Friday, November 3, 2006

Tiring Week

haiyo.. dis whole week can make me kong out la.. wuwuwuwu... y ah ? cuz horr.. sat to tues mock.. although i slept more study less compared to last PT2 n dat the reason y i did badly n mock.. praying dat can pass all lah.. althoug is just break even point oso dun mind.. wuwuwu.. no confidence in all paper la.. my target no more d la.. sure cannot reach 1.. haih

then, tues to fri (today) having p6 EDC/EFC class from 9 to 4pm n tml 9 to 12.. haiyo.. it is so tiring compared to normal class la .. yerr ~~ tired tired.. wan on9 oso no enerydy to on9 la.. wuwuwu.. how to kau zhai worr ! wuwuwu.. hahaha.. nvm.. sleep gao gao 1st to let my panda eye gone 1st.. then oni continue kau zhai.. ekekeke.. haiyo.. now wan sleep d although is just 10pm.. wuwuwu...

my panda eye !! wuwuwuwu.. ugly ugly !

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