Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lionel's Bday Party

After ytd's community service, is tiring enuf, however the fun is not end.. Today is lionel's bday party at his house.. In the morning, we went for Moral Studies.. However, me n ah lui skip class n went on9 at the library.. Cuz the class is too boring.. Haih.. Ekeke.. Anyway, the 4 hours also passed quite fast as v skip class n play in the class... Hahah...

Then, Hong, We, Huey, Wil, TKJ, n Eileen came to my house lo.. Buat bising saja.. Brought to a restaurant behind my house for lunch.. Guess how much is the food.. RM95.70.. Fuiyo.. I think is expensive cuz of the "crunchy pork skin".. Hehehe.. Not sure.. After lunch, went back to my house and every1 of them continue buat bising in my room.. Itu we we torture my hamtaro.. Wuwuwuwu.. Kelian my hamtaro lah.. Ekeke.. After writing msg for lionel n wrap the present which is clothes from SODA, we went to Huey's house at Sierramas.. Rich man place neh.. The house all is bungalo n big big 1 neh.. We played basketball.. Then, went to her house to bath.. Her house was like so nice dat v dun even there to sit on the chairs and v sat on the floor.. Sorry ah Huey! We dirtied ur floor.. ^^,

At around 5.30pm, we then go to Lionel's house which is just 10mins drive.. Sharrie, Mark, Chee Yuen, Tatt Hong was there d.. We ate a piece of pizza then explore his house.. His room some more got the golf thing to play.. Apa lah.. Got tv, computer, bed which is queen + single.. He really enjoy life lah.. Same like Huey.. Orang kaya.. Then, there are buffet, but ate just a bit cuz is not hungry.. Then, they had their water games which is so funny looking at sui yuan, kent, dexter, chingyong etc they all play.. I was innocently got splashed. Thnx to that Dexter!! Wuwuwuwu.. Half of playing, lionel's dad ask us to stop to sing song to lionel n his sis whose bday was just few days difference.. We sang, english, chinese, cantonese n malay bday song... Hahah.. The choc cake was nice.. Yummy! Then, part 2 of water game continued.. =.=!

After a while, i culdnt stand it anymore as it is too cold standing outside so me n tkj went to change clothes.. Then, there r phtoto taking session.. Then, every1 is in lionel's room, looking at lionel who is bz opening his present.. Then, we took pic again on his bed.. Yay! Hahaha.. Dat time im sleepy d.. *_* Then, lionel show us the video his dad took.. But half way of it, every1 ciaoz.. So, me n wil oso ciaoz as i saw wil is tired. Reach home around 11.45pm.. Then, on9 n went to bath.. N now im here.. blogging although im so so so tired n sleepy but too excited to blog.. Hehe.. Is time for me to sleep now.. Zzzzz..


chingyong said...

wet wet yean yean.. lol..kena splash.. dai sei..

k@hy3@n said...

hmm... at least i better than u lah.. kena pull pants.. kelian nya