Saturday, September 30, 2006

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27 September
Happy Birthday 'n' Happy Retirement Day To My Dear Daddy..

Well well.. this date would be the memorable date maybe not for me but for my daddy cuz it is his birthday as well as his retirement day.. From the day, he will be at home resting.. Haha.. As well as be my full time driver.. XD Jk jk.. Anyway.. Dunno what to write about that day.. Roughly wat v had is had dinner at Mondesto (if not mistaken) at Hartamas together with 2 frens of dad.. Chat chat chat until 10 something oni reach home.. Then, sing song lor as a tradition.. But din eat la cuz every1 too full d.. XD

Daddy with a small tiramisu cake from the restaurant.. XD

The fruit cake that i bough for daddy..

The surprise me n muumy planned.. The flower was sent to daddy's office on his last day of working.. Kena scold pulak.. Make him so surprise >.<


28 Sept to 30 Sept

Nothing much happen dis few days.. Just as usual lorr.. Got homework for p9 n tutorial for p8.. ish ish.. My sunday is ruined by tutorial again larr.. Yerr~~ I hate P8 !!

Today will b the last day of our moral studies with exam of 80 mcq.. Din know im so good at shooting.. But still got a lot shoot wrongly la.. Ish ish.. Then later going to 1u with family to watch Rob-B-Hood .. XD la la la~~

Horr ! What chingyong has done to Adelee !! Ho ho ta ta yoh !

Adelee enjoying her tau fu fa~~


chingyong said...

happy b'day 'kai ma' de ah pa!!

chingyong said...

that 1 NOT me.. is just wan kok..

speiss said...

loooooooooooooolz, chingyong look so.. erm.. sooo... sooo


erm.. dunno lah

k@hy3@n said...

yea la~~ chingyong look so.. yi yerr~~ dunno wat he did to adelee~~ ish ish..

chingyong said...

wat i did wor 'kai ma'??

- AdeLeE - said...

ahaha . happy bday gong gong ! i love u gong gong ! muah !