Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Test Finish! Shopping!

Yay!! Progress test 1 at last finish!! Wohoo.. But horr... Haih.. Did quite badly leh.. Overall is quite ok i think except for today's paper which is Paper 7.. Alamak!! Is like 0% confidence neh.. Haih.. Ms Voon Sia ah.. Seriously i dunno wat u teaching in class leh.. I can pass ah.. I think i not bad d lah.. Haih.. Suan le ba.. Pray to God hard... *Pray Pray*

Anyway, after today's last paper, me, ah lui, hong hong, tkj, joanna, n sher huey went to sg wang gai gai!! Wohoo.. Happy happy neh.. We went to sg wang 1st by taking ktm from subang then change to monorail at the kl central.. At there, me n ah lui bought a purse each.. Ekeke.. Nice nice neh.. Then, oso hunt for Lionel's pressie.. La la la~~ Suspens.. Kenot tell what is it 1st.. Ekeke... Then, went to Low Yat to ask if my hp has been done repair.. Sad to say they say havent.. Wuwuwuwu.. Ok lah, then walk walk walk to Time Square as Huey's auntie is waiting for her there.. So, we teman her there then walk walk around lo.. Then, decided to proceed to monorail.. After reaching kl central, v stop at the stalls along the way to ktm, then me, hong, ah lui n tkj was trying on some sunglass. Yeng nya! Wana c pic go look at hong hong's blog. Anyway, that was not the 1 me n ah lui bought.. Dat was just trying it out.. Ekekeke... Phew.. Tat's was tiring neh.. Reach home around 6pm i think.. At Ktm, get to meet Huey Lynn, almost dun recognised until she sms me to confirm is me as she was wearing specs.. Anyway, today very happy!

And and cant wait for fri n sat!! Wohooo... Cant wait cant wait.. Ekekeke... Yay!! Hahaha..

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