Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well well.. slept at 3am in the morning n woke up at 10am... Well, i guess things have finally settled.. I guess both of them who read this blog will know y lah.. Hehehe.. Anyway, ytd was kinda sad day for me to hear cuz i got 2 break up news in 1 day from my 3 best frens(2 couple oh not 1)! Anyway, this is their decision n i'll always hope for the best for them..

Anyway, now my heart is jumping like crazy cuz tml the results of my P3, 4 n 5 is coming out.. Pls oh Pls.. Really hope i can pass.. Dowana resit!Wuwuwuwu... *pray harder*


Honghongtan said...

apa break up ! IS CHANGE OF RELATIONSHIP OK ! haha ! go back my blog and reread ! my icecream my icecream my icecream !!!

k@hy3@n said...

=.=! haiya.. i lazy to type so long marr... ok lo.. CHANGE OF RELATIONSHIP.. tak mengaku kalah punya budak.. =.=!