Sunday, September 3, 2006

Sing To Ur Heart

Sing To Ur Heart~~

Last fri went to sing k with the group of sot sot gang... Hahaha... Is really sot lah.. Let me start from the beginning of wat v did...

8am : Went to 1U for gym.. exercise exercise.. But b4 dat, went to hong hong's house to fetch him lu.. Then went to park car at the 4th floor where the entrance to CF is.. Wah! Tot nobody at 9am but the carpark is like full with cars n definitely is people who r going for CF cuz 1U oso havent open.. Wah lau eh.. All these people no need work 1 ah.. Haha.. So, exercise for about an hour then go pom pom.. Then, received a msg from mum saying that my organ teacher waited for me at my house.. !!! Omg! I forgot i got organ class replacement! Haih.. Since im oso out d, so called my teacher to say sorry lu...

10.30am : Went to fetch we we.. N go to tkj's house to fetch her.. Then again, heading to my lou po's house.. Made a big round cuz the road sign all sudah patah.. Must b eileen's job.. Haih.. At last saw her house with adelee's n chingyong's car parking inside.. Wah!! My lou po's house so big lerr... Her room oso big big! Yer... Jealousnya... Got bed.. I oni sleep on the floor leh... Kelian punya me.. By the time reach her house is ady 11.30...

11.45am : In eileen's room, "practise" for our presentation while i busy finish up the slides.. Hahah... But i dun think dat is a practice la.. Cuz all just read fast fast punya.. Aicks... >.<

12.34pm : Heading to SP's redbox.. Find carpark.. Keep on turning turning turning until 6th floor.. Eh.. No no.. 7th floor oni got place.. Haiyo... Bad memory i have.. haha.. Luckily hong hong got take picture of where v park.. If not, sure lost..

1pm++ : Reach redbox, wyn yan, tatt hong, william n sher huey is there d.. So, yo yo gang exclude chinyong reach there lo n start to choose song.. Where is chingyong? Chingyong n wee ven went to Kim Gary to celebrate Chee Yuen's bday which r the same day oso together with Lionel the kodomo, Sharee jie jie oso there at Kim Gary.. Not long after that they oso come to join us lor.. Haha.. At first every1 still like in the moody mode.. Then dunno since when, i think since we we sing the FIR song n the Lionel start to get high, the atmosphere start to change.. Every1 in the room start to get hot.. Hahaha.. Until forcing TKJ to dance the "Ai Ni" n "Wu Niang" n "Woosa Woosa" n "Tuo Diao" song.. Haha.. Then the Sengetsenget Wyn Yan start to play the "toot toot train" jumping up n down on the sofa as well.. Haiyo.. V all like go clubbing more la.. Wonder there is any hidden cam anot.. If ppl c ah.. Ppl sure think this fellas all so siao 1.. The closing ceremony is by kena cake by the hong hong n wyn yan.. Haiyo.. All of us oso got the OILY cake cream except adelee n wee ven.. Cis.. Im so innocent la.. Wuwuwuwu..

6pm : Every1 say goodbye then head back to home lo.. Drop we we, hong hong at KJ while Joanna at Taman Megah.. Then speed home cuz got a stage show to attend with mum.. Reach home.. Got a fierce look from mum for reach home late lorr... So, rush rush rush... Haha.. But still manage to reach there b4 start la..

That's wat happen on Chingyong's bday.. Can say dat day is the happiest day i ever had so far this year.. I wun forgot how crazy v are dat day... Hahaha.. So, people out there, dun think dat accountants r very SQUARE.. We can go crazy sometimes.. Hahaha...


When u get high, u'll just sit not on the sofa but above the sofa..

Kodomo Lionel n Kodomo Chingyong

The birthday boy.. So song singing larr..

Yay!! The sot sot gang... Where is lionel ah.. Hmm.. Photographer mah.. But nvm.. Got his 2 finger as proof he is there 2..

Happy Burfday to Cyndi!!!

Wah!! TKJ sing until so yeng neh... ^^,

Sing to ur heart~~~~

The Ultraman Family~~From left : Ah Pa, Ah Ma n Ah Lui

The 5 great male singers!! Pls vote them!!


Christine said...

got hidden cam one inside la..The ppl at d counter muz be thinkin v sot sot d...BUT HU CARES.V r dere to enjoy ourselves!!!!!

Honghongtan said...

vote for me honghong no.2 . send sms to 33322 ! vote for me ! AHAHAHAHAH !

wynyan said...

wakaka...i wana buy the video tape on us...

k@hy3@n said...

yea!! i oso wan buy lerr!!wonder is there other ppl more sot than us arr..