Saturday, August 26, 2006



Today is Saturday.. Duh! Anyway, morning is still as usual, attend the Moral Studies but dun listen to what is happening in front.. But still will c cuz today is the 2nd day of presentation.. So, there is 1 group present a small sketch.. Quite funny larr.. In the sense the way the slang they used.. Roughly that is all about in the morning.. Oh ya, when reach college in the morning, me n tkj was like walk from Audi 7 but is being used then walk back to G floor from 2nd floor to the office to ask where is the classroom. Then, the admin says is at Audi 2, so v walk there.. Then, there is a lecturer saying that audi is Islamic Studies.. Oh shut! So, both of us walk to Monash Block, heading to LT5 where we used last week.. Most of them are there 2.. So, we waited n waited then came Ms Regina saying "Who give u all the permission to b in here? The class is in Audi 2." Oh well, walk back to Audi 2.. Aarrgghhh... What a bad management.. No coordination.. Make me n tkj walk so much..

Kk... Then, in the afternoon, mama bring me to a shop without any name to have a facial wash.. Cuz 1 of the auntie say is very good.. Ok lorr.. Went there at Bandar Sri Damansara.. Then, had my facial treatment.. The mask is soooo cooling but is paining when picit my blackhead.. Wuwuwu.. Ouchie ouch.. Hahaha.. Then, as usual ended up bought facial cleaner, a mask, n 1 dunno wat.. Forgot d..

Then, went to mama's fren's house.. Then hong hong called me.. Ask me to confirm whether i can go for GYM anot.. Haha.. Then, i say "Haik!".. So, hong hong go register for me as well lo.. then call me again to ask for my details.. Give him lorr.. Hahaha.. At last, registered! Yay!! Cant wait to go to gym.. Cuz dis will my first time go to Gym.. Hong hong some more say got sauna, steam n even dance class! Dat is so cool!!! Cant wait for it! Dunno when can go.. Wohoooooo!! Excited ni...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shop shop shop

Shop Shop Shop...

Wah.. Today after class go 1u with ah lui n joanna.. Shop like crazy ppl oni lah.. Spent so much until nid to "gam gei" some more.. Aiyoyo.. But was so happy... Hahaha.. Bought a bag for myself n a watch for Ma Lau.. Bought a lot but all not for me except for the bag.. Cis.. Ah lui lah! Bully me de.. Wan me b cashier oni.. Wuwuwuwu.. Kenot.. Must b more stingy d... If not, boh lui lo.. But i still wan more shopping!! Hahahaha...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yesh!! Wohoo!!

Yesh!! Wohoo!!

After about 2 months since the exam, at last the results r out.. Today was attending P9, at first i was concentrating on the exercise.. Then suddenly, dunno Hong Hong or Sher Huey who turn back n told us that results r out.. OMG!! My thinking was "concentrate concentrate, dun think bout the results 1st". But i CANT!! Im worried n scared!! Then, luckily Ms Rozi gave us half an hour break.. So, me n ah lui just ran out of the class to the CLC.. Check check.. Dup Dup Dup.. My heart is jumping went opening my mail box.. Saw the mail!! Open it.. Scroll down.. And and..

Yesh!!!! I pass!! Relieved!! However the marks r not really satisfying to me.. Got to gambateh this sem.. Hehehe.. Then, Ms Voon Sia came in for P7 but she cancelled the class since all of us r too excited with the results.. Haha.. So, v celebrated Jun Yao's bday together with Wee Ven's bday who is on the 24th..

Reached home.. Dunno y the happiness i had is like just gone.. The feeling is like missing something.. Not sure wat.. Lying on the bed then fell asleep.. After dinner, saw 2 sms from TKJ n CC.. Hahaha.. Then, dunno y i smiled after reading CC's sms although is just a normal sms.. Hmm.. At least he made me smiled.. Thnx ya.. N now, blogging lo.. Then, wan go do P8 d.. Haiyo.. Wan rest 1 day oso kenot.. Apa lah..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yo Yo Gang

Yo Yo Gang

Following r just 2 pictures which ive edited as im kinda bored facing p9.. so edit some pictures v took dat day.. Will have more edited pic when im free to draw.. Sorry, im not gd at using mouse to draw.. Just a simple drawing.. Hehehe..


Well well.. slept at 3am in the morning n woke up at 10am... Well, i guess things have finally settled.. I guess both of them who read this blog will know y lah.. Hehehe.. Anyway, ytd was kinda sad day for me to hear cuz i got 2 break up news in 1 day from my 3 best frens(2 couple oh not 1)! Anyway, this is their decision n i'll always hope for the best for them..

Anyway, now my heart is jumping like crazy cuz tml the results of my P3, 4 n 5 is coming out.. Pls oh Pls.. Really hope i can pass.. Dowana resit!Wuwuwuwu... *pray harder*

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Dearest Junior

Yesterday, my class end at 11am but we left earlied cuz at around 10 something, our P9 lecturer, Ms Rozi, gave back our Progress Test 1's paper... Well, me n ah lui was kinda nervous n v hope v r not the last 2 papers again like wat happen in P6 but luckily v pass for P6... Hahaha... When she called the names, v have to go out to take the papers then leave the class.. Which means v pass.. Time pass by.. Finally! My name is called with the score 75.. Wohoo.. 1 more thing, congrats to Cyndi for passing ur p9..

Then, drive home lu.. At home, got to fried rice on my own cuz mummy got lunch with her gang.. Noisy gang =.=! And dun feel like wana follow her cause got to meet my secondary skul frens in the evening.. So, ate my simple fried rice then when to take bath n took a nap..

At around 3pm, was awoke by a call by fren, Hui Shan.. At 1st i tot it was wei da's voice.. then realise it's not n is from my junior, adrian.. Haha.. They r heading to pizza hut near metro prima n asked me to go.. Since it's been a long time did not c them so wake up n drove there... There are adrian, kar mun, ong yin ( my juniors of media), see toh n hui shan(my partners last year).. hehe.. n 2 more new junior member.. Congrats to see toh for being selected as the new Dai Goh of Media.. Haha.. Wei! Learn how to scold junior d lah.. Hahaha... Then, went to metro prima for a walk.. Then, go home lo.. Really happy to see them.. Anyway, wish u all the best in ur coming Percubaan n the real SPM.. I know u guys can do it.. ^^,

OMG!! Just now when watching AEC Music Station which they are showing the MYfm DJ having the magic show performance, saw my cousing bro on tv.. Eyer.. He is so lucky lah.. Dat day saw his frenster dat he took pics with all MYfm Dj.. Im do jealous.. Anyway, my cousin brother is a clown as a magician..

Friday, August 18, 2006


Now is 12.20am according to my com's time.. I am sitting in front of my laptop listening to music while browsing to some of friend's picture in friendster.. Suddenly, i browsed to someone's page.. Just don't understand i must click on his, ok, is a he.. click on his page.. I dunno y when i browse to his page, i just fell down.. Really down.. Although watever has happened is 3 years ago but i neva once fail to forget him.. I really really hope 1 day i can put down this burden.. I always tell people not to look at the past but walk forward to the future but y myself cant do it.. It is aching to be this way.. Because of this, i had hurt few people who tried to treat me good.. I felt sorry.. Just hope i can have a good night sleep..

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Layout

New Layout

Well, change again the layout as my dear friends said is hard to read in the previous blog.. "The Liars" layout.. So, since now im kinda free so change the layout for the blog as well my friendster.. Hope now can read lah.. If still can't do tell me and i'll try to change it again.. ^^,

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


If wana look on the pictures v have took on the community service n lione's bday party, feel free to check it out at either Siu Hong's blog or my friendster page..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lionel's Bday Party

After ytd's community service, is tiring enuf, however the fun is not end.. Today is lionel's bday party at his house.. In the morning, we went for Moral Studies.. However, me n ah lui skip class n went on9 at the library.. Cuz the class is too boring.. Haih.. Ekeke.. Anyway, the 4 hours also passed quite fast as v skip class n play in the class... Hahah...

Then, Hong, We, Huey, Wil, TKJ, n Eileen came to my house lo.. Buat bising saja.. Brought to a restaurant behind my house for lunch.. Guess how much is the food.. RM95.70.. Fuiyo.. I think is expensive cuz of the "crunchy pork skin".. Hehehe.. Not sure.. After lunch, went back to my house and every1 of them continue buat bising in my room.. Itu we we torture my hamtaro.. Wuwuwuwu.. Kelian my hamtaro lah.. Ekeke.. After writing msg for lionel n wrap the present which is clothes from SODA, we went to Huey's house at Sierramas.. Rich man place neh.. The house all is bungalo n big big 1 neh.. We played basketball.. Then, went to her house to bath.. Her house was like so nice dat v dun even there to sit on the chairs and v sat on the floor.. Sorry ah Huey! We dirtied ur floor.. ^^,

At around 5.30pm, we then go to Lionel's house which is just 10mins drive.. Sharrie, Mark, Chee Yuen, Tatt Hong was there d.. We ate a piece of pizza then explore his house.. His room some more got the golf thing to play.. Apa lah.. Got tv, computer, bed which is queen + single.. He really enjoy life lah.. Same like Huey.. Orang kaya.. Then, there are buffet, but ate just a bit cuz is not hungry.. Then, they had their water games which is so funny looking at sui yuan, kent, dexter, chingyong etc they all play.. I was innocently got splashed. Thnx to that Dexter!! Wuwuwuwu.. Half of playing, lionel's dad ask us to stop to sing song to lionel n his sis whose bday was just few days difference.. We sang, english, chinese, cantonese n malay bday song... Hahah.. The choc cake was nice.. Yummy! Then, part 2 of water game continued.. =.=!

After a while, i culdnt stand it anymore as it is too cold standing outside so me n tkj went to change clothes.. Then, there r phtoto taking session.. Then, every1 is in lionel's room, looking at lionel who is bz opening his present.. Then, we took pic again on his bed.. Yay! Hahaha.. Dat time im sleepy d.. *_* Then, lionel show us the video his dad took.. But half way of it, every1 ciaoz.. So, me n wil oso ciaoz as i saw wil is tired. Reach home around 11.45pm.. Then, on9 n went to bath.. N now im here.. blogging although im so so so tired n sleepy but too excited to blog.. Hehe.. Is time for me to sleep now.. Zzzzz..

Community Service

Fri, 11 Aug

Yesterday was a fun fun day!! Well, wat happened yesterday was roughly lidat..

In the morning, Yo Yo Gang attended P9 from 8 - 11am.. Then, all Yo Yo Gang + Pei Li + Carrie went to chingyong's house.. When we reach to where i park my car, Thomas also stop at the side then came down and said bye to us.. Wohoo.. Hahaha.. At first was curious y he stop then realise 2 cars beside me was Bay's car.. Ohh.. Anyway, Bay was angry cuz there's car blocking his car... Kelian kelian.. Me also blocked.. But luckily the man came n drive away.. Anyway, we continue our journey to chingyong's house following Adelee's car..

When we reach there, we packed the sweets to be given to the orphanage.. Then, TKJ orederd pizza for us.. Although the pizza was like every1 is just had 1 piece but it was quite full though.. Then, lepak at his house till almost about 2pm n we move on to Pei Ting(PT) house.. When we reach there we jusst drop by there for a while then pt n the gang went for lunch while yo yo gang went to the playground.. Took a lot of "sam pat" and ss pic.. Haha..

Around 2.30 when pt n the gang came back, we go on to the Rumah Hope.. On the way, adelee n chingyong was lost in following us.. Anyway, they manage to reach there. So, wat v did was, v had a "study session" with few kids (so called 20 kids but ended up oni 5 kids is there).. =.=! Anyway, then they had their tea break with sandwiches made by pt n the gang n also gas water.. Then, tried to had games as plan but ended up the kids do wat they want.. Haha.. They r so cute.. Then, went the waterballoon session come, every1 including the kids gone crazy.. Water splashing everywhere... Wohoo! Anyway, i felt down twice.. Wuwuwuwu.. Pain pain.. Hahah..

At around 7pm, we left the place n went to Taman Megah's Ming Tian foodcourt for dinner.. We ate and chit chat for a while and every1 went back at around 8.30pm.. Wow! It was a tiring day but it is a fun day! Nice nice.. Yesterday was the most crazy n childish n fun day i ever had.. Hahaha.. I love the kids in Rumah Hope n I miss them so much that i will always hope for the best for them.. *pray pray*

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Test Finish! Shopping!

Yay!! Progress test 1 at last finish!! Wohoo.. But horr... Haih.. Did quite badly leh.. Overall is quite ok i think except for today's paper which is Paper 7.. Alamak!! Is like 0% confidence neh.. Haih.. Ms Voon Sia ah.. Seriously i dunno wat u teaching in class leh.. I can pass ah.. I think i not bad d lah.. Haih.. Suan le ba.. Pray to God hard... *Pray Pray*

Anyway, after today's last paper, me, ah lui, hong hong, tkj, joanna, n sher huey went to sg wang gai gai!! Wohoo.. Happy happy neh.. We went to sg wang 1st by taking ktm from subang then change to monorail at the kl central.. At there, me n ah lui bought a purse each.. Ekeke.. Nice nice neh.. Then, oso hunt for Lionel's pressie.. La la la~~ Suspens.. Kenot tell what is it 1st.. Ekeke... Then, went to Low Yat to ask if my hp has been done repair.. Sad to say they say havent.. Wuwuwuwu.. Ok lah, then walk walk walk to Time Square as Huey's auntie is waiting for her there.. So, we teman her there then walk walk around lo.. Then, decided to proceed to monorail.. After reaching kl central, v stop at the stalls along the way to ktm, then me, hong, ah lui n tkj was trying on some sunglass. Yeng nya! Wana c pic go look at hong hong's blog. Anyway, that was not the 1 me n ah lui bought.. Dat was just trying it out.. Ekekeke... Phew.. Tat's was tiring neh.. Reach home around 6pm i think.. At Ktm, get to meet Huey Lynn, almost dun recognised until she sms me to confirm is me as she was wearing specs.. Anyway, today very happy!

And and cant wait for fri n sat!! Wohooo... Cant wait cant wait.. Ekekeke... Yay!! Hahaha..

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

My Burfday Pics!!

The yo yo gang!! With the piggy!!
My piggy!! Thnx boinkboink honghong!
The piggy's backside!
Ah Lui n Ah Pa n Piggy
Yay!! V 2 yeng anot?
Peace ^^,