Saturday, November 25, 2006

Swollen Eye

omg !! my eye is getting worst each day .. n today ! at last it's swollen .. wuwu.. b4 dis is just pain at my right eye but today is significantly is swollen . so , ask dad to bring me to see doc n doc gave some medicine to apply on it . but it seems no effect lerr .. after movie , my right eye obviously look smaller than b4 going into the cinema .. means is worst !! omg !

oh .. did i mention i went for a movie .. ooppss .. not being a good gal stay at home to study .. hehe.. went to watch "Casino Royale" with family at Cathay Cineplex AGAIN .. hahaha .. the movie is quite funny .. the Bond is this movie looks kinda stupid in the beginning n funny 2 .. n ya , before the movie starts , there is this audition for Project Superstar for guys . many guy contestant were there . but none of them attract me .. ish ish .. mean no leng zhai lor if upclose . haih.. sad case la.. where have all the leng zhai gone ah ..

n now sitting in front of my com thinking whether shuld i study anot .. seeing adelee so hardworking make me feel bad if i dun study lerr .. but my right eye bothering me . make me look things oso blur blur 1 .. wuwuwu .. red eye red eye go away la u . make me no mood to study d . k la .. i think i better do few Q on p7 on budgeting .. gambateh yean ~! get world prize ~! yesh yesh ~!

can u see my swollen eye on the right eye ?


Honghongtan said...

yala ! adelee make me so super stress ! make me so hard to breath !

wahaha ! anyway ! yean yean get well soon ! in few seconds will ok de !

- AdeLeE - said...

no stress no stress ! had been sleeping whole afternoon . now go play bkb ! wohoo !

k@hy3@n said...

adelee making every1 stress.. ish.. wuwuwu

adelee !! gambateh in sleeping .. cuz saya pun tidur sepangjang hari .. >.<