Monday, February 23, 2015

"Meh" You Have a Happy "Goat" Year



To encourage cashless payment, you are allowed to give me ang pau by banking-in to my account. My account no is 1234 5678 9000... Kekeke .. Just kidding!

But no, if you really feel like doing good deeds, you really can transfer some to me .. xD

This year has been a quiet CNY for me, while not like every year I have a happening CNY to begin with. Went back to Sitiawan for reunion with Grandma. The difference this year is eldest uncle (of dad's side) has just passed away which I totally miss his presence, but in exchange of him, cousins all are at grandma's house for reunion dinner this year. A reunion that has came a little bit too late. If only he is still here. :(

And today, 5th day of CNY and i'm already back to work feeling super sleepy =_=

Haven't done any visiting so far but tonight hopefully will be able to at least meet up with my usual So Po gang.