Saturday, August 26, 2006



Today is Saturday.. Duh! Anyway, morning is still as usual, attend the Moral Studies but dun listen to what is happening in front.. But still will c cuz today is the 2nd day of presentation.. So, there is 1 group present a small sketch.. Quite funny larr.. In the sense the way the slang they used.. Roughly that is all about in the morning.. Oh ya, when reach college in the morning, me n tkj was like walk from Audi 7 but is being used then walk back to G floor from 2nd floor to the office to ask where is the classroom. Then, the admin says is at Audi 2, so v walk there.. Then, there is a lecturer saying that audi is Islamic Studies.. Oh shut! So, both of us walk to Monash Block, heading to LT5 where we used last week.. Most of them are there 2.. So, we waited n waited then came Ms Regina saying "Who give u all the permission to b in here? The class is in Audi 2." Oh well, walk back to Audi 2.. Aarrgghhh... What a bad management.. No coordination.. Make me n tkj walk so much..

Kk... Then, in the afternoon, mama bring me to a shop without any name to have a facial wash.. Cuz 1 of the auntie say is very good.. Ok lorr.. Went there at Bandar Sri Damansara.. Then, had my facial treatment.. The mask is soooo cooling but is paining when picit my blackhead.. Wuwuwu.. Ouchie ouch.. Hahaha.. Then, as usual ended up bought facial cleaner, a mask, n 1 dunno wat.. Forgot d..

Then, went to mama's fren's house.. Then hong hong called me.. Ask me to confirm whether i can go for GYM anot.. Haha.. Then, i say "Haik!".. So, hong hong go register for me as well lo.. then call me again to ask for my details.. Give him lorr.. Hahaha.. At last, registered! Yay!! Cant wait to go to gym.. Cuz dis will my first time go to Gym.. Hong hong some more say got sauna, steam n even dance class! Dat is so cool!!! Cant wait for it! Dunno when can go.. Wohoooooo!! Excited ni...

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