Saturday, October 21, 2006

Feeling Happy

well well.. as i mention in previous post.. at nite when out to celebrate soh poh's bday lor.. b4 dat went to fetch jayne to my house at around 6 something.. then we waited shin the soh poh to fetch us lorr.. mana tau she stuck in the traffic jam at the ikano there for about 3 hours.. her mum almost late to airport.. so by the time she reach my house is ady almost 9 =.= which im ady half dead cuz wait her to makan mah.. aiyoyo.. then go fetch kwan then go 1u lorr.. reach 1u is like ady almost 10 something.. all shops oso close d lah.. so, ended up eat burger king.. then go watch movie entitled "nothing is impossible". a stupid show la.. is basically just about "cai mui"(in cantonese) .. but very funny.. althoug 4 of us r sleepy but still can laugh so loud.. haha.. the movie ended around 1 something lor.. so send jayne home n go back to shin house at subang.. then 38 a while b4 going to sleep. then dis morning i was like a pig oni =.= until another so po came then wake up lor.. haha.. go back at around 3 something.. continue sleep lagi ! omg !

forget bout that.. haha.. anyway, when i wake up .. im so so so so happy ! y ah? cuz got some very big surprise.. wat surprise ah ? make it suspense 1st lah.. hehe.. la la la ~

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