Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday 2 Ah Gor~

Yay ! Today is my abang kandung munya bday.. Hehehe.. Although he rather drove all the way to JB to celebrate with my ah sou than celebrate with me n parents.. Anyway, still get to wish him at 12am thru on9.. =.=! Hehehe.. Hahaha.. Although my bro is old enuf d.. But sometimes can be so so so childish oso.. ish.. And 1 more thing im so proud of him is.. He is so damn good in drawing lar ! Ermm.. Let me see who i can compare to.. Oh ya.. My bro's drawing can say as good as LJ.. Very creative.. Ish ish.. 2 bad his drawing that he drew cant show to u guys as mum has thrown the paper away i think.. Hahah.. He drew it when he so boring,, >.<>

My Ah Gor ~~ *took during dad's bday*

Trying to take my pics ah >.<

Dis is wat he wrote b4 going to JB.. Childish punya Ah Gor


Honghongtan said...

haha ! so funny la ! cute yean yean ah gor ! happy birthday !

chingyong said...

happy b'day 'kai mar' punya ah gor..

k@hy3@n said...

== ini chinyong ah.. ish ish.. daddy so old d still wan so childish.. call ah lui as kai mah.. ish ish.. childish.. >.<