Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sungai Wang

we had no class for the past mon .. so , me , honghong, wewe, tkj , adelee, kacy popo, yillian decided to go sungai wang .. honghong , kacy , yillian go there leh is to shop shop n shop .. we we is go mark all the shops then bring his family to buy all the shirts he targeted .. me , tkj n adelee go there for no reason .. just wana waste time there rather than staying at home lo.. so .. following r wat happen from the time i reach kl central..

11am : reached kl central n meet up with tkj n adelee .. both of them reach there arounf 10.30 d i think.. lepaking around there .. haha .. then , about 10 mins later , wewe n honghong reach by lrt lu.. so , we headed to the monorail .. nothing much happen at the beginning..

11.45am : reached imbi station then walk to sungai wang .. save 5ocents by stopping 1 station earlier.. hahah .. reach there, tot popo reach d.. mana tau she go eat korean food =.= so 5 of us walk around n look at the clothes lor .. n had bread too at the Kings as some of us r hungry .. after that , start shopping lu ~! honghong n wewe is so engross in shopping while the 3 gals just follow them n look c look c lor.. hehehe.. honghong manage to buy a long sleeve shirt after trying for SOOOOO many shirts n jeans but ended up buying 1 shirt nia .. hahaha.. gek sei the sales promoter la..

2something : me n tkj start to get bored looking at the guys shopping for clothes =.= so , we decided to go to times square for movie .. tot honghong wan continue shopping with popo they all.. mana tau he oso follow us lu.. so 5 of us again walk to times square .. n here come the interesting part of all : -

- reach times square n tot of take lift to the floor where the cinema is.. mana tau go in the lift but dunno which floor is the cinema n search for it.. when we found it is at 3rd florr.. the lift has ady gone to arounf 13 or 11 floor =.= ish ish.. so we has to go all the way back down to 3rd floor ..

- reach cinema n bought ticket for "The Covenant" at 3.20pm.. we we said dat we had enuf time for lunch.. so , every1 agree n bought the ticket n headed to another lift to go to the sushi king .. and again .. we reached at the wrong floor =.= as we had get out from the lift oni realising we r at the wrong place .. so had to wait for another lift .. waited for about 5 to 10 mins .. wuwuwu.. time wasted ..

- reach sushi king .. order food to eat.. waited .. when the food came , i looked at tkj's watch , n said "OMG ! is 3.20 ?!? Our show not at 3.20 meh " then every1 start to realise dat... hahaha.. so , all of us ate in a rush except for adelee as her food has not even come after waiting for more than 15 mins.. wat a bad customer service they have.. no customer but still do things so slow.. so, ask them to ta pao adelee's order so dat she can eat in the cinema ..

3.20pm : in the cinema.. was late for the front part a bit.. anyway, still can catch up the story .. adelee was sitting beside me with her food.. yerr ~! the smell of the food.. although im so full but the smell makes me wana eat as did not enjoy my meal nicely .. haih..

5something : finish watching d .. then headed back to low yat plaza as honghong wana cut his hair.. so go there lo.. he cut his hair n 4 of us sat down there looking around .. hehe

6pm : walk to imbi monorail station as all of us wan go home d .. bought the ticket .. walk up the stairs n OMG !! the monorail is full with ppl .. i cant even see the floor d la =.= so , at first tot fo wana get out from there n walk a while at time square 1st .. but the ticketing counter ppl say if once we go out .. when we come in again , we need to pay again =.= haih.. so decided to wait lo.. line up.. then drank yakult which brought out from the sushi king 1 .. haha.. another interesting part : -
- tkj ... she horr .. hahaha.. dowan say la.. later she beng me .. haha.. oni 5 of us know it.. wakakakaka.. if other wana tell out, FEEL FREE TO SAY OUT AT THE COMMENT ... hahaha ..

almost 7 : reached kl central n decided to have a drink 1st b4 going home cuz confirm the train will be cram with ppl at that time .. so went to kfc n had a drink ..

7.30pm : every1 went back with how they came .. honghong n wewe took lrt while the 3 of us took ktm ..

It was a tiring day but it was a fun fun fun day .. I might miss out some interesting part.. So , tkj ,adelee n honghong.. if u guys know anymore interesting things , feel free to write out at the comments n share with all our frens .. XD


haih.. failed my 1st paper , p8 !! but luckily is still not a bad fail la.. must gambate for the final exam d .. gambate yeanyean !! n gambate all who is taking exam !!


Honghongtan said...

haha ! really happy la go out with u all ! 1st time friends see me cut hair and u proud onot ! paiseh la but still happy ! oh ya ! i bought 2 shirts la ! not 1 ! lalala ~

i love u all ! fun fun fun !

about the yakult thing and the bye bye part which happened on tkj...i really dun dare to say !HAHA ! shhhhh..secret.

chingyong said...

yong yong zhai wanna know wat happen !!

Christine said... ask yong yong zhai duwan go..too bad lor...

dun tell anyone's a secret between those hu went oni...shhhh

k@hy3@n said...

haha.. shh shh.. oni the 5 of us know.. yong yong zhai cannot know .. ekekeke

- AdeLeE - said...

ahaha . ching yong dai sei . who ask u dun go la . stay at home study la .