Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Dearest Junior

Yesterday, my class end at 11am but we left earlied cuz at around 10 something, our P9 lecturer, Ms Rozi, gave back our Progress Test 1's paper... Well, me n ah lui was kinda nervous n v hope v r not the last 2 papers again like wat happen in P6 but luckily v pass for P6... Hahaha... When she called the names, v have to go out to take the papers then leave the class.. Which means v pass.. Time pass by.. Finally! My name is called with the score 75.. Wohoo.. 1 more thing, congrats to Cyndi for passing ur p9..

Then, drive home lu.. At home, got to fried rice on my own cuz mummy got lunch with her gang.. Noisy gang =.=! And dun feel like wana follow her cause got to meet my secondary skul frens in the evening.. So, ate my simple fried rice then when to take bath n took a nap..

At around 3pm, was awoke by a call by fren, Hui Shan.. At 1st i tot it was wei da's voice.. then realise it's not n is from my junior, adrian.. Haha.. They r heading to pizza hut near metro prima n asked me to go.. Since it's been a long time did not c them so wake up n drove there... There are adrian, kar mun, ong yin ( my juniors of media), see toh n hui shan(my partners last year).. hehe.. n 2 more new junior member.. Congrats to see toh for being selected as the new Dai Goh of Media.. Haha.. Wei! Learn how to scold junior d lah.. Hahaha... Then, went to metro prima for a walk.. Then, go home lo.. Really happy to see them.. Anyway, wish u all the best in ur coming Percubaan n the real SPM.. I know u guys can do it.. ^^,

OMG!! Just now when watching AEC Music Station which they are showing the MYfm DJ having the magic show performance, saw my cousing bro on tv.. Eyer.. He is so lucky lah.. Dat day saw his frenster dat he took pics with all MYfm Dj.. Im do jealous.. Anyway, my cousin brother is a clown as a magician..

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