Friday, October 20, 2006

End of Lecturers

well well.. this week definitely had been a busy busy week for G1 of CAT student.. haha.. y ah ? cuz hor.. last sat, had P6 from 8 to 12 then P8 from 1 to 5 .. =.= is a great torture lerr.. then P8 class leh , itu ms kiran finish teaching then say mon tutorial .. omg ! siao meh.. do 6 Q in 1 day.. so, sunday spend ALMOST whole day doing lor.. haih.. do for the sake of do.. but mon she oso din check de.. mayb she dowan gek herself so much d.. haha.. then, mon nite still nid to finish up her tutorial.. who knows.. tues she oso din check .. ish ! suan le ba.. at least i do learn something la.. i think so.. hehe.. then tues still cannot sleep early worr.. cuz have to finish up P9 homework pulak.. mana tau.. ms rozi oso din check punya .. ish ish.. waste my precious time oni .. wuwuwu..

summary of my sleeping time :
- sat -- slept at 4am due to chatting with ah we we n jie jie.. =.=
- sun -- slept at 3am ++ due to p8 tutorial
- mon -- slept at 3am++ oso due to p8 tutorial
- tues -- slept at 12am due to p9 hwk.. (tak bleh tahan dah) half dead d.. wuwuwu

roughly dis wat happen dis week lor.. the main highlight.. XD thurs n today.. nthg much happen la.. as usual lor.. oh ya.. thurs leh, ms shanta let us go early lorr. she so gud . then now my com showing 5.56pm.. a while more gonna take bath n fetch my fren, jayne to my house n wait for tat soh poh cuz later v all going out to celebrate the soh poh's bday which is tml then go ur house stay overnite lorr.. hehe.. so tonite wun b on9 XD

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