had my facial treatment.. The mask is soooo cooling but is paining when picit my blackhead.. Wuwuwu.. Ouchie ouch.. Hahaha.. Then, as usual ended up bought facial cleaner, a mask, n 1 dunno wat.. Forgot d..

Then, went to mama's fren's house.. Then hong hong called me.. Ask me to confirm whether i can go for GYM anot.. Haha.. Then, i say "Haik!".. So, hong hong go register for me as well lo.. then call me again to ask for my details.. Give him lorr.. Hahaha.. At last, registered! Yay!! Cant wait to go to gym.. Cuz dis will my first time go to Gym.. Hong hong some more say got sauna, steam n even dance class! Dat is so cool!!! Cant wait for it! Dunno when can go.. Wohoooooo!! Excited ni...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shop shop shop

Shop Shop Shop...

Wah.. Today after class go 1u with ah lui n joanna.. Shop like crazy ppl oni lah.. Spent so much until nid to "gam gei" some more.. Aiyoyo.. But was so happy... Hahaha.. Bought a bag for myself n a watch for Ma Lau.. Bought a lot but all not for me except for the bag.. Cis.. Ah lui lah! Bully me de.. Wan me b cashier oni.. Wuwuwuwu.. Kenot.. Must b more stingy d... If not, boh lui lo.. But i still wan more shopping!! Hahahaha...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yesh!! Wohoo!!

Yesh!! Wohoo!!

After about 2 months since the exam, at last the results r out.. Today was attending P9, at first i was concentrating on the exercise.. Then suddenly, dunno Hong Hong or Sher Huey who turn back n told us that results r out.. OMG!! My thinking was "concentrate concentrate, dun think bout the results 1st". But i CANT!! Im worried n scared!! Then, luckily Ms Rozi gave us half an hour break.. So, me n ah lui just ran out of the class to the CLC.. Check check.. Dup Dup Dup.. My heart is jumping went opening my mail box.. Saw the mail!! Open it.. Scroll down.. And and..

Yesh!!!! I pass!! Relieved!! However the marks r not really satisfying to me.. Got to gambateh this sem.. Hehehe.. Then, Ms Voon Sia came in for P7 but she cancelled the class since all of us r too excited with the results.. Haha.. So, v celebrated Jun Yao's bday together with Wee Ven's bday who is on the 24th..

Reached home.. Dunno y the happiness i had is like just gone.. The feeling is like missing something.. Not sure wat.. Lying on the bed then fell asleep.. After dinner, saw 2 sms from TKJ n CC.. Hahaha.. Then, dunno y i smiled after reading CC's sms although is just a normal sms.. Hmm.. At least he made me smiled.. Thnx ya.. N now, blogging lo.. Then, wan go do P8 d.. Haiyo.. Wan rest 1 day oso kenot.. Apa lah..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yo Yo Gang

Yo Yo Gang

Following r just 2 pictures which ive edited as im kinda bored facing p9.. so edit some pictures v took dat day.. Will have more edited pic when im free to draw.. Sorry, im not gd at using mouse to draw.. Just a simple drawing.. Hehehe..


Well well.. slept at 3am in the morning n woke up at 10am... Well, i guess things have finally settled.. I guess both of them who read this blog will know y lah.. Hehehe.. Anyway, ytd was kinda sad day for me to hear cuz i got 2 break up news in 1 day from my 3 best frens(2 couple oh not 1)! Anyway, this is their decision n i'll always hope for the best for them..

Anyway, now my heart is jumping like crazy cuz tml the results of my P3, 4 n 5 is coming out.. Pls oh Pls.. Really hope i can pass.. Dowana resit!Wuwuwuwu... *pray harder*

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Dearest Junior

Yesterday, my class end at 11am but we left earlied cuz at around 10 something, our P9 lecturer, Ms Rozi, gave back our Progress Test 1's paper... Well, me n ah lui was kinda nervous n v hope v r not the last 2 papers again like wat happen in P6 but luckily v pass for P6... Hahaha... When she called the names, v have to go out to take the papers then leave the class.. Which means v pass.. Time pass by.. Finally! My name is called with the score 75.. Wohoo.. 1 more thing, congrats to Cyndi for passing ur p9..

Then, drive home lu.. At home, got to fried rice on my own cuz mummy got lunch with her gang.. Noisy gang =.=! And dun feel like wana follow her cause got to meet my secondary skul frens in the evening.. So, ate my simple fried rice then when to take bath n took a nap..

At around 3pm, was awoke by a call by fren, Hui Shan.. At 1st i tot it was wei da's voice.. then realise it's not n is from my junior, adrian.. Haha.. They r heading to pizza hut near metro prima n asked me to go.. Since it's been a long time did not c them so wake up n drove there... There are adrian, kar mun, ong yin ( my juniors of media), see toh n hui shan(my partners last year).. hehe.. n 2 more new junior member.. Congrats to see toh for being selected as the new Dai Goh of Media.. Haha.. Wei! Learn how to scold junior d lah.. Hahaha... Then, went to metro prima for a walk.. Then, go home lo.. Really happy to see them.. Anyway, wish u all the best in ur coming Percubaan n the real SPM.. I know u guys can do it.. ^^,

OMG!! Just now when watching AEC Music Station which they are showing the MYfm DJ having the magic show performance, saw my cousing bro on tv.. Eyer.. He is so lucky lah.. Dat day saw his frenster dat he took pics with all MYfm Dj.. Im do jealous.. Anyway, my cousin brother is a clown as a magician..

Friday, August 18, 2006


Now is 12.20am according to my com's time.. I am sitting in front of my laptop listening to music while browsing to some of friend's picture in friendster.. Suddenly, i browsed to someone's page.. Just don't understand i must click on his, ok, is a he.. click on his page.. I dunno y when i browse to his page, i just fell down.. Really down.. Although watever has happened is 3 years ago but i neva once fail to forget him.. I really really hope 1 day i can put down this burden.. I always tell people not to look at the past but walk forward to the future but y myself cant do it.. It is aching to be this way.. Because of this, i had hurt few people who tried to treat me good.. I felt sorry.. Just hope i can have a good night sleep..

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Layout

New Layout

Well, change again the layout as my dear friends said is hard to read in the previous blog.. "The Liars" layout.. So, since now im kinda free so change the layout for the blog as well my friendster.. Hope now can read lah.. If still can't do tell me and i'll try to change it again.. ^^,

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


If wana look on the pictures v have took on the community service n lione's bday party, feel free to check it out at either Siu Hong's blog or my friendster page..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lionel's Bday Party

After ytd's community service, is tiring enuf, however the fun is not end.. Today is lionel's bday party at his house.. In the morning, we went for Moral Studies.. However, me n ah lui skip class n went on9 at the library.. Cuz the class is too boring.. Haih.. Ekeke.. Anyway, the 4 hours also passed quite fast as v skip class n play in the class... Hahah...

Then, Hong, We, Huey, Wil, TKJ, n Eileen came to my house lo.. Buat bising saja.. Brought to a restaurant behind my house for lunch.. Guess how much is the food.. RM95.70.. Fuiyo.. I think is expensive cuz of the "crunchy pork skin".. Hehehe.. Not sure.. After lunch, went back to my house and every1 of them continue buat bising in my room.. Itu we we torture my hamtaro.. Wuwuwuwu.. Kelian my hamtaro lah.. Ekeke.. After writing msg for lionel n wrap the present which is clothes from SODA, we went to Huey's house at Sierramas.. Rich man place neh.. The house all is bungalo n big big 1 neh.. We played basketball.. Then, went to her house to bath.. Her house was like so nice dat v dun even there to sit on the chairs and v sat on the floor.. Sorry ah Huey! We dirtied ur floor.. ^^,

At around 5.30pm, we then go to Lionel's house which is just 10mins drive.. Sharrie, Mark, Chee Yuen, Tatt Hong was there d.. We ate a piece of pizza then explore his house.. His room some more got the golf thing to play.. Apa lah.. Got tv, computer, bed which is queen + single.. He really enjoy life lah.. Same like Huey.. Orang kaya.. Then, there are buffet, but ate just a bit cuz is not hungry.. Then, they had their water games which is so funny looking at sui yuan, kent, dexter, chingyong etc they all play.. I was innocently got splashed. Thnx to that Dexter!! Wuwuwuwu.. Half of playing, lionel's dad ask us to stop to sing song to lionel n his sis whose bday was just few days difference.. We sang, english, chinese, cantonese n malay bday song... Hahah.. The choc cake was nice.. Yummy! Then, part 2 of water game continued.. =.=!

After a while, i culdnt stand it anymore as it is too cold standing outside so me n tkj went to change clothes.. Then, there r phtoto taking session.. Then, every1 is in lionel's room, looking at lionel who is bz opening his present.. Then, we took pic again on his bed.. Yay! Hahaha.. Dat time im sleepy d.. *_* Then, lionel show us the video his dad took.. But half way of it, every1 ciaoz.. So, me n wil oso ciaoz as i saw wil is tired. Reach home around 11.45pm.. Then, on9 n went to bath.. N now im here.. blogging although im so so so tired n sleepy but too excited to blog.. Hehe.. Is time for me to sleep now.. Zzzzz..

Community Service

Fri, 11 Aug

Yesterday was a fun fun day!! Well, wat happened yesterday was roughly lidat..

In the morning, Yo Yo Gang attended P9 from 8 - 11am.. Then, all Yo Yo Gang + Pei Li + Carrie went to chingyong's house.. When we reach to where i park my car, Thomas also stop at the side then came down and said bye to us.. Wohoo.. Hahaha.. At first was curious y he stop then realise 2 cars beside me was Bay's car.. Ohh.. Anyway, Bay was angry cuz there's car blocking his car... Kelian kelian.. Me also blocked.. But luckily the man came n drive away.. Anyway, we continue our journey to chingyong's house following Adelee's car..

When we reach there, we packed the sweets to be given to the orphanage.. Then, TKJ orederd pizza for us.. Although the pizza was like every1 is just had 1 piece but it was quite full though.. Then, lepak at his house till almost about 2pm n we move on to Pei Ting(PT) house.. When we reach there we jusst drop by there for a while then pt n the gang went for lunch while yo yo gang went to the playground.. Took a lot of "sam pat" and ss pic.. Haha..

Around 2.30 when pt n the gang came back, we go on to the Rumah Hope.. On the way, adelee n chingyong was lost in following us.. Anyway, they manage to reach there. So, wat v did was, v had a "study session" with few kids (so called 20 kids but ended up oni 5 kids is there).. =.=! Anyway, then they had their tea break with sandwiches made by pt n the gang n also gas water.. Then, tried to had games as plan but ended up the kids do wat they want.. Haha.. They r so cute.. Then, went the waterballoon session come, every1 including the kids gone crazy.. Water splashing everywhere... Wohoo! Anyway, i felt down twice.. Wuwuwuwu.. Pain pain.. Hahah..

At around 7pm, we left the place n went to Taman Megah's Ming Tian foodcourt for dinner.. We ate and chit chat for a while and every1 went back at around 8.30pm.. Wow! It was a tiring day but it is a fun day! Nice nice.. Yesterday was the most crazy n childish n fun day i ever had.. Hahaha.. I love the kids in Rumah Hope n I miss them so much that i will always hope for the best for them.. *pray pray*

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Test Finish! Shopping!

Yay!! Progress test 1 at last finish!! Wohoo.. But horr... Haih.. Did quite badly leh.. Overall is quite ok i think except for today's paper which is Paper 7.. Alamak!! Is like 0% confidence neh.. Haih.. Ms Voon Sia ah.. Seriously i dunno wat u teaching in class leh.. I can pass ah.. I think i not bad d lah.. Haih.. Suan le ba.. Pray to God hard... *Pray Pray*

Anyway, after today's last paper, me, ah lui, hong hong, tkj, joanna, n sher huey went to sg wang gai gai!! Wohoo.. Happy happy neh.. We went to sg wang 1st by taking ktm from subang then change to monorail at the kl central.. At there, me n ah lui bought a purse each.. Ekeke.. Nice nice neh.. Then, oso hunt for Lionel's pressie.. La la la~~ Suspens.. Kenot tell what is it 1st.. Ekeke... Then, went to Low Yat to ask if my hp has been done repair.. Sad to say they say havent.. Wuwuwuwu.. Ok lah, then walk walk walk to Time Square as Huey's auntie is waiting for her there.. So, we teman her there then walk walk around lo.. Then, decided to proceed to monorail.. After reaching kl central, v stop at the stalls along the way to ktm, then me, hong, ah lui n tkj was trying on some sunglass. Yeng nya! Wana c pic go look at hong hong's blog. Anyway, that was not the 1 me n ah lui bought.. Dat was just trying it out.. Ekekeke... Phew.. Tat's was tiring neh.. Reach home around 6pm i think.. At Ktm, get to meet Huey Lynn, almost dun recognised until she sms me to confirm is me as she was wearing specs.. Anyway, today very happy!

And and cant wait for fri n sat!! Wohooo... Cant wait cant wait.. Ekekeke... Yay!! Hahaha..

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

My Burfday Pics!!

The yo yo gang!! With the piggy!!
My piggy!! Thnx boinkboink honghong!
The piggy's backside!
Ah Lui n Ah Pa n Piggy
Yay!! V 2 yeng anot?
Peace ^^,

Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Sneezing Birthday

27 July
Happy Sneezing Birthday to me!! Hahaha.. Cuz im sick on my bday.. So kelian horr... Thnx to HONG HONG lah.. BIG FAT ASS.. Anyway, roughly wat happen on my bday starting 12am is as following...

12am : 5 mins b4 12am, fat pig called me n wished me happy bday.. Then, kenny called me followed by my EX-ah lui, adelee.. hehe.. Besides, invisible wyn yan, shi fu(we we) sms-ed me too.. Cant really remember who sms me at that time as my hp has been sent to repair.. So, if i miss out any1 do forgv me! Anyway, others like my lou po, jun yao, hong hong, pt wished me in the msn.. Ty ty.. Then, i off9 n went to bed...

1am: mei-jean the loudspeaker n soh poh,han sms-ed me.. Ty ty.. Haha.. Fat pig oso sms me again.. So, chat with him till almost 2am i guess.. Then sleep

6.45am: William came n fetch me.. On the way, ronnie oso sms-ed me..

8am-2.30pm: Most of my classmates wished me.. Haha.. Happy happy.. Then, joanna gave me a card with wishes from frens... Ooo.. So touching.. Hehe.. Ty again!! During break, shi fu belanja me doughnut n cyndi belanja me tao fu fa.. Arigato guys!! After that, EX-ah lui brought the big piggy into class.. Wow..!! The piggy so cute!! Thnx all!! So, lou po help me to take photos with the piggy.. During p6, thnx to jun yao for telling ms shanta my bday, the class sang birthday song.. Haha... Ms Shanta asked me wat's my wishes n i said that hope that the class will b dismissed earlier.. She dismissed us by 5 mins earlier oni i think.. After class, the yo yo gang took pic with the piggy..

2.30 - 5pm: Had lunch at orange house.. Then play basketball n football.. Hahaha..

7-9++pm: had dinner with family at a restaurant at plazadamas (forget the name but was opened by eric tsang).. Had steamboat, "ma la huo guo".. Is very very very hot!! But is soooooooo nice.. Hehehe...

11++: At home. More sms from frens.. Too much to mention.. Sorry if i din mention ur frens ya.. Anyway, last person who wished me is kor kor.. He called me at around 11.50.. Haha.. He wana b the last person to wish.. Swt.. Oh ya.. oso thnx to kevin who is now in singapore.. Oso very happy to get ur msh.. ^^,

28 July

After class, went and fetch shin from skul... Met a lot of frens there.. So miss u all leh.. Anyway, then me, shin, kwan, n han went to secret recipe for lunch.. Nice nice!! Thnx gals for the lunch.. Hehehe..

That's roughly wat i had for my bday.. Really appreaciate it a lot.. Thnx to all my frens for giving me such a wonderful bday.. Ty ty!!
P.s: Pics will be uploaded in the next blog as the BOING BOING HONG HONG wans all the pics...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Countdown Countdown.. ^^,

Countdown Countdown.. ^^,

The time display on my com is 11.27pm.. wohoo.. half an hour more will be my 18th birthday.. Nothing to do but chatting with my frens.. They all siao.. So funny lah.. Hahaha... Anyway, quite happy although having a bad flu now.. 1st, Daniel wished me Happy Birthday in Advance.. (must rmb it).. Then, when on9, aun aun tell me that he will coming back and study back at sunway college!! wohooo!! so happy!! miss him miss him!! hehehe.. Dun misunderstood oh.. Then, fat pig sms-ed me a picture msg with a cake.. Hehe.. So nice.. Ty ty.. Hehehe.. Then, now im here typing this blog.. ^^,

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Homework Homework!!!

Homework Homework!!!

It's been a long time since i post my last blog.. Haih.. Due to wat.. Homework!!! Aarrgghhh... This sem is terrible.. Is like no difference with secondary skul life.. Everyday sure got homework 1.. The worst part for P8 is that not oni a few but u got to do about 7 essays.. with 2 sets (1 draft n 1 complete ans).. ee yerrr... Im so lazy to do lah.. Until now oso havent touch yet.. Sob sob.. Who did d?? Pls scan the ans n send it to me!!! Ty.. Hahaha...

Yesterday v had 7 hours brake in between due to the stupid computer class which is at 6pm.. =.=! So, after class at 11am, me, tkj, we we, cyndi, william,adelee, pei ting, n pei chin, 8 of us went to the Rumah Hope to get more info for our community service (Moral Studies = another stupid sub).. After that, me,tkj,we we n adelee went to midvalley n ate pizza.. Shi fu,we we teached me about pizza as well as plate.. (Pic below).. After pizza, v walk around with no mission.. Then, go carefour bought junk food to bring to Rumah Hope to give to the kids.. After that, went to cyndi's house to put all the things in his house and 4 of us slept for about half an hour.. Adelee slept the most.. Once reach the bed, straight doze off.. =.=".. Pig la u.. Hahaha.. Anyway, dat is how we spent our 7 hours for nothing..

Shi fu said this is the pizza which look like a feet

Shi fu told me that this is the plate and also menu where u can choose the food..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Exam Result Stress.. >.<

Exam Result Stress.. >.<

Aiyoyo.. At first also dowan think so much of my P3, P4, n P5 result de.. But then, when having dinner with my family as today is my mummy's bday.. "Happy Birthday Mummy!!".. Heheh.. Anyway, when we were talking about me getting the scholarship.. Then, my dad remind me that all my result need to keep it properly as the BNM will follow up with my results.. As i remember, most scholarships, if u did not do well in ur exams in college o U, they can terminate your scholarship.. OMG!! When dad reminded me that, i was like "uh oh".. I did quite badly in my last sem.. Shit!! I wan my scholarship!!! Wuwuwuwuwu.. Pls Pls Pls.. Let me pass my P3, P4, n P5.. *Pray hard*.. Pls pls pls.. Sometimes, getting a scholarship is not really a good news cause there's actually a lot of terms & conditions to be fulfilled and u must keep ur good grades till the very end.. Oh gosh.. U think getting a scholarship is easy?? Think twice.. Hahaha...

*My Offer Letter*

Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Happy... Wohoo...

Happy Happy.. Wohoo...

Guess what.. =.=! Now im in college library typing this blog.. Hahaha.. Sien nya.. Class start at 11.30am and now only 10.50am(according to the com's time).. Anyway, the best and happy part is i got my Bank Negara's full scholarship!! Yesh!! I got it!! According to daddy all my fees will be covered.. Beside that, i will get allowance every month i think.. Yes!! Money money!! Hahaha.. Today i will get my offer letter as daddy will happy to take.. Then, only i can confirm with all the offers as well as term and conditions which 1 of them as i know is that i need to work with Bank Negara.. Nvm lah.. After graduate. no need to worry about looking for new jobs mah.. Hahah.. ^^, Dowan type so much lah.. Wana go see what my frens doing d.. Tata

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

New Sem New Class But Old Friends ^^,

New Sem New Class But Old Friends ^^,

Yesterday (3rd of July), was the start of my 2nd sem.. Oh my god.. 3 weeks of holiday is like just a blink of an eye and is gone!! Oh my god.. I wan more holiday!! So that i can play more GB!! Hahaha... Anyway, now our group 2 is combined with group 1 and is a big class... Haiz..First day still ok lah.. Attended P7 & P8.. Dunno lehh.. Still don't have the mood to study.. Hahaha.. Then. today got back my car!! Yay!! Happy.. Tml can drive to college d.. But still car pool with William lo.. Can save up a lot of petrol oil ah.. Hahaha.. I think im crapping cuz i actually dunno what im writing as my head is thinking of something else.. ^^ Haiz...

Friday, June 30, 2006

Yunnan, China

Yunnan, China

Wohoo!! Finally im back from China!! Wow.. I enjoyed the trip so so so much.. Cant describe.. Just 1 word.. cool!! Hahaha.. Nah.. Some pictures i took..

wana c more.. i've upload few more in friendster.. So, have a look at there lah.. Haha.. Lazy to upload d.. =P