Sunday, August 13, 2006

Community Service

Fri, 11 Aug

Yesterday was a fun fun day!! Well, wat happened yesterday was roughly lidat..

In the morning, Yo Yo Gang attended P9 from 8 - 11am.. Then, all Yo Yo Gang + Pei Li + Carrie went to chingyong's house.. When we reach to where i park my car, Thomas also stop at the side then came down and said bye to us.. Wohoo.. Hahaha.. At first was curious y he stop then realise 2 cars beside me was Bay's car.. Ohh.. Anyway, Bay was angry cuz there's car blocking his car... Kelian kelian.. Me also blocked.. But luckily the man came n drive away.. Anyway, we continue our journey to chingyong's house following Adelee's car..

When we reach there, we packed the sweets to be given to the orphanage.. Then, TKJ orederd pizza for us.. Although the pizza was like every1 is just had 1 piece but it was quite full though.. Then, lepak at his house till almost about 2pm n we move on to Pei Ting(PT) house.. When we reach there we jusst drop by there for a while then pt n the gang went for lunch while yo yo gang went to the playground.. Took a lot of "sam pat" and ss pic.. Haha..

Around 2.30 when pt n the gang came back, we go on to the Rumah Hope.. On the way, adelee n chingyong was lost in following us.. Anyway, they manage to reach there. So, wat v did was, v had a "study session" with few kids (so called 20 kids but ended up oni 5 kids is there).. =.=! Anyway, then they had their tea break with sandwiches made by pt n the gang n also gas water.. Then, tried to had games as plan but ended up the kids do wat they want.. Haha.. They r so cute.. Then, went the waterballoon session come, every1 including the kids gone crazy.. Water splashing everywhere... Wohoo! Anyway, i felt down twice.. Wuwuwuwu.. Pain pain.. Hahah..

At around 7pm, we left the place n went to Taman Megah's Ming Tian foodcourt for dinner.. We ate and chit chat for a while and every1 went back at around 8.30pm.. Wow! It was a tiring day but it is a fun day! Nice nice.. Yesterday was the most crazy n childish n fun day i ever had.. Hahaha.. I love the kids in Rumah Hope n I miss them so much that i will always hope for the best for them.. *pray pray*

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