Friday, September 22, 2006


haih.. just finish doing p9 not long ago.. while doing p9, sms with some1 lorr.. haha.. not really any secret person la.. just sms-ing my ex lah.. then chat with him on the phone.. wah.. so long din hear his voice.. suddenly cannot recall back how he sound like d.. >.< haha.. he still sound so cute.. haha.. well.. im happy that although it has been quite sometimes since v brake.. but v still can chat so happily like a normal couple.. quite miss the days v had together.. the sadness n the happiness..

yesterday was browsing thru all my testimonials in friendster.. from the 1st testimonial i get.. then, all the memory between my frens, secondary skul frens n even college frens just appear in my mind realising how wonderful n sweet time i actually had been thru with my frens.. really miss all the time that had already pass..

memories.. all this sweet memory, bitter memory, will always b inside my mind.. cuz it has teach me how to be more mature..


chingyong said...

lol..ur 'ex' also from kepong?? u owe me a testimonial ya.. i also want testimonial more than friends..haha

- AdeLeE - said...

Ah pa hor hor hor ! ahaha ! Ah pa ! I sei la sei la sei la ! XD

k@hy3@n said...

=.=! dun sei in my blog la.. choi choi.

chingyong.. not from kepong de..